How to Make Money With PLR Products – 7 Best Strategies

If you’re wondering how to make money with PLR products, my top seven strategies might solve the mystery. This article is all about how to make money using PLR (private label rights) products such as ebooks, video courses and any other form of PLR you might get your hands on. 

I personally use PLR mostly for educational purposes, and I also use it for the first couple of purposes which we’re going to get into. If you read until the end, the last couple strategies I talk about are two that I’m planning on getting into, and I’m going to tell you exactly how you can do them for free.

This article contains affiliate links. If you follow them and then make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional expense to you. Thanks for reading!

What is PLR?

PLR stands for private label rights. “Private label” means that you can edit, alter, and rebrand the products to sell them as your own. Because of this flexibility, PLR websites are popular in the world of resalable digital products.

While PLR content has more potential applications than other types of resell rights, it’s not the only useful option. Another big money-maker is MRR content (Master Resell Rights), which allows reselling without editing or rebranding.

Top Sources of PLR

I have two go-two PLR stores that I use on a regular basis. One is (best for coaches and consultants), and the other is IDPLR (best for other businesses). Between those two sites, you’ll be almost sure to find something you can use.

PLR Strategy #1: List Building

Strategy #1 for making money with PR is using it to build a list and then monetizing that list with relevant products. You can do this with your own products if you have an e-commerce store or funnel. If you don’t sell your own products, you can sell other products as an affiliate marketer.

One of the best things about PLR ebooks is that they’re basically ready made lead magnets, which you can use as a bonus or a giveaway in order to get people to join your email list. Then you can monetize that email list using relevant products.

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PLR Strategy #2: Affiliate Bonuses

Strategy #2 for making money with PLR content is to use it as a bonus for your affiliate sales.

This is probably the most commonly used method that I see a lot of affiliate marketers using. When they write a review for a product or when they promote a product in any way on their website or on their YouTube channel, they’ll say “if you buy this product using my link, then to show my appreciation I will give you this ebook or this video course as a bonus.” Usually unless they made it themselves, those ebooks and video courses are PLR content.

That’s a really popular way to use PLR make money. And it’s probably the most common one that I see. 

PLR Strategy #3: Adding Value to Other Products

Another really good way to use PLR to make money is to use it to add value to an existing product. For example, I’ve got a friend who has a golf ecommerce store, and he was looking to find ways to add value to his average order. I suggested that he get some golf PLR and add that as part of the package.

There are a number of ways to implement this kind of value add. You could give the PLR to any one who spends X number of dollars on golfing stuff. You could also just include it in every order regardless of value.

PLR Strategy #4: Selling PLR On Marketplaces

Strategy #4 is one that I’m not especially happy with. I’m going to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of this strategy, but I do see people using it and I’m sure that they’re making money, so here it is.

Unless there are rules against it, you can sell PLR on marketplaces. I’m talking about marketplaces like Clickbank and even Appsumo. To me this seems a little bit disrespectful of the marketplace because they are geared for people who are selling their own products. But I don’t think there’s anything in the rules against it. And if there’s nothing in the rules against it, there’s nothing to stop you from doing it.

You can potentially make a lot of sales on a marketplace where lots of people already shop. There’s already customers there. They’re looking to buy stuff. And if they see the PLR that you put on the marketplace and they think it looks good, then they might just grab it.

That’s another way that you can potentially make money with PLR; you can put it up on a marketplace where there’s already lots of existing customers.

PLR Strategy #5: Content Inspiration

Strategy #5 is to use the PLR content to inspire content creation on a platform like on a platform like YouTube or Medium or even on your own blog or website. This is a bit more of a long form strategy, but you can certainly just consume PLR and use that to inspire your own creations and put them out there and then use that to generate income. 

The last two strategies are kind of the most obvious, but they’re also, in a way, the most complex. These are two that you might think have a higher barrier to entry, but they’re actually pretty easy to do and you can do them both for free.

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PLR Strategy #6: eCommerce

Strategy #6 is to sell the product(s) in your own store. You could have an ecommerce bookstore or ecommerce video course store, or you could pick specific products to sell in a funnel.

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PLR Strategy #7: Membership Sites

Strategy #7 is creating membership sites. You can take PLR video courses, upload them to websites, create membership websites out of them and sell access to those. These last two ideas might sound like the most difficult because you have to make a store, make a funnel or make a membership website. But you can actually do all three of those things for free. 

GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform you can sign up for today. It is a pretty awesome platform that has a very robust free tier, which you can use to build sales funnels, ecommerce stores, and even membership websites.

what is plr content private label rights explained

Getting Started With GrooveFunnels

The base tier of GrooveFunnels is free, but if you upgrade to platinum you can build unlimited funnels, unlimited stores and unlimited membership websites. But even just on the free version, you can do at least one of each. That’s enough to get yourself going making money online.

In particular if you want to go the ecommerce route, you can sell a ton of different PLR products on a store, or you can make a few different funnels to focus on your favorite products. Or you can make a membership website that has a really high quality video course in it.

Just keep in mind that depending on the type of rights that you get with your PLR, as long as it’s actual private label rights, then you can choose between selling the PLR as it is or modifying it or recreating it to make it your own. In my opinion, it’s going to be easier to monetize something if you add yourself into it. And it’s also going to be more valuable for you in the long run because people who consume the content are going to know who you are afterwards.

But, if you’re just trying to make money quickly and you want to focus on volume, then it might be easier for you to just put stuff out there as it is and focus on the sales rather than content creation. 

Those are my top seven strategies on how to make money online with PLR products, mostly PLR ebooks and video courses. As promised, I also gave you an easy way to sell your own PLR using GrooveFunnels.

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