14 Best Home Business Ideas for Canadians

If conventional employment doesn’t agree with you, you may want to consider starting a business from home. Here are fourteen of the best home business ideas for Canadians in 2020. Why I Started a Small Business From Home There are many reasons why conventional employment can be unappealing. In my case, I have a number […]

3 Marketing Tips for Facebook to Bring Your Blog Traffic

You probably already have a Facebook business page for marketing your blog, but here are three tips for getting more traffic which you may not know. Despite its massive popularity, Facebook remains one of the most underutilized free tools on the average blogger’s belt. That’s because even the best Facebook marketing trainings often leave out […]

Boxing Day Best Deals for Business Owners 2019

2019 is coming to a close, and it’s the time of year when I like to look at what remains in my budget and spend it on a boxing day deal that will enhance my business. There are a number of contenders I’m considering this year, but there’s also a number of great deals which […]

5 Marketing Trends to Help You Grow in 2020

If you’re a business owner or a blogger, it’s important to adapt to the latest marketing trends in order to keep growing your audience and engagement.  Imagine being alive back when the telephone became a commonplace item in the average household. Imagine how the world of marketing must have shifted in the years that followed, […]

4 Reasons to Hire a Writer in 2020

Starting a business can be scary, but growing one is often even more intimidating because you have to hire people to work for you. If you’re not an especially strong writer yourself, then hiring a writer early on in your expansion can be extremely beneficial. Why You Should Hire a Writer In most cases, hiring […]

4 Reasons All Bloggers Need a YouTube Channel

Video killed other types of content, and they failed to resurrect. If you’re serious about content marketing and your main vehicle is your blog, getting a YouTube channel is like adding an extra gear.  According to Renderforest.com, 71% of business owners believe video content caused users to spend more time on their websites in 2019, and […]

3 Web Hosts Worth Trusting in 2020

Recently I’ve been fairly vocal about the fact that having your own website or blog is a good idea for any writer or business owner. I also don’t try to conceal the fact that I think a self-hosted WordPress website is the best option in many cases. But even if you agree with me, that […]

How to Make an Ebook with 3 Free Tools

Need an ebook to use as a lead magnet for collecting emails? Here’s how to make one for free. If you’re a blogger or an online business owner, you’ve probably heard the news; building an email list is important. I may have understated that. It’s very important! Now that we’ve covered how crucial it is to […]