Best High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs 2023

High ticket affiliate marketing programs blew up in 2023, and their popularity continues to increase through 2023.

If you’re looking for an affiliate program (or several) that will allow you to earn a high commission rate per sale and/or a great monthly commission, read on!

This list includes affiliate programs that can enable you to earn as much as $1000 (or even more) from a single sale.

That might sound ridiculous to some business owners. If you have been grinding out your online business and struggling to earn enough, it may surprise you to learn that others are earning thousands from single sales of high ticket products and services.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. If you follow them and make a purchase or sign up, I may receive a commission at no additional expense to you. Thanks for your support!

What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing vs. Low Ticket?

The truth is, affiliate marketers have some of the best earning potential of all entrepreneurs, and they typically deal with a lot less professional risk and investment along the way. Many successful digital marketers advocate strongly in favor of high ticket affiliate programs vs. low ticket. 

The main reason is pretty simple: it’s (usually) easier to make one $1000 sale than it is to make one hundred $10 sales. With high ticket affiliate products and services, you don’t need to have a massive email list or following on social media. You just need to focus on generating enough sales to pull in the occasional affiliate commission at maximum profit.

Note: if you’re a beginner and this is confusing so far, I recommend reading my article on affiliate marketing tips for beginners first.

The affiliate Marketing Journey four steps infographic

Are High Ticket Programs Better Than Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

It really depends on the preference of the affiliate marketer. If you’re great at getting lots of people to use your affiliate link, then low-ticket products that have a recurring commission could make more sense.

A perfect example is email marketing. Email marketing does not cost very much, but it’s a service people are unlikely to cancel once they get used to it (also called a “sticky” service). 

Even if you only make $5/month per person who signs up for an email service like Aweber, if you can get 100+ people to sign up, that becomes a great source of income.

The main advantage of low ticket recurring commission programs is that you build a bigger buyer list and you have less volatility. If you’re getting paid affiliate commission via 100 different people, it won’t matter if a few of them cancel the service.

On the other hand, if you rely on high-ticket sales, missing a few sales a month or having a few people cancel can take a big bite out of your income.

This is why I personally promote both low and high ticket affiliate programs. Even though the bulk of my income comes from selling my own digital services, I have multiple streams of affiliate income as well.

What Are the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs? 

One of the first things to consider is whether the program has a high refund rate or “churn rate”. If lots of people refund their purchases, it’s probably not worth your effort promoting it! 

The first affiliate program I used was for a hosting company (Web Hosting Canada). WHC doesn’t have recurring commissions, but their average payout per sale is over $50. That means if you get lots of people to sign up for hosting, you can easily make more than $1,000 per month.

Most web hosting companies have solid affiliate programs, but web hosting is a very competitive affiliate marketing niche. The highest paying affiliate programs in web hosting tend to come from managed hosting services such as WP Engine and Kinsta.

Both of these are high-end managed WordPress. This is a sticky and lucrative service, so these well-established companies can afford to pay their affiliates well.

But there are plenty of programs that pay out higher than even managed WordPress. Let’s take a look at some of the best high ticket affiliate programs available in 2022.

The Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs of 2022

As an experienced affiliate marketer, I like to look for three things in products I promote. It should have a high and/or recurring payout, it should be something I actually use, and it should provide such awesome value that it more or less sells itself.

When a product sells itself, all you have to do is explain how it works and the right people will be ready to sign up.


A lot of successful marketers swear that Fiverr has the best affiliate program, full stop. The more I looked into it, the more I realized they might be right. It is definitely one of the top paying affiliate programs available.

Fiverr is an incredibly well known brand, it has plenty of low-cost foot-in-the-door offers, and it gives affiliates a number of ways to earn. If your audience includes any kind of business owners, I highly recommend signing up for Fiverr’s affiliate program.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO homepage

Surfer SEO is one of the most highly rated and recommended SEO tools available to digital marketers today. I use Surfer to audit and optimize content both before and after publishing, and it makes the process smooth and simple.

This is one of the best recurring affiliate programs in the digital marketing niche, both because of the high commissions and the fact it’s a very sticky service.

Even better for affiliates, Surfer SEO offers a two-tier affiliate program, meaning if you sign up other affiliates, you get an extra bump when they make sales.

The best part is that some of Surfer’s customers run up significant bills, and you collect a percentage every month. Overall, this makes Surfer one of the best SEO affiliate programs around.

Sign up for Surfer SEO’s affiliate program here.

PureVPN – Highest Paying VPN Affiliate Program

PurveVPN is a well-known Virtual Private Network provider, supporting private web browsing worldwide. It’s also the most lucrative VPN affiliate program because of its high commission rates and two-tier structure.

VPNs are easy to promote because anyone who uses the internet is a potential customer. If you promote anything else online, PureVPN can potentially make an excellent addition to your offer stack.

Sign up for the PureVPN affiliate program.


GrooveFunnels best free funnel builder software platform

GrooveFunnels is great for two reasons; you can earn over $500 with a single referral, and it’s a two-tier affiliate program. This means that you earn commissions on sales made by anyone who signs up under you as well as on your own sales.

With GrooveFunnels you can build anything from blogs to online stores, so it’s easy to find a feature that appeals to most online business owners.

Learn more by reading my GrooveFunnels review.

WP Engine

WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting service that generates massive revenue from their customers, and passes a good chunk of that money along to their affiliate army.

This is undoubtedly a top web hosting affiliate program. They also pay out for second tier signups in addition to actual hosting sales.


Kinsta is another managed WordPress service, but in addition to having big front end commissions like WP Engine, they also pay you monthly for your referrals.

Kinsta’s service is second to none, so for WordPress websites (especially eCommerce sites) this is a very sticky service. / Jarvis

Claim your 10,000 word free trial of (Jarvis) is arguably the most advanced AI copywriting software currently on the market. Not only can promoting it earn you 30% recurring commissions for life, using it to write your marketing copy can boost your conversion rates. The team at also put a huge budget into their sales cycle and marketing automation, ensuring that you get maximum return on your referrals.

Check out my Jarvis review!


ClosersCopy homepage

ClosersCopy is an amazing piece of software for creating marketing materials. The (recurring) commission for ClosersCopy can be more than $40/month, which adds up quickly when you consider how easy this software is to sell. It includes everything you need to write great marketing copy from templates to AI tools to dark mode!

Here’s my ClosersCopy review. is an unlimited graphic design service. With 12% recurring commission on their well priced (but still expensive) services, you can earn up to over $100 per month in commissions per sale.

Kimp’s program is still pretty new, so if you make enough sales you could potentially become one of their first super affiliates while building reliable passive income.

Authority Hackers

Authority Hackers provide some of the best SEO courses available today, especially for affiliate marketers. A single sale of Authority Hacker Pro can net you massive profits, and they have a very low return rate due to the high level of the education and expert support. has a recurring affiliate program with high commissions and high price, which can easily result in passive income. Check out my Frase review here! plr product categories is a Private Label Rights content website. They sell some of the best and most expensive products in the PLR industry, charging premium rates for quality. You can earn hundreds of dollars with a single sale in this program if you get accepted!

Take a look at my review.


GoHighLevel best marketing platform for agencies

If your target audience includes agency owners, signing up for GoHighLevel’s referral program should definitely be an item on your agenda. They have a great conversion rate, and with 40% commissions and an average monthly price of $297+, this can easily become its own revenue stream.


Panda Copy screenshot

PandaCopy is a premium unlimited copywriting service that pays a high commission per newly referred customer. Their service is ideal for agencies and businesses that need a lot of content or copy, but the average commission of $250 makes it worth the effort.

Commission Hero

If you’re looking for affiliate marketing training from someone who built a successful business on it, you can stop your search at Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard. This is both a great course and a great program to promote as an affiliate.  

Super Affiliate System

If you’re confident in your ability to make affiliate sales, SAS is one of the highest commission affiliate programs on Clickbank.


ConvertBox is my favorite software for offering freebies and collecting a lead’s email address and other information. They currently only offer a pricey lifetime deal that includes high commission rates.

Check out my Convertbox review.


SEMrush is one of the most notorious affiliate programs among internet marketers, offering powerful and expensive products that get results. This is the very definition of a “sticky” offer, because once someone commits to using a suite of tools like SEMrush they will have trouble stopping.

You can get your affiliate link from their built-in program or from ShareaSale, but you can’t join both programs.

Best Affiliate Network For High Ticket Offers

Clickbank and ShareaSale are both solid options for high ticket offers. Clickbank is a little more accessible, whereas ShareaSale has a wider variety of products and services available. These networks have many individual affiliate programs you can access once you sign up for them.

How to Discover Other High Ticket Affiliate Programs

One way to discover new programs is to build your personal brand and let the vendors reach out to you. If you have a powerful brand with a dedicated following, you can potentially negotiate for a higher than normal commission rate.

I have a modest blog and a YouTube channel with less than 3000 subscribers, and I still regularly have affiliate managers reach out to me to ask if I’ll help sell their product.

Where Can I Find High Ticket Affiliate Products?

You can go to affiliate marketplaces like CJ Affiliate, Clickbank, Shareasale, JVzoo, and WarriorPlus and pick the products that have high commissions, or you can do your own research.

As a general rule of thumb, look for products that cost at least $1000 for one-time sales or at least $100/month for recurring billing.

Another good way to discover products is just to look at the YouTube channels and blogs of affiliate marketers you’d like to emulate. See what they promote, and look into those products to see if they have a high ticket affiliate program.

How to Maximize High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Commissions

Your top two to three best-converting offers should become your main focus. It’s good to have other offers such as low ticket items available when people ask for them, but your promotional strategy should focus on the ones you can consistently sell.

You can make a lot of money with your top offers, especially when you select high ticket affiliate programs with great commissions.

One seemingly obvious mistake that many beginners make is promoting their affiliate links too much or not enough. You shouldn’t spam your links ANYWHERE, or post them anywhere that they might be unwelcome.

However, if people don’t click your referral link before signing up, you won’t get the affiliate commission. So it’s important to give your audience both the opportunity and the motivation to use your links.

How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money?

One of the best things about getting started as an affiliate marketer is the fact that you DON’T need any money. While having some startup capital can certainly be helpful, you really don’t need anything more than a social media profile to start selling high ticket items.

One thing I always like to point out about affiliate marketing is that it’s the opposite of a get-rich-quick scheme.

Even if you join the highest ticket affiliate program and make a ton of sales your first day, you won’t receive your affiliate commission until it clears any refund period and/or holding periods put in place by the vendor. So if you need to make money fast, affiliate marketing may not be the right choice.

In fact, I think the best affiliate marketing strategy is to play the long game. Develop your skills and audience to the point that you KNOW which high ticket items people are likely to buy.

Then and only then should you commit to specific programs. You can promote products along the way to start earning some money, but if you focus on establishing your brand first it will be easier to get people to want to buy from you.

Ready to start or grow an affiliate marketing business? I challenge you to take action today!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some frequently asked questions about referral marketing. I hope they provide all the answers you need!

How to Find The Right High Ticket Affiliate Program?

Start by only considering great products you actually use that have excellent programs and commission structures. There are lots of affiliate programs to choose from, so you don’t need to settle for less.

What do you Look For in High Paying Affiliate Programs?

Since buyers can be a bit more nervous about grabbing high ticket items, I like to choose programs that do a great job of addressing potential concerns. My favorite programs always have a free offer on the front end and a money back guarantee.

Is Amazon Associates a Good Program?

I don’t promote Amazon associates, but if you have a big enough audience who buys on Amazon I believe it can be a really beneficial program to join.

What Are Cookies and How Do They Work?

Cookies are just pieces of information stored by your browser, and they’re how vendors track sales in internet affiliate marketing.
Usually a 90-day cookie duration is the longest you will find. 30 day cookie duration is pretty standard, but some programs might have a cookie window as short as 7 days or even less.
If a program has a 30 day cookie duration and someone signs up 20 days after clicking your link, you should get your profit share of the amount paid.

How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing?

For a full guide, check out my article on affiliate marketing strategies. Some people make this industry seem difficult, but the truth is that if you have an email address or a social media profile, you can start affiliate marketing.

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