Sqribble Review 2022 – Is this Ebook Software Worth Buying?

Sqribble is an ebook creation tool that makes it easy to create lead magnets and other ebooks. In this Sqribble review, we’ll cover what you get for the front end, each OTO, and what it’s good for. We’ll also explore how you can make money with it!

The main purpose of the Sqribble software is helping entrepreneurs and marketers create high converting books without having any design experience. Sqribble makes this easy for anyone who can point and click with a mouse.

Now let’s get into the meat of this Sqribble review… after all, you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover!

This article contains affiliate links. If you follow them and then make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional expense to you. Thanks for reading!

What is Sqribble?

Sqribble is a cloud-based software that facilitates the creation of ebooks such as lead magnets. Built by Adeel Chowdhry, Sqribble is ideal whether you’re creating a professional ebook for your own purposes or editing 3D covers for clients.

Chowdhry is an experienced product creator, credited with building the popular Pixel Studio FX. While Sqribble’s main offer is a fairly standard ebook creator tool, it’s the upsells and addons that really make it special. Let’s take a look at each of those in turn!

Products that complement Sqribble

If you want to create expert content for your eBooks as fast as possible, I recommend pairing Sqribble with an AI copywriting software. With artificial intelligence tools you can basically get automatic content generation. While some human interaction is required, having a content engine such as Jarvis.ai at your disposal will allow you to focus more time on choosing which of Sqribble’s stunning designs to use on your project.

Alternately, you can always grab some PLR content to serve as the text for your ebook.

sqribble ebook creator

Sqribble front end offer, core features and upsells

Sqribble’s front end product comes with everything you need to create professional ebooks. Some of its best features include:

  • The ability to pull content in from most websites using the URL
  • Automatic table of contents generation
  • Unlimited pages and chapters
  • Simple drag and drop design
  • Automatic pagination
  • 300+ Google fonts
  • Easily alter design and colors
  • Add or delete pages easily
  • 50 ebook templates in 15 difference niches
  • And more!

Now let’s take a look at the upsells and the cool features they include. Upsells are not required to make money with Sqribble, though they do create more ways for you to profit!

##Upsell 1 / OTO 1: Sqribble professional

sqribble pro edition

This upgrade unlocks 150 new professional quality templates, graphics and more content that is ready for use in your niche. With single templates from stock websites costing to $450, that’s a steal! It’s ideal for those who value more content, more variety and people who are heavy users.

Upsell 2 / OTO 2: Sqribble Prime

sqribble prime monthly

Get 15 new limited edition eBook templates for Sqribble every month. These will build up your library over time, making it easy to stand out from the crowd. The pricing works out to less than two dollars per template – much less expensive than buying custom templates or even getting them from stock websites.

Upsell 3 / OTO 3: Sqribble Fantasia 3D

sqribble fantasia 3d

The most exciting features of this product come with the “Fantasia 3D” upgrade. This upsell brings two main components to the table:

  1. You get access to a 3D cover creation tool in your Sqribble dashboard. With this tool you can turn flat, ordinary cover images into modern looking 3D covers. These are perfect for catching a browser’s eye and increasing the book’s perceived value. These can be used in popups on your website or even in ads for the book itself.
  2. You gain the ability to create electronic flipbooks. This converts your ebooks into a simulation of a real book which is more interesting and interactive to read. You can link to these flipbooks from any website, or embed them on standard web pages with a single line of code.

Upsell 4 / OTO 4: Auto Job finder software

sqribble auto job finder

If you want to use Sqribble to create ebooks for clients, the Auto Job Finder software tool is for you. It syndicates relevant jobs from popular freelancing websites and let’s you know when to apply. Ebook creation is a very specific job, and this tool will help you find and land new customers interested in buying your services.

How to use Sqribble – content design tips and tricks

Ebooks are one of the most flexible and popular forms of content that you can create, and Sqribble provides the perfect toolkit to get started! Here are a few tips for getting the most out of this software:

  • Brand your ebooks with your logo and name or name of your company. This will turn every book you produce into an ad for your business!
  • Use the table of contents to make sure your ebook is logical and concise. This will help readers find what they want faster, too!
  • Spread out chapters evenly across pages – this makes it easy for people with shorter attention spans to stay engaged in reading.
  • Keep images simple and high quality. Avoid excessive animation or text on these images so that people don’t get distracted from the main content
sqribble ebook software

Sqribble pricing – how much does it cost?

With prices and coupons constantly changing, it’s hard to pin down the exact price of Sqribble and its upsells at any one time. However, the front end offer can usually be purchased for less than $50. Since you can easily sell a single lead magnet for $100 or more, I consider this a bargain.

Sqribble pros and cons

Most products have some benefits and drawbacks, and Sqribble is no exception. Here are a few pros and cons of the software:


  • Makes compiling content and generating ebooks easy and fast
  • Appealing looking covers
  • Simple drag and drop design interface
  • Professional templates
  • Comes with a commercial license (you can sell your creations)


  • Some of the advanced features locked behind upsells
  • Product not updated as often as it could be

If you can get past the fact that some of the most powerful features are locked behind upsells, you’ll love how easy and fun Sqribble is to use. I recommend it for those who want a quick way to make an ebook without getting bogged down in the design process!

How to get customers and clients with Sqribble

While there are many ways to leverage ebooks to generate more customers and clients, here are two of my favorites:

  1. Offer a free case study or report in ebook form on your website showcasing the results you’ve achieved for other clients in the past. Capture the email of anyone who downloads it and follow up with them offering a discount on the main service featured in the case study!
  2. Feature a library of digital books on your blog and offer an ebook creation service with a discount for first time buyers. You can use private label articles (also called PLR content) to do this quickly.  Make sure you highlight the fact that you can import content from existing sources OR use completely custom content – you can even offer to write the content for them as an upsell. For extra points, implement the flipbook creator to provide a more interactive experience.

How to make sales with the Sqribble affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. In addition to the more obvious methods for making money outlined above, you can also earn through Sqribble’s affiliate program. If someone asks you how you created a book or cover image, tell them and give them your affiliate link! Sqribble’s funnel is extremely high converting, meaning a decent percentage of the traffic you send to your link will buy at least the front end.

Sqribble Bonuses – get something extra for your payment!

Like the well-known internet entrepreneur he is, Adeel Chowdhry has included two great bonuses with this offer. Note: There’s usually a promo code on the sales page, so make sure you look for that too.

Sqribble Bonus #1 – 10x extra templates

bonus sqribble templates

With ten extra ebook templates, you’ll have even more options to choose from when perusing the editing screen.

Sqribble Bonus #2 – eBook profit formula PDF

ebook profits formula

This training document will teach you strategies for making money with the products you create. Even if you’re not an online marketer, you’ll likely be able to follow this step by step guide.

My Conclusion – Why get Sqribble, the ebook and flipbook generating toolkit

Sqribble is a great toolkit for those looking to create ebooks quickly and easily. The software comes with many useful features, like templates, drag-and-drop design interface, and the ability to brand your work in order to generate more leads from each ebook you produce. And since there’s a 30 day money-back guarantee, there’s little to lose in trying it out.

If all of this sounds overwhelming or if you need help figuring out how Sqribble can be used as part of an overall marketing plan that drives sales, let me know! I’d be happy to explain things to you a little further. If you want to get Sqribble, just tap the button below. Be sure to check the sales page for the latest coupon code!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Sqribble

Here are some common questions and answers about Sqribble you may find useful. Thanks for reading!

Who owns Sqribble?

Adeel Chowdhry, the creator, is also the owner of Sqribble. The powerful ebook creation tool has been one of his most popular projects.

Is Sqribble user-friendly?

Yes, the professional ebook templates and drag and drop editor make Sqribble simple to navigate for most users.

Is Sqribble free?

No, Sqribble is not free, it’s a premium product available through Clickbank.

How do I make an eBook for free?

You can easily create an ebook using free software such as Google Docs or Google Slides. Just write and design it as best you can and then export it as a PDF. Note: this is much more time consuming and difficult than using a tool such as Sqribble.

Are there any alternatives to Sqribble?

Popular alternatives to this product include Designrr and Beacon. While those two each bring unique features to the table, Sqribble is probably the most focused on pure ebook creation.

Who is Sqribble for?

Sqribble is ideal for marketers, online entrepreneurs, and anyone else who needs a professional-looking ebook. With the commercial version you can even sell the books you generate.

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