Copywriting Services and Content Strategy – Time To Grow?

Not every business is ready for copywriting services. Not all entrepreneurs invest in growth. But if you’re prepared to get more sales, more leads, more traffic, and more clicks… keep reading.

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What Exactly Does a Copywriter Do?

A copywriter’s first goal is to understand the values and messaging of each client they work with. The copy you publish on social media and your website or that you send via email and SMS messages is one of the first lines of communication with your customers.

If you want your audience to understand you, to connect with you, and to buy from you, working with professional copywriters is a natural part of the process.

Let’s Find Your Brand Voice Together

If you’re not sure what a brand voice is, don’t worry! That’s not your job, it’s mine. A brand voice is the way a business sounds, feels, or seems to its customers and audience. It’s the tone in your social media posts, the lingering thoughts left on the mind of those who read your blogs.

I’ll be honest… the fact that you’ve read this far presents a big opportunity for both of us. Just imagine what we could do with our forces combined!

The Copywriting Services I Offer

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Although copywriting technically refers to conversion-oriented writing such as ads, emails, and sales funnel copy, many copywriters (myself included) offer a little more. Whether you need a blog post or a landing page, my team and I would be happy to craft a message that will reach your target audience.

Content Writing

Content writing often refers to articles and blogs, but it can also include social media content and any other writing you may require that isn’t strictly “copy”. I’ve handled many projects across a number of diverse industries, but these days I won’t work with a company unless I know I can get them results.

Comprehensive Keyword Research, SEO and Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a specialty of mine, and with the help of my team I create powerful assets for content marketing. SEO is all about getting found organically via search engines such as Google. Content marketing uses different content types – writing, images, and video – to build authority. 

Email Copywriting and Newsletter Marketing

Email marketing is where the money truly lies for many businesses. By implementing the right content marketing strategies along with high level email copywriting, you can help a greater percentage of your target audience find their way to buying your product or service. Don’t let your email campaigns be a waste!

Blog Writing, Product Descriptions, and Persuasive Copywriting For Your Needs

Whether I’m writing a book or a text message, I generate excellent quality despite a quick turnaround time. You can leverage my expertise for your next writing project, and count on unlimited revisions if the first draft isn’t perfect. 

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I Price Each Project Depending On Industries, Business Goals, and Other Factors

Pricing on a project by project basis requires a bit more time and care, but for now it’s the best way to offer my copy and content writing services. Some businesses have a smaller budget and smaller needs, while others may have lofty goals and a war chest to match.

Feel free to contact me any time for a quick discovery call and a quote on copywriting for your brand.

Let Me Handle the Content Strategy and Bring the Quality Copywriting

You’re the subject matter expert; it’s your business. Let me interview you, read your social posts, and craft the perfect voice for your brand. Once that’s established, you can keep working with me or train other writers to follow my lead. 

Contact me today – don’t leave yourself wondering what could have been.