5 JVzoo Top Sellers – Best Products For Affiliate Marketers

JVzoo top sellers have a ton of earning potential – for both vendors and affiliates. If you want to make money on JVzoo, the top selling products I list in this post will be ideal for representation. They’re also all useful in business if you happen to be a digital marketer.

Unlike most “best JVzoo products” articles, I’m not going to focus purely on who made the most sales or the most money. That has very little to do with how good products are, or how easy they are to promote. The digital products I’m recommending here are actually useful and share common features such as a low refund rate and a reputable vendor.

best jvzoo products to sell as affiliate

If you decide to represent any of these products via their JVzoo affiliate program, I hope you’ll use my affiliate link to pick them up first! I will get a commission if you do so and affiliate commissions are basically how I pay to keep this blog running. 

Affiliate Disclosure: If you buy any of these products through my links, I’ll hook you up with my high level affiliate marketing training. I’ve been an online marketer for over two years and a successful affiliate for a number of products, and I can help you find a path that will work for you.

What is a JVzoo Top Seller?

For the purposes of this article “JVzoo top sellers” refers to digital products that sold or are selling well on JVzoo. This is entirely based on my opinion. If you want a literal list of JVzoo’s best selling products, just go to JVzoo.com and sort  their products by most sales or most income. If you’re reading this article, I’m going to assume you’re looking for products that are actually easy to benefit from and promote. That’s what I’m going to give you.

Why Am I Writing This?

Let’s put it this way; finding great products on JVzoo is difficult. There are plenty of solid, good, and decent digital products… but personally, I try to only buy great products for my business. JVzoo features so many product launches that they become overwhelming and confusing if you pay too much attention. If you’re getting started as an affiliate marketer, you’ll do much better to focus on a few tried and tested products such as these.

My List of JVZoo Best Sellers

Here are, in order, my five top JVzoo products for affiliate promotions. They all work well, have a solid affiliate manager, and can make you some serious money if you commit. Some of them even include recurring commissions as part of their sales funnels!

  1. Zapable
  2. PR Rage
  3. ConversioBot
  4. KeySearch
  5. DoodleMaker
    1. BONUS: Avatar Builder

Whether you’re great SEO, have an awesome email list, or you love promoting digital products on Facebook, these affiliate programs will adapt well to almost any traffic source.

Zapable – No-Code Mobile App Builder

Zapable – Instant Mobile App Agency – Zapable - zapable.com

Zapable was an easy choice for the top of this list. Zapable is a simple drag-and-drop interface which allows you to create mobile apps with no coding knowledge whatsoever. They allow you to do things like sell digital or physical products, create loyalty programs, a buyer list or seller list, and drive organic traffic via push notifications.

Unlike some JVzoo offers, every OTO in the Zapable product funnel is worthwhile and tempting. I feel pretty lucky that I happened to be on one of their top affiliates email list, otherwise I never would have heard about Zapable. Buying into this deal is a no brainer for most marketers or anyone who wants their own easy-to-manage app.

Overall Zapable is an awesome evergreen product which is getting more valuable by the day. Want to own viral traffic? Get people to download your app and send them push notifications. There’s more than one way to make a few quick bucks with Zapable, or start an entire online business. And it comes with simple, easy to understand video training. Check it out using my referral links!

PR Rage – Expired Domain Finder For Flipping Domains and Websites

PR Rage 2.0 Special Offer - prrage.com

If you like the idea of “flipping” domains or creating and selling websites on an open marketplace, PR Rage can give you the ability to easily find high value domain names with little investment. 

I love products that have alternate ways for you to earn on top of affiliate commission, and PR Rage is exactly. There are actually a lot of ways to make money with this other than affiliate promos. While you can just buy domains and flip them, my preference is to buy domains, build websites on them, and then sell those websites on Flippa.com.

I’m still working towards my first sale on Flippa, but if I manage to sell even one website (which is likely) I can potentially regain all the money I spent on PR Rage and the half dozen domains I’ve purchased.

ConversioBot – Conversion-Oriented Website Chatbot Platform

conversiobot product mockup

ConversioBot is one of the first digital marketing products I ever bought, and I’ve used it both to earn affiliate commissions and to affiliate sell other products, as well as my own services. While ConversioBot is not as versatile as some chatbot platforms, it is amazing at doing what it’s intended for, which is selling stuff on websites.

If you want the simplest possible chatbot platform with lots of step by step tutorials to follow, ConversioBot is a great choice. Check out my ConversioBot review for more information. The links on my review page go to Clickbank because that’s where I bought ConversioBot, but if you’d prefer to grab it on JVzoo just use this link right here.

Simon, the creator of ConversioBot, is a very experienced marketer and is always sharing new digital affiliate hacks with his email list. 

Keysearch – Keyword Research and SEO Analysis Platform

Keyword Research Tool - SEO Analysis & Difficulty Checker - www.keysearch.co

Keysearch is a bit of a hidden gem – it’s probably the least well known product on this list, and I’m not sure if it’s being promoted by JVzoo top affiliates like most of the others. But it does offer monthly recurring commissions, whereas most of the others are lifetime deals (LTDs) or in Zapable’s case, include a fixed annual commission.

Keysearch is a great “middle of the road” SEO tool. If you’re finding that you’ve outgrown the free tools but you’re not quite ready for the full power (and price) of SEMrush, then Keysearch might be just what you need. It has two very reasonably priced tiers, both of which include keyword research on Google and YouTube, a content assistant, and rank tracking.

DoodleMaker – Whiteboard Doodle Video Software and More

DoodleMaker Launch Discount - doodlemaker.com

DoodleMaker is a doodle video app with a number of potential uses. You can use it to create entire whiteboard-style explainer videos, but the best uses I’ve seen are a bit more creative. Rather than spend hours creating an entire doodle video, consider spending ten to fifteen minutes creating scene transitions that you can reuse in all of your videos.

While DoodleMaker does have a number of cool features, most of the best ones are gated behind the funnel’s various upsells. This is pretty much par for the course with products released by Paul Ponna, who is a top JVzoo merchant and affiliate. For more info read my DoodleMaker review!

Bonus: Avatar Builder

AvatarBuilder 3D Animation Video Maker App - avatarbuilder.com

Avatar Builder is another of Paul Ponna’s video animation software platforms. This one is all about using templates to create animated explainer videos that feature a digital avatar of yourself (or anyone else). While these aren’t my favorite products personally, I can’t deny how popular they are, and I’m in Paul Ponna’s Facebook group and see tons of people posting there about how happy they are with their purchase.

In other words, if you want to pick a product that sells and has a low likelihood of return, you could do a lot worse than a Paul Ponna product on JVzoo.

The Best Things About JVzoo

While there are some roadblocks to avoid when navigating this online marketplace, there are also some big benefits to using this platform as a vendor or affiliate. In terms of affiliates, JVzoo pays out to people all over the world (including some countries which are restricted by Clickbank).

Once you have an established reputation and the right gateway, it’s possible to get nearly instant commissions. There are also many product launches, most of which feature affiliate contests where you can earn some extra cash.

Overall it’s no wonder JVzoo has so many active affiliates. It’s quite possible for a well known marketer to get an affiliate % bump, and even if you’re completely unknown you will likely be able to get approved for some products. This removes a lot of the early friction from affiliate promos and lets you focus on the important things like designing campaigns and collecting your affiliate commission.

How to Get Started Affiliate Marketing On JVzoo

Once you’ve signed up for a JZoo account and confirmed some of your info, you’ll be able to start applying to promote products. If you’re a complete beginner I recommend checking out my affiliate marketing strategy guide. If you’re really struggling to get sales, it can be easier to start with a product that has a free tier such as GrooveFunnels. GrooveFunnels isn’t on JVzoo but has a solid affiliate program of its own.

Learn more in my GrooveFunnels review!

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