What is PLR Content? Private Label Rights Defined in 2024

PLR content refers to materials such as articles, ebooks, and video courses which can be used almost as if you created them yourself. This type of content is extremely valuable for people such as content creators, marketers, coaches, and consultants, especially if they rely on inbound marketing to generate business.

The main problem with PLR is that it can be difficult to find high quality PLR content – at least, it was until recently. Several of the newer PLR websites on the web are doing things differently and making a big impact because of it.

The first one that comes to mind is PLR.me – you can check out my PLR.me review for more information. It focuses on content for coaches and consultants, but there’s something for most entrepreneurs in their expansive digital shelves.

Note: I’m an affiliate marketer and this article does contain affiliate links. If you follow them and then make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

What is PLR Content and What Does PLR Stand For?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. Another way of thinking about Private Label Rights is as “white label rights”, because you can put your own name/branding on most PLR materials. However it’s important to note that sometimes products that do not have private label rights are sold under the same banner or brand as PLR.

Here’s a look at the different types of products you’re likely to find on PLR websites.

PLR: Private Label Rights. This is the least restrictive type of content with the most potential applications. PLR rights can vary from vendor to vendor, but usually you can recreate and rebrand PLR products.

MRR: Master Resale Rights. These typically give you the right to resell the content but not to rewrite or rebrand it. 

Resale Rights: With resale rights you can still resell the product, but it is again usually more limited than MRR.

Personal Use Rights: These only allow you to use the content for personal purposes, meaning you can’t sell it or do anything else commercial.

Here’s a screenshot of the rights given to materials sold on PLR.me’s website. While some vendors give specific rights to each product and include a document explaining the rights along with the rest of the purchase, PLR.me uses a single license for all of their products and references it with each product they sell.

plr.me private label rights screenshot

How Do You Use PLR Content?

PLR is extremely useful in the content creation process, and once you understand how to use it effectively it can save you a lot of time and effort. Brands that use content marketing as a main source of inbound marketing almost always struggle with coming up with enough content.

Rather than creating all of your content from scratch, consider how much it would help if you had existing materials to work from. I don’t recommend using PLR for web content such as blog posts or articles, but it’s great for social media, lead magnets, and even creating entire ebooks.

If you want a full step-by-step guide to using PLR, follow that link to my tutorial on YouTube. Reselling PLR is essentially a form of arbitrage, though not as profitable as drop servicing.

In that guide I cover:

  1. Why PLR is Helpful in Content Creation
  2. Best Sites For Buying PLR Products and Where to Get Free PLR
  3. How to Download PLR (Free and Premium)
  4. What You Need to Rebrand PLR
  5. PLR License Rights and Where to Find Them
  6. How to Modify or Replace PLR eBook Covers
  7. Where to Find Your PLR Source Files
  8. How to Edit and Rebrand PLR Books in Google Docs
  9. How to Download Your eBook as a PDF or DOCX Files
  10. And More!

The video is over 20 minutes long, but you can easily use YouTube’s chapters feature to navigate to the most relevant sections. Or if you’re a beginner, I recommend watching the whole thing and following along with the free tools I recommend.

Another great tool to pair with your PLR is an ebook creation software. This will make it quick and easy to turn your content into an attractive PDF file. Check out my Sqribble review for a look at a top ebook creator!

what is plr content private label rights explained

Types of PLR Products

While some vendors focus exclusively on written products such as articles, ebooks, lead magnets, and email sequences, others sell everything from videos to software and done-for-you graphics. Personally I usually stick with PDFs because they’re fast and easy to work with, but video courses can also be a great source of information and inspiration.

PLR Articles

Articles are probably the most “classic” type of PLR. Low quality PLR articles are famous for being given away or sold for next to nothing in massive quantities. The truth is though, even low quality PLR has value. If I give you 300 articles on affiliate marketing, even if all of them are poorly written, you still have possession of 300 ideas for articles or posts on affiliate marketing.

PLR articles can also be a quick way to gain some knowledge. Although they may not always be well written, they are usually well researched. This means you can potentially get a lot of value out of them in a short period of time.

PLR eBooks

PLR ebooks are one of the most common and useful types of PLR products. You can use them as they are as a high-value offering, or you can rewrite them in order to quickly create an entire book with your own voice and values. Since planning and writing are the two most time consuming parts of writing a book, PLR can save you a ton of time and typing.

eBooks usually come with both a PDF and a DOCX file for easy editing. If you’re allowed to modify the cover, it may also include a PSD or AI source file.

PLR Videos

PLR videos are typically delivered as entire courses which you can either consume and recreate or upload directly to a membership website. Like articles, videos can also be a great source of inspiration and education. Don’t like reading? Just grab a video course on the topic you want to delve into and play it at 1.25x speed while relaxing.

Video courses are usually delivered the same way as other products; in ZIP files downloaded from the website. In the case of large files you may need a download manager to help your browser handle the transfer. Most operating systems have some sort of native tool for zipping and unzipping files, but if yours isn’t working well enough you can always download 7-zip for free.

PLR Software

PLR software in most cases is pretty low quality and usually does something that other readily available software can do for little to no investment. There aren’t many sources of PLR software these days for that exact reason; no one really uses it except as cheap bonus giveaways for products they promote as affiliates. Personally I wouldn’t even use it for that. 

There are a great deal of additional content types out there, but I’ve covered the main ones in this article. Personally I’m surprised that more fuss isn’t made over graphics. While written works seem to dominate the industry, graphics are even easier to make and equally as easy to sell at scale. They’re also extremely useful as templates for social media posting and other purposes.

Best PLR Websites and Sources of PLR

My two favorite PLR websites are PLR.me and IDPLR.com. I have a lifetime subscription for IDPLR and I grab additional content from PLR.me whenever I need it. PLR.me is a bit higher quality overall, but they have almost exclusively written content and focus on fewer niches. IDPLR on the other hand has everything from videos to ebooks to software, and they cover more topics than you can probably think of in a minute.

By the way, if you follow my affiliate links and make a purchase from either website I recommend, be sure to contact me and let me know. I’ll give you one of the books I wrote in 2020 for free (hint: I may have used PLR to write some of them).

Another PLR website which I don’t particularly like the looks of is PLR Hustle.

Follow this link to learn how to make money with PLR content!

Alternatives to PLR Content

The only real alternatives to PLR are creating it from scratch yourself or hiring a freelancer to do it for you. If you get someone to sign a ghostwriter/work for hire contract that says the right things, you can potentially use the resulting work for whatever you want. I used to earn my living as a severely underpaid ghostwriter, so I’m more than a little familiar with this process.

Ultimately it depends on the circumstances. Sometimes using PLR is better, sometimes a freelancer is better. I use both. I use PLR articles to generate ideas for social media and to get me started when creating books and lead magnets. I use freelancers for doing research and writing web content and blog articles (other than those on this blog – I do all of the writing for AlexTucker.ca myself).

Hiring a Freelancer Instead

If you need to hire a remote worker / freelancer / virtual assistant inexpensively, I know of a couple of great options for that. Check out OnlineJobs.ph if you prefer to connect with workers on a personal level and manage and pay them yourself.

This is the least expensive way I’m aware of to easily hire freelancers. (Note: this only applies if you’re happy to work with freelancers who live in the Philippines).

If you prefer to have someone else handle things like selecting, managing, and paying your freelancers, check out iWorker. iWorker is an agency that connects entrepreneurs worldwide with remote workers in developing countries. Most freelancers on this platform are in Venezuela and a variety of African countries. 

It’s a pretty simple process; you tell the agency what you’re looking for, and they recommend a few workers by giving you access to their profiles and portfolios. Once you select someone, you pay a deposit and any work you ask them to do is paid for out of that deposit. The deposit is refundable and makes automatic withdrawals from your credit card as necessary using Stripe.

But, this article is supposed to be all about PLR, so let’s finish it off with a little more talk about private label rights products. Realizing how useful PLR can be revolutionized my content marketing, which is changing the way I do business.

Want to get started with some free PLR? Both IDPLR and PLR.me give away free credits to newcomers, and if you use my links for PLR.me you’ll get 10 free credits to start your journey!

Thanks for reading, and happy creation.

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