Alex Tucker

Belleville Digital Marketer

Alex Tucker

Belleville Digital Marketer

Writer, Web Developer, Consultant

Web Development

I build websites in WordPress, the world’s most popular Content Management System. But I’m more than just a designer and developer; I can optimize your content so that your pages load lightning fast and the search engines learn to love directing organic traffic your way.

Online Marketing

I’m an experienced freelance writer, and can create the kind of copy and content that will help build lasting relationships with your customers. I’m also well versed in search engine optimization and marketing, social media advertising and marketing, email copywriting, and other modern promotional techniques.


From now until the end of June 2019 I’m offering free consultations for all local business owners. Consider it a one-stop reference point for all your online marketing needs, from websites and ad campaigns to social media and email services.

Own a business in Ontario?

After years of freelancing as a persuasive writer, I’ve opened a creative business with the vision of assisting local wellness-promoting entrepreneurs with their content and marketing needs.

My analysis of Ontario based small businesses shows that more than half are failing to do one crucial thing which will be pivotal for their sustainability and growth. Subscribe here to learn what that is, and how to make sure your business is doing it efficiently!

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