ConversioBot Review – 4 Epic Bonuses For Chatbot Users 2022

Chatbots are proven to create conversions, and in this ConversioBot review I’ll show you why Simon Wood’s software provides such massive value.

Whether you have a blog, an ecommerce store, or almost any other kind of website, getting your visitors to interact more is key to turning them into leads or customers.

Note: I am an affiliate marketer and this article does contain affiliate links. If you follow them and then make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional expense to you.

Conversio bot comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can test Conversiobot before finalizing your decision.

What is ConversioBot?

Conversiobot is a simple yet powerful website chatbot platform. It is a cloud based software that can be added to any website or used as a standalone website with any domain. 

ConversioBot chatbots are perfect for medium to large websites that want to increase conversions (whether that be sales, list building, or something else) without increasing the amount of staff hours they put into managing the site.

Is ConversioBot Legit Or a Scam?

ConversioBot is not a scam. It’s a well programmed chatbot platform that helps businesses increase conversions. It is completely legitimate. Sadly some ConversioBot reviews seem to suggest it could be a scam in order to get clicks.

But like anything, the benefits of this website chat bot software depend on your hard work. It also uses AI chat (artificial intelligence) software to make the whole process easier for the end user.

Video Review of ConversioBot on YouTube

What is Being Offered? Initial Offer and Upsells

This product comes with a two-option front end offer and four Conversiobot OTOs (also known as one time offers/upsells). These must be purchased at the same time as the front end offer.

Depending on your needs you may want just the front end, or you may want to add one or more of the one time offers. I’ll provide a brief outline of each offer that makes up this AI chatbot software.

conversiobot product mockup

Front End – ConversioBot Pro Lifetime Deal With Full Commercial License vs ConversioBot Lite

If you want a standalone chatbot on your website, you probably won’t be able to find a better deal than grabbing the front end “pro” offer here. With the commercial tier you get a multi-site license and can build and sell or use for your own purposes as many custom chatbots as you please, at no additional cost.

Although the front end lacks a few bells and whistles, it still comes with all the marketing integrations such as Mailichimp and Aweber that make these bots so useful for email list building.

OTO 1 – Done For You Pro

Buying this one-time-offer will add a growing number of done-for-you chatbot templates to your library of bots. You can simply create a copy of any of them and then modify it to your liking.

This Done For You option makes it incredibly easy to generate different types of chatbots for demonstrations to specific niche businesses. For example if you’d like to focus on selling to automotive retailers, you could grab the “car dealership” template and customize it to your local area.

If you intend to create each custom bot you need from scratch, then you probably don’t need DFY Pro. Personally I’m glad I have it, because even though I like to write my own chatbot scripts, starting with a template is easier and faster than starting from scratch.

Conversiobot done-for-you pro mockup

OTO 2 – Auto Chatbot Builder

This a cool additional feature which will be your best friend if you’d rather not spend a lot of time writing and building out your customized chatbots.

It’s a simple interface which allows you to upload relevant information and implement it into a template with just a few clicks. The generic information from the templates will be replaced with your business or client’s info, and you’ll be ready to start marketing!

auto chatbot builder mockup

OTO 3 – ConversioBot Extreme

This is my favorite part because it adds the most functionality. “Extreme” allows you to add custom branding to your chatbots – meaning you can have a link back to your website (or a client’s site) on any chatbot you build!

It also gives you the ability to create different types of bots, including full page bots and bots that are embedded via iframes. This kind of flexibility is not available in most commercial chatbot options, and can add a unique selling point when presenting them to clients.

If you intend to use your bots as the front end of an email marketing funnel, this upgrade is great because the full page bots are especially effective for converting visitors into leads.

OTO 4 – Agency License

The agency license is just what it sounds like – it gives you the ability to add team members to your account so you can have an employee or a VA handle some of the heavy lifting for you. There’s a ton of bonus features and training though, including a website builder which allows you to create your own agency website!

If you really want to invest in the future of chat marketing and potentially use it to scale your business, this offer makes a lot of sense. For the solo internet marketer or online businesses that aren’t already doing thousands of dollars in sales, this may not be necessary.

conversiobot agency license mockup

ConversioBot Pricing

Some ConversioBot upsells are much more expensive than others, but when you think about the expense the company puts into supporting unlimited chatbots in this lifetime deal, the pricing really makes sense. That’s why I decided to include this information in my review.

Front End Offer: ConversioBot Pro $47-$37

The front end price of ConversioBot Pro is typically $47, but the crew regularly run special deals so if you happen to clickthrough on the right day, you could get a discount! Here’s a hint: if there’s a bot on the page, have a chat with it! It might just give you a coupon.

Personally I recommend getting the multi-site license, it’s great for website owners with a portfolio. Even if you’re a local business, you might want a separate funnel from your website at some point.

Done-For-You Chatbots $297

This Done-For-You upsell has a massive amount of work put into it. It is a large library of both generic and niche-specific chatbot templates which you can easily customize to your liking. This is especially powerful when purchased in combination with the next one, or really any of the others.

Automatic Chatbot Builder $47

This pairs nicely with the previous upsell if you’re looking to avoid spending time building out your own bots. This feature can potentially also save you a lot of time if you’re planning on selling this service to clients.

Extreme $67

The third “extreme” upsell is actually my favorite. This gives you the ability to create chatbots in minutes that appear basically anywhere on a website, or on a website of their own. You can use a normal widget bot, an embedded bot, or even a full page bot!

You can also add custom branding to each chatbot. This means you can put your own branding on a client’s bot and include custom branding as an upsell of your own!

Agency License $287

If you really want to produce and sell chat marketing options at scale, the agency license might be your best friend. This allows you to let employees or VAs access your your account, and also includes a custom website builder for creating your own agency website. The additional training that comes with this module is particularly helpful for getting started selling bots.

What To Consider Before Investing in a Chatbot Software

Chatbots can do a lot to enhance your website, but only if they don’t hurt it. Make sure that your website’s design is suitable to incorporate a chatbot somewhere – it could be in a specific location on one page, or in a generic location on all/multiple pages. Also, check your web host’s policies to ensure that you are permitted to have a bot on your website if you’re buying them for yourself.

Some people worry that chatbots will negatively impact their search engine optimization, but I’ve personally never seen negative results from adding a chatbot to my ranking blog posts. If the chatbot was poorly coded I could se that happening, but Conversio Bots are pretty sleek.

You may also want to consider whether or not you plan to try to sell chatbots to other businesses. In the case of this lifetime offer, you get a commercial license which enables you to do just that and keep all the profits. Writing the scripts for chatbots and building them out can take some time, but if you purchase the done-for-you or autobot builder upsells then you’ll be able to bypass a lot of those difficulties.

My main recommendation is that you take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee – make sure you try installing Conversiobot on a website with a single line of code.

ConversioBot Pros and Cons

In all honesty, there are a LOT more pros than cons with this product. The lifetime deal is a pretty amazing price which is why I purchased both the front end offer AND the 3rd “Extreme” upgrade.


  • The lifetime deal is currently available, but it could be replaced by monthly pricing soon
  • The software is extremely easy to use; everything is simple drag and drop and point and click
  • It comes with over the shoulder training from the creator himself; everything is clearly explained and demonstrated
  • It can integrate with Google Analytics AND Facebook Pixels for easy tracking
  • It provides easy links to your privacy policy, terms of service, and GDPR as necessary
  • The front-end offer comes with a commercial license which allows you to sell chatbots to clients (and charge recurring maintenance fees) at no additional expense
  • The “Extreme” upgrade comes with custom branding and other great features
  • The other upgrades will be helpful for people who don’t want to write/build their own bots
  • The software is lightweight, flexible, and integrates with virtually any kind of website via a short snippet of code you can easily copy and paste
  • It’s easy to install on any website with a single line of code


  • At this time the software does not integrate with Facebook; these bots are limited to website usage (I asked about this and the team said Facebook integration is on their roadmap, but they didn’t provide any further information). 
  • In order to get SSL on a full page bot, you must give your DNS to ConversioBot. I worked around this issue by building a simple one-page website and embedding a bot on it.
  • At this time ConversionBot can only integrate with one account from each marketing software it connects to. So you can have one of each of the compatible email auto responders connected; one mailchimp account, one Aweber account, one Zapier account, and so on. I raised this issue and the team promised they will work on it, but this can make collecting email addresses more difficult.
  • Although the support is excellent and extremely attentive to client needs, they do sometimes take 48+ hours to respond to tickets.
  • The artificial intelligence used in this AI chatbot does not write a script you can copy and paste. If you want an AI copywriter to to help with your script writing, I recommend
conversiobot mobile laptop mockup

ConversioBot Demo and Walkthrough

This is largely unnecessary because product creator Simon Wood has created a number of impressive step-by-step training videos that are included for free with any purchase.

Even so, I wanted to create my own short walkthrough to show you just how nicely laid out and easy this platform is to use.

As you can see, the dashboard is fully responsive and can be accessed on mobile. You might have trouble actually using the builder on a mobile device, but if you ever need to access your account from a phone you can!

The intuitive menu contains links to the training, bot building tools, and account options, while the upgrades are listed (and linked) across the top.

done for you pro screenshot

Here’s a picture of the Done-For-You chatbots page, where there are currently dozens of chatbot templates available.

Upon accessing the ConversioBot chatbot dashboard, I recommend taking quick look through the menus and then starting with whichever training module makes the most sense for you.

When I was getting my account set up I was eager to start building, so I skipped some of the training that felt easy to figure out. You can always do the same, and then circle back if you get lost or need to figure something out.

If you ever get stuck or experience a problem, you can contact the VIP support right through the dashboard.

When you’re finished building (or any time you want to update a live bot with new changes) you can preview it by clicking on preview, and when you’re satisfied, all you have to do is click on launch- it’s that simple!

conversiobot bonuses

ConversioBot Bonuses

There are some great bonuses included with the front end offer; as of right now you get the following automatically added to your account immediately upon purchase:

Bonus 1: Additional Bot Images

The product already comes with a bunch of images you can use as avatars for your chatbots (and you can upload your own!) but the bonus bot images are some of my favorites – in fact, the avatar I used for BreakerBot was one of my bonuses.

Bonus 2: Extra Templates

The front end offer comes with some generic templates to get your started, and the first upsell adds a TON of great templates, but if you buy now you also get some bonus ones added to the front end offer. If you think you’ll need some help getting started on your first bot, this bonus has a ton of value.

Bonus 3: VIP Training

In addition to all the training that teaches you how to script, build, and sell chat marketing services, you’ll also get some VIP webinar trainings that will really set you up for success with both the product and the chat marketing line of business.

My Custom Bonuses

Are the bonuses listed above not enough for you? That’s fine, because I’m offering some epic bonuses myself! Anyone who buys ConversioBot using my link (even just the front end) can choose one from the following three books.

alex tucker 2020 books on shelf

Tier 1: Buy the Front End, Get a Free eBook

I wrote three books in 2020 (pictured above). If you buy the front end offer, I’ll let you pick one to have for free! I’ll also throw in the 100% unique email template which I created and use to reach out to business owners to offer them chatbots. It can be easily modified to suit just about any niche!

Tier 2: Buy One Upsell, Get 3 Free eBooks

If you buy one upsell, in addition to the chatbot selling template I’ll give you all three of the books I wrote last year. That’s a lot of books! And they’ll bring you a lot of value.

Tier 3: Buy The Full Funnel, Free Logo Animation

If you buy the full funnel you’ll get everything above AND a free logo animation. These are professional grade animations that last 5-15 seconds, and they’re perfect for YouTube openers or closers or other promotional content.

Considering most ConversioBot affiliates are giving away cheap PLR ebooks, I think you know whose link is worth buying through! Don’t forget to shoot me an email so I can make sure you get your rewards.

Rounding Up My Review

Overall it’s a mixed bag. Is Conversiobot right for everyone? Definitely not. But it can be effective if you want it for the right reasons.

The truth is, I scoured the internet for similar deals and I wasn’t able to find anything that offers the same features and user friendliness for anywhere close to the same price point. 

If you can think of anything that would improve my review or enhance my blog in any way, please let me know with a comment! I always make an effort to respond within a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Conversiobot

Here are some common questions about Conversiobot and my answers.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! The team at ConversioBot provides a 30 day money back guarantee.

Do I need to know any code for this?

Nope! This chatbot builder is all drag-and-drop and point-and-click. 

Do I need to install anything on my computer?

Nope! This is a cloud based software, meaning it always lives online.

Does it work with any operating system?

Yes! Windows, MAC OS, and your preferred flavor of Linux will all work fine

Is training provided?

Yes! The first offer comes with a full suite of training, and each addon contributes one or several additional learning modules. The main system is a simple drag and drop builder, but it is all explained just in case.

Do chatbots really increase conversions?

Yes! In one study, 3x more people responded to a survey delivered by a chatbot than one delivered by email. However you won’t increase your conversions without a great script. The training videos provide some ideas for this as well as how to use converisobot.

Is there a cheaper version?

Yes! You can get ConversioBot Lite right now for a one time payment of $37. This review focuses on ConversioBot Pro, because of the great value added by the commercial license. Also you might have more trouble converting visitors to leads and making sales without the extra tools.

Does Conversiobot really use artificial intelligence?

Some people see this product listed as an AI chatbot and immediately assume that the artificial intelligence will write the script for them. Sadly, that’s not the case! But the artificial intelligence incorporated in the software does make it easier to work with and by extension, make money.

Can I promote this on social media?

While you can’t install your custom chatbots on social media, you can use social media to drive traffic to your website or funnel and turn visitors into leads. This is ideal for online or local business owners who get traffic but don’t makes as many sales as they think they should.

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