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ClosersCopy has been among my favorite copywriting tools for awhile now, so this ClosersCopy review needed to happen. This article will be a brief tutorial for Closers Copy, as well as a walk through its features, benefits, pricing, and use cases. The ClosersCopy lifetime deal has ended, but you can still get it at a reasonable monthly price. Unlike so many other marketing tools, ClosersCopy will almost always pay for itself many times over.

Let me ask you this; how much do you know about copywriting? Even if you’re an expert copywriter, how much of an advantage would it give you to draw on the wisdom of dozens of high-level writers every time you start typing? That’s the power of ClosersCopy. It harnesses the experience of veteran copywriters and the speed and agility of artificial intelligence to create copy quickly and effectively.

What is ClosersCopy?

I first bought this copywriting software some time ago. Back then it was just a word processor and a repository of copywriting that you could copy and paste into your document and use for inspiration. I thought that was really cool, so I grabbed the lifetime deal back then. But since then it’s turned into a many-faceted and powerful tool.

Who is Closers Copy For?

This copywriting tool is designed to assist anyone that needs to produce great copy. While it is simple and intuitive enough for any business owner to use, it’s powerful and complex enough to make professional copywriters like myself adore it. Basically ClosersCopy is for anyone who recognizes copywriting as one of the main driving sales forces.

ClosersCopy Features and Tools

ClosersCopy has a number of uses, with multiple tools all built into the word processor dashboard. It can do everything from give you a solid foundation to build on to analyze the emotional content of your writing to actually write copy and generate ideas FOR you. Its various artificial intelligence (AI) tools include a fairly unique long-form composer and the ability to highlight text and have the AI rewrite it.

ClosersCopy text editor word processor

ClosersCopy A.I. Editor

The ClosersCopy AI editor is certainly one of its most discussed features. In addition to literally writing copy for you (currently as much as 5000 characters at a time), artificial intelligence can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to brainstorming. 

Drag & Drop Copy Builder

The intuitive copy builder is the only really special feature that ClosersCopy possessed when I first bought it, and that’s what made me decide to grab it. When you’re getting started on a new project, rather than searching for the perfect opening line you can drag and drop a proven piece of high-performing copy in from the template library, make a few changes, and suddenly you’ll have a solid framework.

Template Library

The variety of templates that you get access to with ClosersCopy is something that sets it aside from any other copywriting software. Whether you need a sales letter, a social media ad, or just something to kickstart your writing process, you’ll likely find a great place to start with the library of templates. Even if you feel like you’re not a good fit for writing copy, you’ll be impressed by what you can produce with the right help.

Guidance and Advice

It might seem odd to expect a piece of software to give you writing advice, but Closers Copy has the wisdom of many copywriting enthusiasts built into its structure. If you’re not a professional copywriter, you may want to start by clicking the “101” tab in the document editor. This will open a series of short but potent lessons that teach valuable copywriting skills. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro, this section can be valuable for your copywriting journey.

Power Word Lookup (1000+)

If you write for a living, you’ve probably studied power words at some point, even if it’s just by way of pulling up a list of them to reference once in a while. With ClosersCopy, that feature is built in. With a couple of clicks you can produce a searchable list of power words to consider for use in your content.

Copy Analysis Tools

At the time I’m writing this, ClosersCopy has several tools for analyzing different aspects of your writing. This includes an emotional tone scoring tool, a keyword density finder, a spam analyzer, voice analysis, and sentence analysis. These are all really useful in the right situation, and save you having to copy and paste your article into a different software.

Thesaurus Lookup

With a couple of clicks from the word processor dashboard, you can call up a thesaurus search that will give you a list of synonyms and antonyms for the keyword you enter. People who use a similar feature in Google Docs will be happy with this, and anyone who is used to switching tabs to do thesaurus lookups will find this a big time-saver.

Downloads, Teams, and Updates

In addition to everything mentioned above, you can download PDF or DOCX versions of your writing and look forward to regular updates. If you’re on the “unlimited” tier, you’ll also be able to add team members to your account to benefit from this software even more.

Closerscopy plans and features

ClosersCopy Pricing – How Much Does It Cost?

ClosersCopy has three pricing tiers on their monthly subscription, providing flexible costs to suit any copywriting business. 


Price: $29.99 per month or $251.92 per year (save approximately $9/month when paying annually)

Features: On the starter tier you get access to all of the core copywriting features. The only real limitations on this plan are the lack of the teams feature and monthly limit of 50,000 characters of AI generated content.

ClosersCopy monthly pricing


Price $49.99 per month or $419.92 per year (save approximately $15/month annually)

Features: Professional is the same as starter except that it has 4x the AI credits, giving you 400,000 characters per month of generated content. 

ClosersCopy annual pricing


Price: $79.99 per month or $671.92 per year (save approximately $25/month annually)

Features: Unlimited unlocks the teams feature in this amazing copywriting software. It also gives you unlimited AI credits, so AI copywriting enthusiasts will find this especially handy.

How to Use ClosersCopy Effectively – Quick Tutorial

My workflow in ClosersCopy depends on exactly what I’m writing. If I’m just creating a quick email, I usually start with something from the template library and modify it as necessary using a combination of the AI tools and my own. If I’m describing a product or creating a headline, I’ll look at the library for inspiration and then combine AI generated ideas with my own flair. If I’m creating SEO content to rank on Google, I’ll create the document in ClosersCopy initially and then move it to something like where I can optimize the keyword content more easily.

One of the things I love about ClosersCopy is the way it strips any weird formatting from text you copy and paste into the word processor. Whether you’re writing an email or a Google-optimized piece of content that requires links and multiple headline alternatives, you can be sure this product will make your life as a copywriter easier.

If you like using conventional copywriting tools like pen and paper, these advanced copywriting features will only enhance your current workflow.

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