GrooveFunnels Review ( Lifetime Deal Pricing 2022

GrooveFunnels is a powerful sales funnel based software platform in the world of online marketing. My GrooveFunnels review will walk you through the good (and the less good) aspects of the platform so you can make an educated decision.

This article comes from a real Groove Funnels user (me – Alex Tucker). I’m a digital marketer who upgraded to the platinum lifetime plan. If you’d like to pay a single price to manage your business online for life, this may be the technology for you!

This article will walk you through Groove Funnels, the free lifetime accounts that are available, and the platinum lifetime upgrade I invested in. 

Note: GrooveFunnels recently rebranded as, so don’t get confused!

If you grab the lifetime deal while it lasts, you’ll never have to make a monthly payment.

GrooveFunnels dashboard groove cm

This review will answer the following questions:

  • What are the platform’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are’s plans for the future?
  • What are the main features and benefits?
  • What can you use this software for?

Note: I’m an affiliate marketer and this article contains affiliate links and referral links. If you follow them and then make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional expense to you.

What is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is a suite of web apps competing against big names such as ClickFunnels and Kartra. While the main function of this technology is creating sales funnels, it is designed to provide everything an online business needs on one user-friendly platform.

Is GrooveFunnels Free?

groovefunnels free lifetime

Yes, Groove Funnels has a free lifetime plan! The free tier does not require a credit card, and includes limited access to most Groove Apps. includes a powerful array of digital marketing tools. If you decide to upgrade your free account, I recommend going for the one-time payment if possible. Otherwise you will end up paying extra for the convenience of split payments. 

However I recommend testing this platform on the free pricing plan first so you can determine if it’s right for your business.

Groove Funnels Pros and Cons

Let’s get right into this product’s strengths and weaknesses. 


  • Easy and intuitive to use toolset in a single dashboard
  • 2-tiered affiliate program
  • Pages load fast and are mobile responsive out of the box
  • Integrates with Stripe and Paypal
  • Affiliate management and JV agreements are built in
  • Friendly (and massive) online community on Facebook
  • Includes access to GrooveAcademy (epic free training library)
  • New tools are added and upgraded regularly
  • Up to 40% commission rates (plus up to 10% for tier two)
  • You can share and import funnels
  • Lots of great funnel templates
  • Unlimited custom domains for platinum members
  • Will eventually be a fully integrated all-in-one platform


  • Still in beta; some features are missing or buggy 
  • Slow support via tickets takes 24-72 hours to respond
  • Mobile app is still in development (computer access only)
  • Difficult to find quality training for more advanced features
  • Heavy competition promoting the brand from influencers big companies
  • The free plan, while awesome for those on a budget, can be limiting
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GrooveFunnels Tutorial – How to Use For Affiliate Marketing

Ready to launch your business on this all-in-one marketing platform? The great thing is, you don’t have to have any experience to get started.

You can watch the video embedded below, or follow the written steps beneath it.

Step 1: Sign up for GrooveFunnels

The main advantage to a free lifetime account is that you can take your time testing the software before committing to a purchase. If you haven’t yet, follow this link and sign up now!

Step 2: Integrate an autoresponder

Although has its own email marketing platform (GrooveMail), it’s still being warmed up, so you’ll need to integrate a separate autoresponder. If you don’t already have one, you can grab a free Aweber account here.

Step 3: Start with GroovePages

GroovePages is still a bit buggy, but overall it’s a powerful and flexible landing page builder. Create a new website, and build an optin page and a thank you / bridge page.

If you’re not familiar with terms like “landing page” and “bridge page”, I recommend watching this video on affiliate marketing for beginners. It explains those terms and much more.

Step 4: Set up a series of automated emails

In your Aweber account (or whichever autoresponder you integrate), set up at least three emails that reinforce the offer presented on your bridge page. 

Step 5: Drive traffic to your landing page

Choose a method of driving your target audience to your landing page, and get started! If you’re not familiar with any digital marketing strategies, refer to Groove Digital Academy.

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Get GrooveFunnels!

GrooveFunnels Features and Ratings

In the sections below I’ve broken down what you get when you buy GrooveFunnels platinum lifetime deal. I’ve also included a rating out of five stars, which I’ll keep updated based on the current status of each app.


GroovePagesUpdated August 2021
TypeLanding page and website builder
DescriptinPowerful and versatile, but not without its bugs. Gets the job done nine times out of ten.
Best ForAffiliate marketing

This is’s drag and drop  landing page builder and funnel builder. 

GroovePages is built with Google’s mobile first indexing in mind and includes beautiful design templates. It’s easy to change the images and colors of a template, even if you don’t know how to build a website. 

Read my full GroovePages review for more info. 

What I like about GroovePages:

  • It was easy to learn to use it effectively
  • Easy to install custom code such as Google Analytics
  • Designers can create beautiful and unique pages
  • Lots of elements and blocks to work with
  • Fast page speed
  • Can import and share entire sites between accounts via links

What I don’t like about GroovePages:

  • Had trouble with the autoresponder integration (has been fixed since)
  • On one occasion lost an entire page to a glitch (2+ hours of work)
  • The builder sometimes takes awhile to load and save
  • Uploading images is awkward and there’s no organizational system
  • Updates have forced me to re-learn how to use it 2-3 times
GroovePages Dashboard

As you can tell from the four star rating, overall GroovePages is a win for me. I use it for my affiliate marketing landing pages, and they perform very well.


App NameGrooveSell
Rating (updated August 2021)9.0
TypeSales funnel builder and checkout software
DescriptionSimple, easy to understand tool for selling products or services in funnels.
Best ForSelling digital products and services with upsells and downsells

With GrooveSell you can create unlimited products, unlimited upsells and downsells, and unlimited product funnels

What I like about GrooveSell:

  • Lots of payment gateways(Integrates with Paypal, Stripe,, Braintree, NMI, and GroovePay)
  • Lots of conversion-enhancing features (one-click upsells, order bumps, proof popups, and more)
  • Many currencies available
  • Can provide promotional tools for affiliates
  • Can set affiliate commission rates based on a number of factors
  • Makes building sales funnels easy
  • Can set up monthly subscriptions and other payment plans

What I don’t like about GrooveSell

  • Had some trouble with the autoresponder integration (waiting on fix)
  • Few design options
  • Not very visually appealing compared to other shopping cart software
Groovesell Dashboard

While GrooveSell isn’t everything it could be, it does have some distinct advantages over many other shopping cart platforms. I have high hopes for this app. Read my full GrooveSell review for more info.


App NameGrooveAffiliate
Rating (updated August 2021)8.0
TypeAffiliate and joint venture software
DescriptionRobust affiliate platform with a focus on ease of management 
Best ForIncreasing your sales via affiliate programs

GrooveAffiliate might actually be the most powerful app in all of But like most of the rest of the platform, it’s still in beta and not all features have been rolled out.


App NameGrooveMember
Rating (updated August 2021)5.0
TypeMembership website platform
DescriptionFunctional membership platform with more bugs than features
Best ForOnline courses and membership sites

With GrooveMember you can create membership sites to protect and sell your digital content. 

The user interface is clunky but it is being rapidly developed to compete with online course providers like Kajabi and Thinkific. 

The coolest part is that you can create membership portals using a GrooveMember subdomain or custom domain names of your own.


App NameGrooveMail
Rating (updated August 2021)N/A
TypeEmail marketing and automation
DescriptionLooks like it will be excellent but hasn’t been rolled out for public use yet
Best ForFollowing up with leads

GrooveMail is the email autoresponder and email marketing platform. This advanced automation platform will eventually include SMS messaging and multiple ways to nurture your email list.’s sending servers are currently being warmed up, so it’s only a matter of time before GrooveMail is available for public use. Right now you can only use GrooveMail in sandbox mode with external SMTP like SendGrid or Mailgun.


App NameGrooveVideo
Rating (updated August 2021)6.0
TypeVideo hosting and marketing
DescriptionProvides a solution for hosting and playing marketing videos complete with tracking and tagging
Best ForVideo sales letters

GrooveVideo can be used to drip video content via membership sites and features advanced player controls, tagging, and analytics. 

At one point the GrooveVideo player loaded very poorly, but the user experience seems to have been improved in recent months.


App NameGrooveBlog
Rating (updated August 2021)6.0
TypeBlogging platform
DescriptionBasic blogging software with limited functionality and appearance
Best ForBlogging and publishing content

I like this feature because GrooveFunnels has made it possible for anyone to start a blog for free. If it gets a little more love, GrooveBlog could be the best part of the entire platform.

Unfortunately right now this app is extremely basic. While it can create a decent looking blog, it lacks the advanced functionality required for proper SEO.


App NameGrooveWebinar
Rating (updated August 2021)N/A
TypeLive and recorded webinar platform
DescriptionFor delivering both live and pre-recorded webinars
Best ForWebinars and streaming

This will apparently compete with and exceed all existing webinar platforms such as WebinarJam and EverWebinar. For now, it’s still in sandbox mode so I haven’t been able to give it a rating.


App NameGrooveKart
Rating (updated August 2021)6.0
TypeeCommerce store builder and hosting
DescriptionFor building online stores that can sell digital or physical products using a traditional shopping cart
Best ForSelling physical and digital products without using funnels

GrooveKart is the eCommerce platform built by Matt Serralta, competing with the likes of Shopify and WooCommerce. Like the rest of the platform it has a free and premium version.

This is a mixed bag for me. It works pretty well, but doesn’t have nearly as much potential functionality as its competitors.  

groovefunnels review ad


This is the company’s answer to services like Stripe and PayPal. Designed to work around the shortcomings of existing merchant processing software, GroovePay focuses on providing a new payment option to businesses that sell online.


This will be the platform’s built-in help desk similar to ZenDesk, for allowing clients and customers to create tickets and receive support for your products or services.


As you may have predicted, this will be a functional calendar that will integrate with systems such as Google calendars to make planning and organizing events easier.

GrooveDigital Academy

This is a free training area with a variety of programs taught by experts. You get full access as a free member and use it to jump start your groovy experience. 

GrooveSurvey and GrooveQuiz

This software will be for collecting information or creating quiz funnels to better understand your visitors. 


At some point there will be a mobile app for Android and iPhone which will allow GrooveMasters to access their accounts from their smartphones.

Agency Features, SDK and API

Some of the most anticipated aspects of GrooveFunnels include the agency features (which will allow sub accounts for employees or freelancers to work on your sites) and the SDK and API release. 

Once the SDK and API are live developers will be able to create their own plugins and extensions to merge with’s code base.


In addition to this robust software suite, members also get access to GrooveMarketplace, where they can display their products to other Groovers and find affiliates to help them promote their wares.


The ultimate vision presented by GrooveFunnels CEO and co-founder Mike Filsaime is for the platform to provide everything an online business needs to succeed, from a website builder all the way down to a Clickbank like marketplace for affiliates and vendors to meet and work together. 

This is undoubtedly Mike’s greatest creation since the release of Butterfly Marketing, his world-class training program. He has worked on a number of similar projects as a software developer, including Kartra.

Now let’s go a little more in-depth to look at what your dollars get you with this platform.

GrooveFunnels Pricing Model

Lifetime platinum recently went up in price, but you can still get unlimited funnels and everything else for a one-time payment.

Note: The lifetime platinum membership is only available for a limited time. Eventually it will end and be replaced by a platinum monthly plan along with a gold plan and silver plan.

Why I Upgraded to GrooveFunnels Lifetime Platinum 

Some folks are saying that upgrading to GrooveFunnels Platinum right now is a gamble, but I don’t quite see it that way. It’s already a wicked digital marketing suite, with lots of room for growth. 

Here are some reasons I consider the purchase a solid investment:

  1. Despite being in beta, GroovePages works better than some “finished” page builders on the market. 
  2. GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate are fully integrated, and with the two of them you can sell products and manage affiliates under your own banner.
  3. GrooveKart is a powerful eCommerce platform and I got lifetime access to it basically as a bonus. 
  4. I love the GrooveFunnels overall brand message, and their decision to give away free lifetime accounts. 
  5. Mike Filsaime is an experienced programmer and marketer and exactly the kind of person who should be leading an endeavor like this.
  6. The apps Groove is currently developing are likely going to “change the game” when it comes to internet marketing. As a blogger, SEO, and web designer, the idea of getting unlimited websites, hosting, and funnels for life is a massive opportunity.
  7. I’ve been wanting to get into selling digital products for awhile now, but I kept putting off buying the necessary software. Now I have everything I need, and no excuses.

Here’s a bonus: the platinum LTD comes with lifetime access to GrooveKon, the company’s regular epic event. 

I don’t travel much so I’m not sure when I’ll make it to one in person, but I plan to attend digitally.

GrooveFunnels Alternatives – A Look at Other Tools and Software Platforms

If GrooveFunnels doesn’t feel right for you, that’s understandable. In my personal opinion, there are better tools for beginners. If you’re an experienced online marketer, it’s easy enough to navigate around the bugs.

But for people who are just getting started, creating a plan and building their first product funnel is difficult, and if a needed feature doesn’t work, there isn’t much support.

The best alternative to at this time is is a more mature, less buggy funnel builder that also has a “free for life” tier. While Systeme doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as Groove promises to eventually feature, it is currently a more stable product.

Other Alternatives to GrooveFunnels

There are a lot of funnel builders out there, and it’s not always easy to pick the right one. That’s why I put together this article explaining the best funnel builders and their differences. Check it out if you want more information on GrooveFunnels competitors.

Rounding Up My GrooveFunnels Review

If you found this GrooveFunnels review helpful, you may want to consider checking out some of my other articles or my service pages. I’m always happy to hear from my readers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about GrooveFunnels /

  • What is GroovePages?

    Groove Pages is the GrooveFunnels page builder. You can use it to quickly build fast loading and mobile friendly websites and pages.

  • What is GrooveSell?

    Groove Sell is the shopping cart or checkout software used for building funnels with GroovePages. It’s also fully integrated with GrooveAffiliate.

  • What is GrooveAffiliate?

    Groove Affiliate is a separate app which is fully integrated with GrooveSell. It allows you to create resources for joint ventures, recruit affiliates, and track their sales.

  • Does GrooveFunnels Have a Money-Back Guarantee?

    Yes, there’s a thirty day money back guarantee.

  • Is GrooveFunnels valuable for newbies?

    Yes, GrooveFunnels has great value for those new to online business. It’s exactly the kind of deal I wish I had found before I built my first website. Between hosting and a theme/plugins for WordPress, I paid about $400 in order to get started online. Groove’s free lifetime deal allows you to do that without startup fees.

  • What is GrooveMember?

    GrooveMember is a membership website platform that is designed for creating online courses. It has not been released to the public at this time but is expected to be unveiled soon.

  • What is GrooveVideo?

    GrooveVideo is a video hosting and streaming platform which gives Groovesters a better option than YouTube or Vimeo.  It integrates directly with GroovePages and comes with limited free hosting for platinum members (free members must provide their own storage space, but may still use the player).

  • What Does Groove Funnels Integrate With?

    GrooveFunnels integrations include a number of email platforms such as Mailchimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, and others. It also has a powerful native Zapier integration.

  • What is GrooveKart?

    GrooveKart is an ecommerce platform looking to offer direct competition to Shopify. It is available seperately from GrooveFunnels, but if you buy the GF platinum lifetime deal you can get access to a free GrooveKart store.

  • Is GrooveFunnels Legit?

    GrooveFunnels is not just legit, it’s likely going to change the face of digital marketing. No other platform integrates the functionality of Shopify with landing pages, email marketing autoresponders, webinars, and much more. The full GrooveFunnels suite will replace most of the online software most business owners need. 

  • Does GrooveFunnels Work On Mobile?

    Right now in order to use the Groove Apps you need to be on a computer and using Chrome browser. However there is a mobile app in the works which will be available on the app store for Android and Iphone.

  • How Much Does GrooveFunnels Cost?

    GrooveFunnels has a robust free version which you can use to build your online business. There’s also a lifetime platinum deal, and the price is increasing soon!

  • What is Groove Digital?

    Groove Digital Inc is the parent company behind the Groove Funnels, headed by John Cornetta and Mike Filsaime. GrooveFunnels includes GroovePages Pro, GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveMember, GrooveMail, GrooveVideo, GrooveBlog, GrooveDesk, GrooveCalendar, GrooveSurvey, GrooveKart, and recently added a Chatmatic integration.

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