4 Best Unlimited Copywriting Services To Scale Your Business

Unlimited copywriting packages are going to be all the rage in 2021 – you heard it here! With companies such as Kimp.io and No Limit Creatives leading the way with their infinite design packages, copywriting is the next logical step. Access to expert content writers for a flat monthly fee with no limit on revisions might sound too good to be true… but it’s really just a matter of clever resource management.

Infinite service offerings are great for many purposes, and I’ll delve into some of them a bit further as this article goes on. If you want to save time and money and simplify your business processes, unlimited copywriting may be just what you need.

Please note: this article does contain affiliate links; if you follow them and then make a purchase I may receive compensation. Thanks for reading!

Who Are the Copywriters For These Websites?

The workers used in this business model usually reside in countries with a low cost of living, allowing them to provide solid copywriting services that can be resold with decent profit margins. This is known as marketing arbitrage, and it is a delicate but profitable way to build a company quickly.

One thing I should point out is that no service is truly without limit. While most of the companies included in this list allow any number of requests, they make it clear in their terms that they only support a reasonable amount of productivity common to the industry.

The reason this type of service can be so helpful is that building a talented team of writers takes time, investment, and an understanding of the niche. Getting access to a solid writing team for a flat fee is a huge benefit for many entrepreneurs.

What Are Their Turnaround Times?

While you shouldn’t expect your draft completed in a few hours, many of these services can produce a decent sized blog post in a day or three. The freelancers they employ tend to love what they do and be ravenous for work, so they’re always ready to tackle a new assignment within a few hours. Whether you’re a solopreneur or you have your own marketing team, getting high quality copy on demand can create more time for yourself each day.

Do They Really Provide Unlimited Revisions?

Most do, but you should be aware of a couple things; first of all, professional writers will create copy that won’t need as much revising as you might think. Secondly, if a task is being revised it likely still counts as an “active” project, meaning you may not be able to start any new ones until you accept the draft as complete. For those who only offer a single project at a time, this can be limiting.

In order to get the most out of your writing team subscription, I recommend establishing a solid content calendar with your agents. The more they’re able to plan in advance, the more likely you are to receive high quality content. 

The great thing is that you can order anything from product descriptions to search engine optimized copy. But you came here to know who’s the best in the industry… so let’s take a look at their offerings!

Panda Copy

Panda Copy screenshot www.pandacopy.com

PandaCopy.com is a simple and effective unlimited copywriting service with a great front end offer. If you use my link to visit their site you should be able to get your first week of services for only $49 – that’s a big discount! Their normal pricing starts at $499 per month for approximately 500 words per day, and goes up to $1499 per month for on average 1200 words per day.

The team at Panda Copy features what seems to be an industry-leading 30 day money back guarantee. They call it a “30 Day Satisfaction Promise”, but it essentially works the same way. If you decide you’re not happy with their work inside the first 30 days, you can get your money back.

Panda Copy is first on this list for a number of reasons. I’m not going to pretend that their affiliate program (which I’m a member of) isn’t part of the reason. But they also have a really solid customer-focused service as well as the 30 day money back guarantee.

Everything is super clearly explained on their website. Their homepage features a few short blurbs about who they are and what they do, followed by the pricing table and then an extensive FAQ section.

It’s easy to understand what’s going on with Panda Copy (easier than most of the others), and they do a great job of explaining themselves and being transparent about the process.


copymasters.co unlimited copywriting services

CopyMasters is a young business that recently changed hands on Flippa.com. Like most others they have a 14 day money back guarantee. They only feature three pricing options; $49 for a 500 word trial article, $449 for 30 days worth of wordsmithery, and $4499 for a year. This undercuts the typical going rate in the market significantly, which you’ll realize soon when I address the other two sites.

The business owners as CopyMasters have their model dialed in; they manage to provide a decent level of copy at an extremely competitive price, and still find room to pay affiliates. I recommend checking them out if you need quantity more than quality and are on a tighter budget.


instructly.io writing business

Instructly is the only business that made this list without actually offering a “no limits” service. Their premium plan comes close, with up to 15 pieces per month, but their other two plans are limited to 10 and 4 assignments respectively. Their pricing starts at $750 and goes as high as $2500. They also have a single gig option for $250.

Unlike the less expensive option, you can’t buy Instructly’s services without first taking the time to schedule a call with their staff. Rather than share writing samples like Copy Masters, Instructly features several impressive case studies on their blog. If you want a good middle ground, they’re likely a strong choice.


gannet.io copywriting service screenshot

Gannet is in the middle price wise, but they’re also the most aggressive, offering infinite projects and revisions and single business day turnarounds on both of their flat monthly rates. This can-do attitude likely makes them worth the extra money, even though I’d judge the level of their sample articles as about the same as Copy Masters.

Gannet’s less expensive package costs $1195, while the higher caliber one comes in at $1995. That’s definitely and investment, but you can potentially get a great return if you put the work of their expert writers to good use.

Which Design Agencies Provide Similar Subscription Services?

While there are a number of companies that offer these types of design subscriptions, my personal favorites are the talented teams at Kimp.io and No Limit Creatives. All of their plans include providing the source files of their on demand content, and they use excellent stock photography to help illustrate their designs. They even make animated videos on some of their service packs!

I really believe that this type of pricing is going to take over the marketing industry, or at least gain a chunk of real estate in the coming years. That’s why I’m working on putting together my own similar service packages. I’m still working on some of the details, but if you’d like to get a significant discount, you can request to become one of the program’s alpha clients. Click here any time to schedule a call with me personally to discuss your needs! I’m an experienced copywriter and would be happy to assist you.

I’ll be acting as account manager and providing personal support hours at first, and I’ll be sure to match you with a freelancer who can meet your needs and expectations. If you really want to make an immediate purchase, I recommend checking out either Panda Copy or Human Proof Designs.

So Which Is Best?

Hopefully I’ve made it clear that “best” is subjective; each site’s offerings have their merits, and the strongest match will depend on your needs and where you’re at in your growth. Regardless of your level of income, having the support of a dedicated team can potentially change the path you’re on for the better.

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