IDPLR Review 2022 – PLR Membership Platform For Everyone

IDPLR is a PLR website that sells lifetime memberships to their products. This IDPLR review will explore how the site sells both private label rights and other types of rights like Master Resale Rights or Reseller Rights.

This type of site has been around for years, but IDPLR provides high quality content with great value for those who think they will use a lot of different PLR over the course of many years.

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If you’re looking for an easy way to build your email list, then is an ideal destination. As a marketer myself, I understand how difficult it can be to find something that fits your needs and most of all – your budget. Thankfully there are sites like IDPLR that provide you with high-quality PLR at an affordable price.

There are many misconceptions about this site and its offering, so in this article we will recap what they offer and debunk some myths surrounding them.

What is IDPLR? Private Label Content Platform

IDPLR is a site that offers PLR content for marketers, creators, and online business owners. They have been in the PLR game for a long time, and this experience has led to their wide range of high quality content. They also offer a lifetime membership for those that want access to the site’s resources without paying per product.

With multiple membership options and popular categories ranging from affiliate marketing to keto, this is a great investment in private label rights products. homepage screenshot

What are IDPLR’s products and features?

IDPLR offers ebooks, video courses, and other PLR materials as well. There is something for most content creators in their library. Some of these products have private label rights, others with other rights like Master Resale Rights or Reseller Rights. You can use it for a range of purposes including email content.

These products can be useful for almost any kind of online business, which seems to be an aim for IDPLR. Whether you want to sell or give away digital products, IDPLR can be harnessed to enhance your marketing efforts.

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idplr product sample youtube ebook cover
idplr product sample morning ritual

What are the benefits to IDPLR’s lifetime deal membership?

In addition to unlimited access to their variety of PLR downloads, IDPLR often offers bonuses to sweeten the deal. These may include access to web hosting, software, and additional PLR articles. The site is regularly updated with fresh content focused on trending topics. Whether you’re interested in product creation or just building your email list, this PLR membership is likely to help.

IDPLR Pricing – How much does it cost?

What are their prices? IDPLR has a lifetime deal, which is a dollar amount you pay upfront that gives you access to the entire site. Even if you only download one ebook a month, you would more than get your money’s worth.

IDPLR offers high-quality PLR, with a lifetime subscription that gives you access to all of their products. The price might seem steep upfront for someone who doesn’t use the site often enough, but if it saves you time in the long run, it would be a great investment.

IDPLR is definitely worth the price for those who use PLR often enough to make back their lifetime cost in just one purchase. Even if you only get your money’s worth after five purchases, that still means an extremely low monthly fee.

IDPLR Pros and Cons

You might be thinking, “so far so good, but what’s the catch?”

Well, there’s no catch, but I’ll do my best to cover the pros and cons honestly.


IDPLR is a one-off lifetime fee, and lots of people love lifetime memberships. They have a huge inventory of high-quality PLR courses and ebooks, many of which you can edit and rebrand as your own.

You can use IDPLR to make money with their reseller and master resale rights, which is great for resellers who want to sell products on their blogs or other sites.

The quality of the content is high, and you can find PLR content for almost any niche or industry.


The higher upfront cost may deter people who are only looking for some occasional inspiration without investing too much money. IDPLR also doesn’t offer a monthly membership or pay-as-you-go options, which are simply better for some people.

If your niche is very competitive and there are many bloggers who write about similar topics, then IDPLR may not be worth buying because your competition may already be using it.


IDPLR is a great source of information because it provides free articles on how to grow your blog or business using their products, and they also provide tutorials on how to use the IDPLR website.

In order to download files from IDPLR, you just need to be signed in with an active membership. 

IDPLR Alternatives

The best alternative to IDPLR is has the same high standards for their PLR, but is not a one-time fee like IDPLR and instead offers monthly and annual subscriptions for different amounts of content. You can also buy their credits on a pay-as-you-go basis. To learn more, take a look at my review.

Bad IDPLR reviews – why do people criticize this website?

I’ve noticed some IDPLR negative IDPLR reviews, so I wanted to address them head on. IDPLR is a great source of information, but it does have its downsides like any other business or website, which we already covered in the pros and cons section.

The reason some people create negative reviews is to try to compete with IDPLR. Usually they are affiliate marketers who want to promote a competitor with a more lucrative affiliate program, or they are just competitors selling their own PLR.

IDPLR does provide high quality PLR, and I have never been disappointed with my purchase. But when you’re looking at a long-term investment like this – it’s important to know what kind of customer service and products will be offered as time goes on.

My Favorite Aspect of IDPLR – Ebook Awesomeness

While IDPLR offers thousands of products, their attempt to cover every product category means they do not always have a robust supply in every niche. Sometimes you can only find master resale rights products rather than PLR products in your chosen niche. 

However, if you’re after PLR ebooks, there is almost definitely something for you on this website. I like PLR ebooks because they can be used for anything from lead magnets to email marketing. IDPLR’s ebooks almost always come with ecover images included, so you don’t need to worry about using an ecover creator.

New Products -

MRR Video Training and Other Digital Products

Besides ebooks, there are a ton of other PLR contents for you to download. This includes a vast library of video training as well as software and template repositories. Unfortunately the template library is fairly outdated, but most of the content there is fairly evergreen.

IDPLR Affiliate Program

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing in addition to using PLR, promoting IDPLR to other business owners is a solid strategy. Their affiliate program runs through Clickbank, so you know your commissions will be correctly counted and delivered on time. PLR is generally an easy digital product to sell, and the gold membership at IDPLR is hard to resist. If you want to sign up as an affiliate marketer, go to, sign in, and search the marketplace for IDPLR.

If you need help finding your affiliate links or navigating Clickbank, check out my article on how to make money with Clickbank. If you want to learn some better methods than just putting affiliate ads on your blog, head over to my affiliate marketing tutorial.

Bonus Package and Extra Articles / PLR Contents

IDPLR makes an effort to give customers everything they need to make money with PLR products. The bonus package I received when I bought the gold membership included free web hosting, access to some white label tools, and instant access to an extra offsite library of PLR articles that include sales letters and content for membership sites.

Note: People often ask if they can use PLR articles as blog posts. I do not recommend this unless you edit them significantly either yourself or using an AI copywriting software.

In Conclusion – is IDPLR worth your investment?

IDPLR is a great option for those who want to be able to use different PLR in their content strategy without having to worry about going back and buying more credits every time. However, it’s not nearly as good of an investment if you only plan on using one product. Fortunately, IDPLR has many free products, and will give you two free credits just for signing up.

This way, you can try out their content and test the quality for yourself before investing.

IDPLR is a great product with plenty of high-quality PLR in all sorts of niches to choose from, so it’s worth signing up just to see what you think without any risk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About IDPLR

Here are some of the most common questions about

What’s Inside IDPLR Membership?

IDPLR’s gold membership includes lifetime access to their library of products. This includes ebooks, video courses, PLR training, and more.

Who Is This Product For?

This PLR website is great for almost anyone who runs an internet business. From list building resources to video tutorials, it provides everything you need to start making money online.

Is IDPLR a scam?

 IDPLR is not a scam. It’s a legitimate and high-value PLR membership website. You pay a reasonable fee once, and you get lifetime access to all of their products.

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