Review 2022 – Epic Content Library With Free Credits is a specialized vendor of Private Label Rights (PLR) content commanded by CEO Ronnie Nijmeh. My review will tell you everything you need to know about this PLR website before you take advantage of their new member discount.

If you’re looking for an easy way to speed up your content creation process, their products may provide the solution you need.

As a digital marketer, I create a lot of content on a daily basis. From YouTube videos to blog articles to lead magnets and social media posts, it’s easy to get burned out when trying to stay on top of your content marketing. The typing alone sometimes starts to wear out my hands!

That changed when I recently started using the services of sites like While is more geared toward providing content for coaches, they still have some great business and marketing materials which I’ve put to good use.

In this article I’ll tell you everything you need to know about before you decide whether to invest in it. I’ll also explain exactly what Private Label Rights products are, and set you up with resources for using them effectively.

Note: I’m an affiliate marketer and this article does contain affiliate links. If you follow my links and make a purchase I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

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What is is a PLR website that specializes in selling done-for-you coaching content in health and wellness niches. They do offer a wide variety of content including some business and marketing materials, but mostly they target their services at coaches and consultants – those who build their careers around helping others reach high performance.

Rather than selling products with individual prices, offers a monthly membership with a free tier. Just for being a member, you get 2 free credits a month which you can use to download resources or save for a bigger content pack. You can buy credits in one-time packages or as part of a monthly subscription, but before I get into credits and pricing, let’s talk about the material itself.

Note: You’ll get 10 free bonus credits to start if you sign up using my links!

What are PLR products?

PLR refers to materials such as articles, video training, and lead magnets which can be purchased and used for a variety of purposes. Private Label Rights depend on exactly what the vendor allows, but there are some industry standards. In most cases, you can use PLR content in any way other than giving it away for free or passing on the private label rights.

Most PLR stores also sell a variety of other types of content with less friendly rights. For example, Master Resale Rights, which allow the sale of the products but do not permit editing them. Reusing products that don’t have full private label rights can potentially be a waste of time and effort, which is why I like; everything on their site falls under the same easy to understand PLR license.

plr infographic what is plr

Who Benefits From and Their Products?

As I mentioned before,’s content is mostly focused on helping out health and wellness coaches. However, they also target other types of coaches and consultants. When you consider that it’s possible to coach or consult with someone for almost any reason, you can see why this website has such a variety of products to offer.

Here’s a non-inclusive list of topics their products cover:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Panic attacks
  • Confidence building and self esteem
  • Self care / self improvement
  • Business and marketing
  • Saving and investing
  • Weight loss and fitness

You know what? There’s too many to list. Here’s a screenshot of their menu instead: plr product categories

Note the variety of product types. Action guides, handouts, and lead magnets can all be given to prospective clients and customers or used in other ways. Affirmation reflections, fables and stories, and articles are great for breaking up and using on social media. Courses and coaching help you learn quickly and can easily be reproduced or rebranded. And who doesn’t love a good checklist or worksheet? You can even buy done-for-you landing pages.

You may have noticed that the team of professionals at does an exhaustive job of making sure they have everything their ideal customers need. If you’re a coach, consultant, content creator, or a combination thereof, you’ll find this resource incredibly helpful.

What Are Credits and How Do They Work?

Credits are the currency used to purchase content on You get two free credits a month just for being a free member, and you can save credits up over time. So whether you want a single report or a big bundle, it’s worth signing up for today.

You can also buy credits as part of a monthly subscription or as a one time purchase. If you think you’ll use a lot of PLR, the monthly plan can save you some money. If you just want to test the waters, try starting with a one time purchase. You may be tempted to get a subscription because membership plans come with some extra perks such as content marketing software.

How to Use PLR Products From

The products from come with clear cut rights and are of above-average quality, meaning you can use them as is if you’re in a hurry. For best results though, I always recommend recreating your PLR material.

In the case of, taking the time to add your personality (and your knowledge and experience) to the content can multiply its value tenfold. While their content is already good, the whole point of PLR is that it’s supposed to not have a huge amount of tone or personality. That makes it easier to adapt to your own purposes, but only if you rewrite it.

In my YouTube tutorial on how to rewrite PLR content, I cover a few key points. One is the importance of completely or significantly rewriting the beginning and end of the content. This is where it makes sense to weave in as much of your brand’s story as possible. 

PLR content typically comes in a zip file which you can download from the website after trading in your credits. In the case of reports and ebooks, there will be a PDF you can use right away and .doc and .docx files you can easily edit for republishing.

How You Shouldn’t Use PLR Content From

The one thing I don’t recommend using PLR for is blog posts and other content you publish on your website. The reason is simple; if someone else uses the same PLR in their blog post, you could face duplicate content penalties. 

How Much Does Content Cost?

The price of credits depends on how many you buy at a time, as well as whether you buy a single lump sum or an ongoing subscription. Here’s a screenshot of their pricing structure at the time I’m writing this:

PLRme pricing table

The price of’s credits range from $2.20 per credit if you only buy 10, all the way to $0.40 per credit if you buy their biggest annual subscription plan. Of course, you can always just sit on the free tier, get two credits per month, and buy extras when you need them.

The pricing might seem a bit steep (especially when compared to competing PLR sites) but has three things going for them; their content is fresher, more niche specific, and in many cases downright better.
Rather than focus on the cost, the team at prefers to frame their offer in terms of how much they help their customers save. Here’s a screenshot of their estimate: pricing

As a former freelancer I feel like these price estimates are pretty fair. But, another advantage to PLR that they don’t even mention is the fact that you can recreate it in your voice and rebrand it as your own. In order to do that with a freelancer’s work you need to have a ghostwriting agreement, and many writers will charge extra if they don’t get to attach their name to the piece.

Now, if’s pricing sounds a bit confusing, don’t worry. Whenever you visit a product page there’s a helpful section that shows you the exact pricing range, as well as the total number of credits you’ll need.

My Experiment – Does PLR Really Work?

If you’re a regular on my blog, you know I like to go above and beyond whenever I can in terms of reviewing products and services. I like to find ways to test how effective a product actually is for its intended audience rather than just relating my own biased and brief experience like most reviewers. When I review web hosts, I actually build sites on their hosting. When I review marketing products, I use them in real campaigns.

Doing something similar with required a bit more creativity, but I came up with a suitable test; I decided to get a small amount of PLR content and use it to make money with as little time and effort as possible.

With only 22 credits (about $22-$50 in value) I was able to download the following materials:

  • 1 ebook
  • 1 slide deck presentation
  • 1 worksheet
  • 1 lead magnet
  • 1 executive report
  • 5 Facebook ads

My strategy was to use the materials to create a 5 day business challenge for entrepreneurs. I made this easy for myself by choosing a PLR pack that was already designed as a 5-day challenge. All I had to do was rebrand the material, add my own twists, and decide exactly how to use it. 

How I Used 22 Credits to Create and Promote a 5 Day Challenge

In order to make things happen quickly I decided to run a Facebook ads campaign to the free challenge. My plan was to promote relevant affiliate products to the participants, mainly my affiliate link. I made buying and using PLR an integral part of “taking action” in the challenge.

There were a lot of moving parts, but I thought it would work well. I already knew how to run Facebook ads, and I already had the chatbot software to use with the ads, so I only needed to pay for my ad spend. Unfortunately my ad account became one of many that have recently been banned for erroneous reasons by Facebook’s glitchy system. The message I received accused me of advertising products that “promise to help users get more likes on Facebook and Instagram”… I can only shake my head and wonder how “5 day entrepreneur challenge” becomes “scam software”.

I had already created most of the challenge – including the chatbot sequences – in a weekend. I would have liked to take the time to promote it organically and really test it all out, but I lost my momentum when my ad account got shut down and really didn’t have the time to come up with a separate organic campaign. I’ll likely use the challenge at some point in the future, and then update this article with my results. 

Here’s a specific breakdown of how I used each PLR item:

  1. I loaded the slide deck into Google Slides and played the presentation while recording my screen and reading the content into my microphone. This gave me a video I could use as a Facebook ad or as educational material.
  2. I rewrote the Facebook ads quite a bit because they weren’t quite what I needed, but the accompanying images worked well. 
  3. The chatbot would have collected each lead’s email address and then instantly delivered the lead magnet to them.
  4. The participants would have been emailed the ebook and worksheet as an introduction to the challenge later that day.
  5. For the next five days the participants would have received an email a day which I wrote based on my own experience and the PLR content I’d consumed. I recommended a few different affiliate products during this process.

That’s it! It took me two days of part time work to set everything up (about 8 hours in total) and after that it should have been smooth sailing on autopilot. This is the reality of doing business though, especially as a small business; it’s easy to get slapped around by big tech companies.

Content Marketing Tools Included With Monthly Subscription

If you’re on the 100 credits per month subscription (or a higher tier), you get access to the website’s content marketing tools included for free. These include three WordPress plugins you can install on your websites and three productivity tools including a neat image animator, pictured below. image animator content marketing tools

Here’s a complete list of the content marketing tools available to eligible subscribers:

  • PDF brander
  • Image brander
  • Summarizer tool
  • VSL (video sales letter) generator
  • Virtual fax machine
  • Image animator
  • Email formatter
  • Email template library
  • Paypal link generator
  • Dupe examiner plugin
  • Content auto loader plugin
  • WP Swipe and deploy plugin
  • Product showcase image generator
  • Auto slide deck generator

I have my own set of tools that take care of most of the purposes covered by those outlined above, but I accessed the tools briefly anyways just to get a feel for them. They’re all very easy to use and have instructional videos embedded in the page just in case you need help.

With these tools included in the package, I think the higher-tier monthly subscriptions make the most sense for entrepreneurs who are looking to kickstart or rapidly grow their business. Between the content and the marketing tools, this website can potentially save you a ton of time, not to mention wear and tear on your hands from typing.

Rounding Up My Review – Final Thoughts

I think PLR is a great tool for many entrepreneurs, especially those who need to create a lot of content such as coaches and marketers. I don’t use it for everything (I also rely on a small team of freelancers to help me with different tasks) but for me PLR has a time and a place, and the content from is top shelf according to my considerable experience.

I know for a fact that many entrepreneurs use PLR much more than me, and there’s nothing wrong with that, especially when you have access to such a massive collection. That’s why this website’s monthly subscriptions are so popular among their clients.

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