7 Best AI Copywriting Software Tools For Busy Writers 2021

What is AI copywriting? Is it possible for an AI content writer to outperform a human? This article will answer those questions as we examine the top 7 AI copywriting software tools available today.

My name is Alex, and I’m a professional copywriter. I’m also a marketer, and sometimes I even get into some coding. Ever since a programmer friend introduced me to the idea of AI writing tools, I’ve wondered; will computer algorithms ever replace human copywriters?

Now, AI copywriting is becoming commonplace. Let’s explore what AI is, how it works to create original content, and its limitations today.

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What is AI Copywriting?

AI copywriting is performed by a computer algorithm that analyzes information and produces copy. When you use it for writing content, you’ll never have to stare at a blank screen again.

The AI algorithms are advanced enough to generate content in response to user input and the computer’s historical knowledge. Most artificial intelligence programs have “read” significant amounts of the content on the internet.

Most of the software on this list uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model to power their content production. However, there are still a variety of differences between them created by the goals of each business owner and the creative ideas implemented by their dev team.

Can AI Copywriting Tools Replace a Human Copywriter?

No, at least not yet. AI copywriting is a great complement to human-written content, but it still lacks the ability to generate copy that’s completely error-free or on-brand 100% of the time. Most people who use AI copywriters use a variety of copywriting tools to produce different types of content.

The best strategy is to hire a human writer who can manage your content production using AI tools, correcting and improving the generated text as they go to create high-quality content. A writer who understands how to use AI properly will be able to create a cohesive and well-written article at 3x-4x their average writing speed.

AI Writing Assistants Are Perfect For Client Work or Your Own Projects

This is where AI copywriting becomes so much more than just another marketing tool: data that human writers provide is used to educate the AI, which continuously improves and becomes more accurate at a faster rate than ever before.

AI copywriting can be used to fill in the gaps where human writers are overwhelmed or stressed out of their minds with other work. It can also greatly enhance human creativity and brainstorming.

This technology makes it easier for companies without in-house copywriters – such as startups or small businesses – to have quality articles written at prices they can afford. More importantly, AI copywriting saves time and mental and physical fatigue. Whether you’re writing blogs, social media posts, or product descriptions, you can let the computer do lots of the heavy lifting.

Many companies are already using AI writing software with success–but it seems unlikely that they will replace humans anytime soon.

Should You Hire A Writer Or Use These Products Yourself?

You might ask yourself, “why should I hire you when there’s software that can do this faster and cheaper?” Well, don’t get the wrong idea. Hiring a skilled writer will give your business credibility in the eyes of potential customers and make them feel more comfortable with your brand. And with a writer on board, you won’t have to worry about producing content yourself.

However, it may depend on your needs. For example, if you just want a little help composing your marketing emails or creating the occasional product description, you may get all the help you need from an AI writing assistant. On the other hand, if you’re spending all your time writing content, it may be worth hiring someone to work with the software for you.

Many content writers successfully adapt to using AI copywriting tools, whether for a simple sentence or an entire article. Artificial intelligence can massively boost your content creation process; it’s just a matter of using the right content tools and building the team you need.

The 7 Best AI Copywriting Tools For Writing Content

If you accept the idea that AI copywriting is worth investing in, there’s no point in settling for second best. Whether you need ad copy or blog posts or everything in between, Jarvis AI, ClosersCopy, WriteSonic, Shortly AI, and Nichesss will handle it all. These tools use natural language generation to meet the user’s needs. Most of them work on a system of allotted credits per month. 

These tools work well for simple text generation, such as writing a great headline or product descriptions. But not all of them can quickly write long-form articles with proper grammar and continuity. If you have to follow a complex process to get the result you’re after, the tool isn’t exactly doing its job.

Whether you’re looking to get clients, get them results, or handle your own writing, these five tools will make the job easier.

Now let’s take a look at a comparison between the top AI copywriting tools of 2021.

Jarvis.ai (Formerly Conversion.ai) AI-Generated Content At Its Finest

Claim your 10,000 word free trial of Conversion.ai

Jarvis.ai (formerly called Conversion AI) is the most robust and advanced of the GPT-3 based software tools. It’s a dream come true for professional writers, content marketers, and entrepreneurs of all sorts. It has a number of content generator tools for things like social media posts, marketing angles, real estate listings, and blog post outlines. Still, it also has an incredibly advanced long-form writing assistant. With the long-form assistant, you can write up to 2000 words of quality marketing content in 10-15 minutes.

Jarvis.ai is perfect for both larger businesses and the small business owner. It has just about every feature you could hope for, but the team is constantly working to improve their already formidable product. Content marketers love the ability to switch back and forth between the long-form editor and the power editor, creating short product descriptions on the fly to add into longer documents.

If you add multiple user seats to your Jarvis AI account, it’s a simple matter of adding users by email address, and then they’ll have access to your workspaces. Many marketing teams use this tool to great success, quickly scaling their output with less time and effort invested.

Plans & Pricing - Conversion.ai

Pricing-wise, this is more expensive than some on the list, with a single month of Pro Unlimited ringing in at $109 per month. However, you could quite literally use the account to generate hundreds of articles and thousands of headlines if you wanted to. When you consider everything that comes with it, I think Jarvis.ai has one of the most reasonable pricing tiers on the list.

Want more info? Read my Jarvis AI review!

Or, sign up for your free trial today.

ClosersCopy – Adding a Human Touch to AI

ClosersCopy homepage

ClosersCopy is the most unique of the copywriting tools on this list. It has all the same basic features as the others, but also many other features. For example, it comes with a library of templates you can copy and paste into your document, from email templates to sales letters and more. While ClosersCopy doesn’t have a long-form assistant to rival Jarvis AI, their long form content generator is still an excellent feature.

Like Jarvis.ai, Closers Copy has an unlimited credits plan available month to month, as well as a lower-tier plan that lacks some of its more advanced features. It’s a powerful piece of copywriting software for your writing process and one I’m always glad to have in my back pocket.

With ClosersCopy, you’ll have to do a bit more typing, but if you want a word processor that will help get you actual customers, look no further. Whether you use it for basic functionalities like social media captions or your emails and sales pages, this software can help with all types of content.

Both ClosersCopy and Jarvis.ai have “team” functions, making them ideal for agencies who need lots of high-quality copy.

For more info, read my ClosersCopy review.

Get ClosersCopy monthly or grab their lifetime deal while it lasts!

Frase.io – From Content Template to Blog Posts in Record Time

Frase - Frase.io SEO tools

Frase.io is primarily an SEO platform, but it recently introduced its own brand of AI writing assistant. While these tools are not as diverse as some on the list (it’s not intended for writing a sales email campaign, for example), they are specialized for SEO content writing.

A primary pain the average content marketer faces with AI content generation is that it lacks the personal touch of including all the right keywords. Frase is looking to make that pain a thing of the past. With a copywriting assistant that can emulate multiple writing styles, you can generate content ideas or churn out paragraphs of keyword-rich writing. 

Overall Frase is probably the most powerful content marketing tool on the list, but it is not as well-rounded for writing purposes as some of the others. Read my Frase review to learn more!

Anyword – Rich Language Generation and Improvement

Anyword - anyword.com

Anyword is a powerful AI copywriting software. Compared to the other AI copywriting tools I’ve used, its most prominent feature is its headline generating and improving tools, which include providing content scores. 

Content scores are based on how well headlines implement strong language in an effective way. The great thing about these scores is that they can be used to create headlines that will get clicks without worrying over ideas.

While Anyword is fairly young (in an industry which is also still quite new), it already has an impressive and growing number of features that are sure to help increase conversions.

While this AI-powered content writing assistant may be a little scary to some people (or they might even just feel like it’s cheating!), using these types of programs can actually help you become a better writer while publishing more frequently.

Claim your free trial to Anyword today!

WriteSonic – Effortless Marketing Copy in Seconds

Writesonic homepage

WriteSonic is a powerful GPT-3 based AI copywriter that works in over 20 languages. Similar to Jarvis.ai, it has both short-form content generation tools and a long-form article writer. While they don’t have as many content creation tools as Jarvis.ai or ClosersCopy, WriteSonic is still an excellent option. 

Their freemium pricing structure doesn’t make much sense to me, though. On the one hand, you can get a free account which gives you ten credits, which is nice. However, you don’t get access to any advanced feature, so it would be challenging to learn whether the tool is right for your business. Their pricing tiers also jump from reasonably cheap to very expensive without much justification.

Writesonic Pricing monthly

Overall, WriteSonic is one of the better AI copywriters on the market, but it still requires a human touch like any of the others. You can get started using WriteSonic for free today!

ShortlyAI – A Simple And Elegant Article Writing Assistant

shortlyAI homepage

If you’re looking to write longer content like blogs, ShortlyAI is an excellent solution. While it doesn’t have as much versatility or overall power as Jarvis.ai, it is less expensive with a powerful long-form composer. Many writers prefer Shortly for its lower price and more straightforward setup, which is quite user-friendly.

ShortlyAI pricing

Shortly does not currently have credits – they just have an annual plan and a monthly plan, both unlimited. While the long form composer is an incredible feature, ShortlyAI feels slightly lacking. You can’t use it, for example, to generate a list of blog ideas, which is something the other copywriting tools on this list can do easily.

Give ShortlyAI a try for free!

Niches$$ – Perfect For Product Descriptions and Email Subject Lines

nichesss - AI Copywriter - AI Copywriting Software

Nichesss is an ideal tool for content creators, whether you’re making YouTube videos or focusing on content writing. Its powerful array of content generators allow you to quickly brainstorm blog ideas, blog intros, product descriptions, and almost any other type of content.

While Nichesss does have a long-form editor, it’s not quite as advanced as Jarvis.ai, ShortlyAI, or ClosersCopy. While it may not be as powerful for bulk content creation, Nichess can more than hold its own with a broad array of basic and advanced features.

Pricing - nichesss

One great thing about Nichesss is that it does not currently run on credits. The Appsumo lifetime deal is unlimited, and the creator has stood behind that time and time again. There is also a month-to-month $19 unlimited credit pricing structure available on the Nichesss website, but for $59 you can get lifetime access via Appsumo.

For more information, take a look at my Nichesss review.

Bonus: Grammarly Premium

Grammarly Premium isn’t an AI copywriting software, but it is excellent for rephrasing blogs and fixing your grammar quickly. Grammarly pairs well with any of the AI copywriters listed above, and it even has a chrome extension, so you can potentially use it in direct combination with your tool of choice. If you have a team, you can even get Grammarly Business and take advantage of their collaboration tools.

What is artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing?

To put it simply, Artificial Intelligence refers to machines that have been programmed by humans so they can do things that would normally require human mental abilities or physical actions. These include learning new skills from experience without being explicitly programmed, solving problems through reasoning based on existing knowledge about similar problem solutions ‍— ‌and understanding natural language.

If that sounds scary, don’t worry. AI is here to help us humans reach our full potential, not replace us!

AI has been around for a while now (the term was first coined in 1956). It’s always had its ups and downs. In the ’80s, people were really excited about it ‍— but then interest waned until recently when improvements have made some of these old ideas very relevant again.

Copywriting Artificial Intelligence – What Is It Good For?

If you don’t have a writer on board to create content for your business, many software tools can help boost your marketing efforts with quality copy written by artificial intelligence. They use natural language processing to generate compelling copy and content. 

Jarvis AI is one of the most popular pieces of AI-driven writing software because its algorithms mimic human behavior while creating compelling ad copy or blog posts from scratch in seconds rather than hours. Shortly AI not only generates unique articles but also allows users to edit them afterward through a slick interface that’s easy to navigate 

ClosersCopy is the ideal copywriting tool for creating the best finished product possible, WriteSonic is a top contender for speed and user-friendliness, and Nichesss is an excellent catch-all tool available at a much lower price. The best one for your business will ultimately depend on what you plan to use your valuable content for and how much of it you need.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About AI Copywriting Tools

Here are some common questions about AI writing tools and how they work.

What is the difference between content writing and copywriting?

While there is some crossover, content writing usually refers to longer form content such as articles and blog posts. Copywriting can refer to any conversion-focused writing, such as ads, sales pages, and marketing emails.

How do you start copywriting?

Traditionally you would want to get a solid writing education and study marketing and copywriting at minimum. However, using AI copywriting tools can potentially allow you to fast track that process.

Is copywriting a high income skill?

Yes, copywriters are generally seen as some of the highest paid writers in the world.

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