Clickbank Review – Is it a Good Way to Make Money Online?

Many people are interested in making money online but have no idea where to start. They see ads on Facebook and wonder if there’s really a way to earn a living digitally.

If you’re wondering about the best way to earn income online, you’re not alone. One popular way to do so is via affiliate marketing.

This Clickbank review will tell you everything you need to know about Clickbank, one of the biggest affiliate programs out there.

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing network that allows you to sell digital products and even physical products. It is a platform that makes it easy for affiliates to promote a variety of products, especially in particular niches.

Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing in which a business rewards its affiliates for promoting its products or services. It’s among the most effective ways of generating traffic and making money online.

Is Clickbank better than other affiliate networks?

I wouldn’t say Clickbank affiliate programs are better, but they’re definitely different. The main difference is that you can sign up and start promoting products as an affiliate very easily, often with no need for manual approval.

This is one of the biggest benefits of Clickbank; it’s one of the lowest-friction ways to start earning money online. You don’t have to have a big following or a reputation, all that’s required is an interest in participating.

Once you have an affiliate account and a product you want to promote, you are technically good to go. The average business starts with a much higher investment of money and time, which is one of the reasons affiliate marketing is a great model.

If you really want to know which of the top affiliate marketing networks is right for you, you’ll have to test them yourself to find out.

what is clickbank

How does Clickbank work?

The platform has two sides to it; seller and affiliate. This guide focuses on the affiliate side, because I’m a Clickbank affiliate. I will cover the basics of becoming a Clickbank seller / vendor as well, just in case you’re interested.

Of course, you can be both a seller and an affiliate – lots of people are. But if you’re a beginner, you’ll be much more likely to hit your goals if you focus on one at a time.

How do you make money with Clickbank?

You can make money on Clickbank as an affiliate marketer or as a seller (or both).

Let’s talk about affiliate marketing first.

Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product or service through an affiliate link. When someone clicks on your affiliate link, they’re taken to the vendor’s website.

The vendor pays you a commission based on the amount of sales they make to traffic generated through your link.

How to sign up on Clickbank as an affiliate

Head to and click on “Promote.” There are currently two promote buttons on the homepage above the fold, but both take you to the affiliate sign-up page. affiliate sign up

There are no fees to create a Clickbank account and join as an affiliate. All you need is to live in an approved country (some countries are not allowed to participate).

You will also need to submit a limited amount of payment information, such as a payment method and tax ID if you live in the United States.

Once you’ve created an account, you can browse the Clickbank Marketplace. Here you can look through the products available for promotion and access your affiliate links. You can also use advanced search to look for products based on keywords and other criteria.

How to get started with Clickbank affiliate marketing

The process of promoting affiliate products on Clickbank is simple. Once you’ve signed up, you will receive a unique affiliate ID. This ID is what you will use to promote other people’s products – it’s embedded automatically in all of your referral links.

When you promote a product, you receive a commission for each sale you make (unless there’s a refund). Commissions can be as low as 1% or as high as 90% or even 100% in some cases.

How to choose an audience to serve

If you want to take affiliate marketing seriously, knowing who you serve is a critical step. Is there a specific group of people who you’re passionate about helping? Building your business around helping them might help motivate you and clarify your goals.

For me, it’s entrepreneurs, especially those in health, wellness, and marketing. Because of that, it makes sense for me to promote certain digital products. If you can identify a hungry pool of customers within your audience, it will make generating sales much easier.

How to choose a Clickbank niche

Once you know your target audience, ask yourself how you will serve them. For example, many entrepreneurs have trouble getting started with video marketing even though they know it will help their brands. That’s why I promote Viddyoze, a video animation software.

Clickbank viddyoze listing

How to choose the best Clickbank products

Picking a high quality affiliate program is a key factor when it comes to your success. Try looking through the marketplace and making a list of the top 5-10 products that would help your audience the most. Then, refine that list to 1-3 core offers you can really get behind promoting.

What is Clickbank gravity? Quick definition

Gravity is a measurement of how many people have made sales for a product over the past twelve weeks. Gravity on Clickbank is not something you need to be overly concerned about. However, you may want to think twice before trying to promote a product with zero gravity.

Commission percentage (how much you get paid)

The commission percentage and the price of the products you will receive commissions on will tell you how much you can potentially earn per sale. Make sure you check the sales page and affiliate page, which should be linked in the listing. If there’s no affiliate page, that might be a sign that the product isn’t worth your time.

Ideally, you should also go through / buy the funnel. That way, you’ll know exactly what buyers can expect and will be able to promote it accurately.

How to generate sales as an affiliate marketer

My favorite way of sending traffic to my affiliate links is via content marketing. This works great for the average digital product and is responsible for at least 80% of my affiliate commissions.

How does it work? I publish relevant content on places like my blog and YouTube and include my affiliate links strategically throughout the content. I also include calls to action to encourage people to follow those links and potentially make a purchase.

Right now, I have over 100 posts on my blog and almost 200 videos on YouTube. That sends a lot of organic traffic to my affiliate offers every day, more or less on autopilot.

is clickbank legit or a scam

How will Clickbank pay your commissions?

There are currently three payout methods used by the Clickbank platform; paper checks sent via snail mail, wire transfer, and direct bank deposit.

Bank deposit payments will make the most sense for some people, but if you don’t mind waiting a bit longer, check works too. Wire transfers will likely only be necessary if you live in certain countries or earn a massive amount of commissions.

Payouts are made automatically when you hit your payment threshold, which you can set as low as $10. I currently have mine on $100, which is probably a good place to start if you’re promoting a digital product.

How to sign up as a Clickbank seller

If you have a product and want to put it on the marketplace, you’ll want to sign up as a vendor. Many entrepreneurs and brands choose this vast network because it comes with powerful tools and access to some of the best marketers around.

How to get started as a Clickbank seller

A lot of people think affiliate marketing is just promoting other people’s products, but it’s actually more than that. You can make money by promoting your own products as well.

The key to success as a vendor is to have a strategy for recruiting, rewarding, and motivating an affiliate army. If you’re not going to properly leverage affiliates, there are probably better places to list your product than Clickbank.

What are the pros and cons of Clickbank

Clickbank is an online program that allows users to create a store and sell their own products. While this can be done with other platforms, this affiliate network comes with certain benefits.

Pros of Clickbank

Affiliate marketing is a huge industry, and it’s only getting bigger. With Clickbank, you can get started with affiliate marketing immediately. It doesn’t take long to set up your account, and you don’t need any specific knowledge to get going.

This low barrier to entry, and the large marketplace of offers, are the two main benefits that attract marketers.

Cons of Clickbank

While it’s easy to get started, this platform is not for everyone. Some people argue that there are no “good” products on Clickbank.

While I disagree with that (I’ve purchased a number of Clickbank products and regularly use some of them), I recognize that there are other affiliate platforms that have higher barriers to entry for both vendors and affiliates.

It may not always be the case, but having a higher barrier to entry often means higher quality products and more skilled affiliates.

make money online with clickbank

Its popularity is due to its simplicity and ease of use. It doesn’t require you to have a website, blog, or social media following.

All you need to do is sign up and provide some banking information. Once you do those two things, you are ready to start. There isn’t much hassle or setup with Clickbank, and you can start earning commissions quickly.

Overall it’s one of the most accessible ways to start making money online. Even beginners sometimes see great success on Clickbank.

As long as you follow the advice outlined below, you’ll have a strong chance of profiting from your time on this network.

Is Clickbank legit, or a scam?

Clickbank is definitely not a scam; it’s a massive and well-established internet business that creates income for thousands of affiliate marketers and vendors.

As to how “legit” it is… I never know how to answer that question. Maybe I’m too old. It all depends on who your audience is and whether or not Clickbank products will actually help them.

Clickbank myths

There are folks out there who intentionally circulate certain myths or falsehoods about Clickbank. Normally they do this because they have something else they want you to buy or participate in. Here’s a couple of the myths I’ve seen around the web.

Clickbank doesn’t pay new affiliates (myth)

Obviously I can only speak from my own experience here. But, I didn’t have any trouble getting my first payment even though I was an absolute newbie. I didn’t have any following or significant digital assets at the time, I just wanted to promote a product I liked.

While I don’t do a lot of Clickbank marketing myself, I know several people who do, and I’ve never heard of any problems getting payments from any of them either.

Clickbank doesn’t have any good products (myth)

The truth is that there are more not-so-great products than great ones on Clickbank. But that doesn’t devalue the products that are worth buying and promoting. This is why I recommend doing proper product research before deciding to promote something.

What are some Clickbank alternatives?

There are a ton of other affiliate platforms out there that are comparable. However, they usually take longer to get started with, and make you jump through more hoops. In most cases the work is worthwhile.

Some popular alternatives include:

  • Digistore24
  • JVzoo
  • WarriorPlus
  • ShareaSale
  • Impact
  • PartnerStack
  • Commission Junction
  • Rakuten

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing quickly, then this is a decent choice. If you’re willing to put a bit more time into your startup process, I recommend studying some of the above networks and making a choice based on your findings.

Top Clickbank Products

If you’re looking to make money from affiliate marketing, then choosing great products is important. While there are some definite winners, there are a lot more duds.

Here’s how you can tell if a product is worth promoting:

  • Check out the vendor’s website
  • Look for reviews online
  • Check for active social media accounts
  • Look for positive buzz in online communities

If a product looks good based on the above criteria, I recommend buying it and using it yourself so you can give a realistic recommendation.

Aside from keeping you honest, actually buying and using products will give you a competitive edge over a percentage of the affiliates promoting them.

How does Clickbank make money?

Clickbank makes money in multiple ways, but primarily by charging the vendors who sell products on their platform. Vendors must pay an initial product approval charge of $49.95 to get set up. After that they pay 7.5% + $1 for every transaction.

Other means of income for this platform are focused on selling their own products, such as Spark (formerly Clickbank University). This is a training program for affiliates, and it makes sense that the platform would offer it to increase their revenue streams.

Clickbank Review: Is it a Good Place For Beginners to Make Money?

I’ll be honest with you, I do think there are better alternatives available. However, I think this platform offers some unique opportunities to earn income and is a decent starting point for some beginners.

A lot of Clickbank reviews are completely negative, but only because the writer of the review wants to sell you on an alternative.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what your ideal customers will get real value from. For example if your audience wants to learn to make money online or lose weight, there are some products available that can help.

But as I mentioned earlier, there are also a lot of poorly conceived and maintained products on the marketplace. That’s why I highly recommend doing your diligence before signing up to promote anything.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Clickbank

Here are some common questions about Clickbank along with my answers.

Can you really make money with Clickbank?

Yes, you can definitely make money with Clickbank. It’s not without difficulty or competition, but it’s possible. The key is finding high converting products that people are interested in and promoting them to the right audience.

Why is ClickBank bad?

I don’t think it’s bad, it just gets a bad reputation from some people who call it a scam so they can sell you on an alternative.

How much does it cost to join ClickBank?

It doesn’t cost anything to join as an affiliate. For seller pricing, see the details in this review.

Who are some top earners?

Some well known top earners include Robbie Blanchard and John Crestani.

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