7 Best PLR Websites 2024: Resell in the Future

I know it’s not 2024 yet, but these were and are the best PLR websites of 2023. Can I predict the future? Find out in a few months!

There are dozens of PLR sites and thousands of PLR products available on the web today. However, not all of them are good enough to be worth your time. That’s why I made this list.

I’ve sampled every site on this list (and others), and what you find here is my honest recommendation for getting the highest quality PLR at affordable rates.

This article contains affiliate links. If you follow them and then make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional expense to you. Thanks for reading!

7 Best PLR Websites For 2023

If you want to make money online, content creation will probably be part of your strategy. Content creation is publishing digital materials such as blogs, YouTube videos, and social media posts.

Sound simple? In a way, it is, but creating great content that gets clicks and conversions is tricky and time-consuming. PLR (private label rights) products are one easy way to solve that problem.

First, you need to get some high-quality PLR, and the best places for that are listed below.


plr.me plr product categories

PLR.me provides some of the best quality PLR content on the web. They sell individual items and bundles and offer monthly and annual subscription options with significant savings.

This PLR site offers PLR articles, blogs, courses, visual media, and more in various niches. While they focus on popular topics such as business, health, and wellness, you can find many smaller niche items.

PLRme pricing table

PLR.me is the most expensive option on the list, but you can get ten free credits by signing up for a free account with this link. When buying from PLR.me, you get the added benefit of exclusive products. Many of the PLR membership sites on this list feature similar products, but not PLR.me.

Want to learn more about PLR.me? Then give my full review a read.

PLR eBook Supplier

plr ebook supplier website

PLR eBook Supplier is a top site for beginners looking to start an online business or add a new source of revenue to their existing income.

With high-quality products covering a wide range of niches, they offer everything from individual products to monthly memberships to prebuilt franchise websites.

Their selection of digital products focus on written materials such as articles, PDFs, email swipes, and sales pages, but also include images and video files in some niches. Their VIP membership tiers include Silver, Gold, and Platinum and range from $27 per month to $47 per month.

plr ebook supplier membership pricing

PLR eBook Supplier’s most defining features are their PLR pre-built sites and super franchise pre-built websites. For a one-time fee you can get your own eCommerce website that comes loaded with products, online course videos to help you succeed, and other assets and resources.

If you combine a franchise website with a monthly membership, you can get new products to add to your store every month. This is a great way for affiliate marketers, coaches, and consultants to add an extra stream of income to their existing business.

plr ebooks supplier products and categories

PLR eBook Supplier offers multiple types of products including individual PDF e-books and articles, online courses, planners, and more. Some come with full PLR rights while others are limited to master resale rights, so make sure you check the rights of any product you purchase.

plr ebook supplier master label rights

Whether you’re a digital marketer or run a coaching business in an obscure wellness niche, a platinum or gold membership will keep you well stocked on blog posts, social media content, and courses and email templates to better serve your audience.

Check out their wide variety of products here.

Big Product Store

BigProductStore.com PLR membership site

Big Product Store is an ideal shop for all of your PLR needs. Their massive collection of PLR products will provide you with valuable information on many topics and niches!

BigProductStore pricing

Since 2012, Big Product Store has been releasing new products daily. This has left them with 10,000+ resources you can potentially benefit from. Like PLRdatabase, they offer a monthly membership plan, but they also have a one-time payment option similar to IDPLR.

Learn more about Big Product Store here.

Tools For Motivation 

Tools For Motivation Self Help PLR content website

This done-for-you content website that offers an ever-expanding library of high-quality PLR materials with a strong focus on self-help topics. Tools For Motivation also provides a steady stream of free and premium training to help their customers succeed at implementing the PLR products in their online strategy.

If you want to get a jump start on your PLR journey for free, check out this massive free PLR bundle from TFM. The resources are all focused on how to achieve goals, and I created a YouTube training showing how to use it that you can watch here.

If goal setting DFY content isn’t what you need, take a look through their library. They cover a lot of self-help topics and other relevant topics for small business owners including marketing guides and assets.


idplr.com homepage screenshot

IDPLR is a membership website with an unlimited lifetime deal. You pay once, and you get unlimited access to their extensive library of PLR and MRR products with no additional costs. The deal also comes with a number of bonuses, including:

  • Free web hosting
  • Free tools for making money with PLR
  • Free PLR training
  • Access to additional libraries of PLR articles

The IDPLR team has been around since the early days of internet marketing, and they know how to create and source content that is easy to digest and work with. For that, and for the variety of niches they cover, IDPLR gets the second spot on this list.

IDPLR might be the most cost-effective lifetime membership offer on this list, however many of its products are outdated and it doesn’t add new content as often as the other sites. It also uses multiple types of licenses. If you’re looking for a specific niche, they may be old or lacking the type of rights that you need.

That said, it does have an expansive library at a one-time affordable price. If you see enough ideal recent or evergreen uploads, it might be worth grabbing a membership to make use of the unlimited download limit.

It’s worth noting that not all products on IDPLR are technically Private Label. Some of them are MRR (master resell rights), which is a little more limited than PLR. Even so, this site is an excellent resource I use regularly.

Click here to check out IDPLR!

Want more info first? Then take a look at my full IDPLR review.


plrdatabase.net homepage

PLRdatabase.net is aptly named. It’s quite literally a massive PLR database! of 26,000+ products, including 1000+ free resources. This membership site has four tiers:

  • A free tier which includes unlimited downloads from their free library
  • A premium tier which costs $10 per month
  • A premium+ tier which costs $25 per 3 months
  • A premium++ tier which costs $49 per year
Pricing – PLR Database

As you can see, their membership prices are reasonable, and you save more money depending on the duration of the package you buy. This simple system makes it easy to try out the membership for a month or two and then save some dollars once you’re ready to commit.

Tap this to give PLRdatabase a closer look.

PLR Products

PLRProducts.com - 1,000's Of Resell Rights eBooks, Articles, Software

PLRproducts.com is an easy-to-browse store where you can find content on almost any topic. While their user experience may leave something to be desired, this site still provides high-quality, affordable resources you can use to make money online.

Check out PLRproducts.com!

What is PLR?

The term “PLR” stands for Private Label Rights. It refers to digital products that come with the right to use them more or less as you please.

For example, an article with full PLR rights can be resold, used as a lead magnet, or completely rebranded or rewritten. Certain products have lesser licenses, such as Master Resale Rights (MRR) and Resale Rights. PLR often refers to written content and includes things like software, video courses, and graphics.

Read my full educational article for more information on what PLR is and how it works.

3 Reasons to Buy PLR Products

  1. Quick way to make some extra money
  2. Can create an online business
  3. Facilitates content creation

The internet has made it easy to find and buy content, but quality content is another story. If you want a leg up in the creation game, I highly recommend checking the sites listed above to find appropriate product categories.

How do you make money with PLR?

There are many ways to make money with PLR products, from directly reselling them to rewriting and rebranding to promoting them as an affiliate. While I can’t guarantee you’ll make money with these methods, I have written an extensive guide explaining several strategies. Tap the link above to give it a read!

Alternatives to PLR

For a long time, there was no alternative to PLR, but recent advancements in technology have made the creation of AI writing tools possible. These artificial intelligence-powered software platforms can be used to draft articles on almost any topic quickly!

While using AI writing software is not as automatic as buying PLR, it does come with the advantage of creating unique content. The main drawback of PLR has always been that other people can buy and use the exact same product as you. Using AI can avoid this problem while creating your own article pack or ebook in record time.

That’s the only PLR alternative I’m aware of, other than hiring a content writing service to create unique materials according to your direction.

Final thoughts on top PLR sites

The best PLR sites will give you access to a variety of high-quality content, which you can rebrand or resell at a profit. Some sites cater to as many topics as possible, while others focus on specific areas such as business and marketing.

If you’re looking for private label rights articles, PLR ebooks, courses, or other materials, I highly recommend checking out the sites on this list. Start with PLR.me (remember, my link gets you 10 free credits), and if you can’t find what you need, then work your way down the list.

Thanks for reading!

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