Best Lifetime Deals – What to Buy in 2021

Lifetime deals are a great way to save money in the long run. When I started my marketing and writing business in March 2019, I didn’t have any capital or resources. Because of that, and maybe because of my natural thriftiness, I immediately gravitated toward any lifetime deal I found being advertised across the internet.

Here’s a look at the best lifetime deals of 2021!

This article contains affiliate links. If you follow them and then make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional expense to you. Thanks for reading!

Are Lifetime Deals Worth It?

As long as the product is legitimate and the company cares about its longevity, they are usually worth it. I’ve invested a lot of money into LTDs in the past couple years, and very little of it has felt wasted. On the occasions that I did feel like I made a poor purchase, I was almost always able to get my money back with a simple email. 

That’s one of the great things about buying software and online tools in general – it’s easy for merchants to create return policies and have rights reserved that give you a chance to try before you commit to the buy. Most lifetime deal web sites provide competitive guarantees in order to ensure repeat business. If you want to get the latest in web, social media, and search engine optimization for your website, LTDs are the way to go.

What Are the Best Lifetime Deals of 2021?

This is of course largely opinion based, but below I’ve placed (in no particular order) the best lifetime deals of the year. Some of them are ongoing, others are ending soon or at an unknown date. In other words, if you see something you want, do some research on it and then grab it if it still looks appealing!

Independent Lifetime Deals

Groovefunnels + Groovesell may be the end of your search for an amazing suite of website software which is said to overpower WordPress in several ways. The crazy thing about this lifetime deal is it’s FREE. You get lifetime access to Groovefunnels (a page/funnel builder) and Groovesell (a shopping cart system) for free just by signing up for an account. Click here to read my full GrooveFunnels review.

ConvertBox is my most recommended popup builder I’ve ever used. I’m really looking forward to writing a full review when I’ve used this product a little longer. Read my full ConvertBox Review!

Designrr is one of my favorite tools . It creates beautiful ebooks (PDFs and other versions) out of any document you feed into it, be it a .docx file or a blog URL. Grab the lifetime deal today!

Divi is one of my favorite WordPress themes, and the theme that helped me fall in love with building websites in the first place. Buy Divi’s lifetime deal is ongoing.

Divi Life is my favorite suite of Divi-specific plugins, layouts, and child themes. They have great lifetime bargains available on many products, and regularly offer special sales, so I recommend hopping on their email list.

pCloud is a leader among cloud backup providers. They have a killer lifetime discount on for multiple different sizes of plans right now, so you should definitely tap that link and take a look at their latest price.

Clickbank Lifetime Deals

ConversioBot – Conversion oriented chatbot tool specifically designed for use on websites. (Read my ConversioBot Review here!)

Viddyoze – Super popular video creation and editing program. Check out my Viddyoze Review!

JVZoo Lifetime Deal

5CloudHost – The most cost effective web hosting I’ve ever found. (Read my 5CloudHost Review here! Note: This is a 5-year hosting deal, not quite lifetime but I decided to include it.)

Appsumo Life Time Deals

Appsumo lifetime subscription deals are among the best on the web. They offer a range of WordPress, social media, SAAS, and other tools to help you make money online. Check out the their website to learn about upcoming Appsumo deals!

Entrepreneur Lifetime Deals

The Entrepreneur Store is one page among many that feature the same type of deal. You can usually find all the same sales from the Entrepreneur Store at the StackSocial store, and a few others run by the same network. They offer a variety of lifetime software deals, but also sell physical goods such as electronics. They have  great prices and regular sales, so overall the Entrepreneur Store is a good way to find lots of deals in one place.

ByPeople Lifetime VIP Package

ByPeople  is another lifetime/launch deal website, but they also offer their own VIP package which includes lifetime access to a massive library of new and old assets you can search through and use.  While some of their offerings are free to download, they have commercial rights reserved for their paying customers. I recommend grabbing the lifetime deal on their VIP package, and paying attention to other lifetime offers that come up.

Best Dealfuel Lifetime Deal

Dealfuel is another lifetime provider, and they have new deals on their website all the time. From social media to the latest in web page design and search engine optimization.

Note: You can get some cool freebies in exchange for your email if you search through Dealfuel, but make sure you check any rights reserved on them.

Know Any New Lifetime Products?

The idea of getting a lifetime of access to a product for a fraction of its normal annual or monthly price is just too good to pass up, and that’s kind of the point. The whole reason that companies do lifetime launches is to build their customer base and brand awareness. It’s a lot easier to market a business if you have an email list with 10,000 people on it, and one way of getting there is selling a great lifetime product at a reduced rate.

When a lifetime deal (LTD) becomes available for a product I want or need, I always make sure to grab it. Although you do risk the fact that the company could go under, in most cases you’ll profit by buying a tool today, even if you don’t use it for two years. In two years time (hopefully) the tool will be more advanced, and it will be yours forever free of charge when compared to its expensive competitors.

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