Doodlemaker Review 2022 – Create Doodle Videos That Sell

You may have heard Doodlemaker (or Doodle Maker, as it’s often called) mentioned on social media or among internet marketers. You may have questions about this whiteboard animation software. This review has answers. But first, let me explain why I wrote a Doodlemaker review.

My name is Alex, and I’m a digital and affiliate marketer. In fact…

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Now that’s out of the way, let’s get into it. I bought Doodle Maker some months ago because I was looking for a cost effective way to make videos that don’t show my face quickly. I also wasn’t sure if I wanted to use my own voice, so Doodlemaker’s voice over technology appealed to me.

I ended up shelving that project, but I didn’t stop using the app. Every once in a while I make a quick video, and I’m always impressed by how easy it is.

If you would like to join me as I dive deeper into this whiteboard animation software, keep reading! Or if you’re ready to grab this impressive piece of software, tap the button below.

What is Doodle Maker?

Doodle maker is a cloud-based whiteboard animation software for making doodle videos. Created by Paul Ponna, this JVzoo product has a number of powerful features.

My favorite part about Doodlemaker is the way it can automatically turn text into a video timeline. My least favorite part is that some of the best features are locked behind upsells.


Creating content that converts with Doodlemaker

Whiteboard videos can be a game changer for your business. By using doodle animations, you can create videos that are highly engaging and stick in peoples’ minds. Whiteboard videos also work well in a range of niches because they can be used to illustrate so much.

If you think your business would benefit from whiteboard style videos but you’re not tech savvy and/or don’t have a lot of time, Doodle Maker could be a great investment.

Doodle Maker Review – Is it Right For Your Online Business?

There are a few easy ways to know if Doodlemaker would be a wise choice for your particular business. Try asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you currently creating videos for marketing or sales purposes?
  2. If yes, are you satisfied with the quality and results of these videos?
  3. If not, do you think you would benefit from implementing some video content?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you should be able to tell whether or not Doodlemaker is worth your time. I know it seems simple, but it can help more than you think!

What are Glassboard, Blackboard, and Whiteboard Videos For?

These types of doodle videos can be used a number of ways when running a business:

  • To enliven or create transitions for other videos (such as live action)
  • To explain the details of your products or services
  • To enhance sales videos
  • To change up your normal video content
  • To create YouTube videos that don’t show your face or voice
  • And more!

In other words, doodle animations can be highly versatile. If you want to use them for one of the purposes above, Doodle Maker will get the job done!

Doodle Maker Benefits – Save Time With Artificial Intelligence

The primary benefits of Doodle Maker are that it’s easy and quick to use and not very expensive. But let’s dig a little deeper:

Create Unlimited Video Renders

Even if you just buy the front end product, you can still create an unlimited number of doodle videos.

You Don’t Have to Use Your Voice Or Show Your Face

Many people dream of making it big on YouTube, but don’t want to show their face or use their own voice. ​Doodle Maker comes with AI generated voice overs built right in so you don’t have to use your voice unless you want to.

Professional Training Provided

DOODLE MAKER training videos

Even though this software is quite easy to use, there is extensive training built into the dashboard. With over a dozen videos showing you how to do just about everything, you won’t feel lost or like you’re wasting time figuring things out.

DoodleMaker Pros and Cons

Like with most products, Doodle Maker has some pros and cons. Let’s take a quick look at what they are!


  • Creates Unlimited Videos
  • You don’t have to show your face
  • Pro Training Provided
  • Simple and fast to use
  • Lots of built in assets and the ability to add your own
  • Cloud-based (nothing to download on your computer)
  • Lots of templates to get you started


  • Some good features require upsells
  • The built in “drawing” animation is a bit awkward (but you can make custom paths to correct this)
  • Only make horizontal videos (not vertical or square)
  • Making really great videos requires some extra time and care

In my opinion the pros really outweigh the cons, but of course it depends on your unique needs and desires.

Doodlemaker Price and Funnel Pricing Structure

As mentioned above, some of Doodlemaker’s coolest features are locked behind upsells. However, the core product is still quite useful.

Front End Offer – Doodlemaker Enterprise License

DoodleMaker enterprise license

The main product is called Doodlemaker Enterprise. It includes:

  • Unlimited renders (make as many videos as you want!)
  • Paul Ponna’s artificial intelligence text-to-video software
  • 100+ ready-made templates
  • Image background removal tool
  • A.I. voiceovers
  • Whiteboard, glassboard, and blackboard animations
  • Use of 5 million royalty-free images
  • Access to a copyright-free music library
  • Step-by-step training
  • Export in 720P or 1080P HD
  • Video length of up to 15 minutes
  • Commercial license (sell videos to clients!)
  • Client acquisition training

At the time of this publication, the price of DoodleMaker Enterprise is $67.

There are a lot of different ways you can use these features, but now let’s take a look at the upsells / OTOs.

DoodleMaker Whitelabel

DoodleMaker Whitelabel Upgrade

This is a cool upsell, but of course it won’t be for everyone. With Doodle Maker Whitelabel you get the ability to resell the software and rebrand it as your own. Of course this only makes sense if you are interested in reselling software.

There are two tiers to Doodlemaker Whitelabel; Agency and Enterprise. Agency comes with 50 sub-accounts to resell and some done-for-you reseller resources. Enterprise comes with everything in agency, 500 sub-accounts, and a free website with unlimited hosting.

DoodleMaker Deluxe

DoodleMaker Deluxe Upgrade

Doodle Maker Deluxe adds some really cutting edge features, making this my favorite OTO. Basically, deluxe is like enterprise on steroids. It comes with a bunch of extra templates and characters, and a higher quality and variety of AI voiceovers.

Deluxe members also get priority when it comes to video rendering and support – in other words, Doodlemaker Deluxe will save you even more time than Enterprise.

Toon Video App

Toon Video Maker Upsell

This is a separate product which (I’m not sure why) they decided to include as a Doodlemaker upsell. With this you can make toon videos similar to Toonly or Create Studio.

If you want to be able to create different types of videos beyond doodle animations, you might consider grabbing the toon videos upgrade.

Client Engine

DoodleMaker Client Engine OTO

The client engine is also technically a separate product, but clearly designed to be used in combination with Doodlemaker. It scours some of the top freelance websites and job boards and aggregates results in one easy to use dashboard.

If you plan to use Doodlemaker to create videos for clients, the client engine could definitely be a good choice.

Doodle Maker Review – Is it the Best Doodle Maker Software?

Doodlemaker is a video software that allows you to create whiteboard videos or doodle animations in minutes without the need for any voiceover. It comes with A.I generated voiceovers and offers extensive training.

The only real downside is that some of the best features are locked behind upsells like DoodleMaker Whitelabel Agency which includes 50 sub-accounts, done-for-you reseller resources, and access to a free website with unlimited hosting.

The main product is called Doodlemaker Enterprise and it has an affordable price tag while providing professional training and plenty of templates to work from.

If all this sounds good so far you might also want to consider upgrading your account by purchasing Doodle Maker Deluxe because it adds even more high quality graphics not available in the

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Doodlemaker

Here are some common questions people tend to ask about this software.

Which is better Doodly or doodle maker?

I actually own Doodly as well as Doodlemaker. While Doodly has a slightly more robust drawing experience, it lacks a lot of the convenient features built into Doodlemaker and is more expensive.

How much does doodle maker cost

The front end of Doodlemaker currently costs $67. See the pricing section above for more details!

What is the best doodle software?

This depends on what you are looking for. If you want to be able to create doodle videos quickly without the need for any voiceover, Doodlemaker is a great option.

Who created Doodle Maker?

Paul Ponna is the creator of Doodlemaker. Paul is a top JVzoo vendor and affiliate and is known for releasing some of the most popular and long standing products on the JVzoo marketplace.

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