ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal 2022 – Type Less, Write More

Most writers spend too much time writing content for websites, blogs, social media platforms, and more. Many don’t make enough money doing it.

No matter how hard they work, some writers waste their time creating content that does not lead to business growth. This is because they spend hours typing, wasting energy they could focus on crafting conversion-optimized copy that will get results for them or their clients.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best tool for creating conversion copy that sells without spending hours mashing a keyboard.

As an experienced copywriter and content writer, I know quite a bit about accomplishing these feats, and my #1 recommended tool is the ClosersCopy lifetime deal.

This article contains affiliate links. If you follow them and then make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional expense to you. Thanks for reading!

What is the Closerscopy Lifetime Deal?

ClosersCopy’s lifetime deal (LTD) is the best deal currently available on AI copywriting software. While there are many LTDs on AI writing tools available on platforms like Appsumo, all of them pale compared to the massive value provided by ClosersCopy.

ClosersCopy – The Most Cohesive AI Copywriting Software

Here are just a few factors that make Closers Copy the best choice when choosing an AI writer lifetime deal:

  • It comes with a genuinely unlimited lifetime deal (most provide a limited number of monthly credits for lifetime)
  • It features a broader range of powerful tools than any other AI writing software, with one or two possible exceptions that do not offer LTDs
  • It can be used to write anything from blog posts to social media posts and more, but also to automate brainstorming and analytical processes such as creating a customer avatar or SWOT analysis

Whether you’re looking for the best AI copywriting tool, or you’re looking for the best VALUE tool, ClosersCopy is currently winning the race in my educated opinion.

How do I know? Well, I’ve been using 12+ AI writing tools for over a year. Because I create so much content related to AI tools on my YouTube channel, product creators often reach out asking me to promote their offers.

While I don’t promote every tool offered to me, I test almost all of them. And after using many extensively, ClosersCopy is my favorite for many reasons. Let’s take a close look at some of those reasons right now.


Main Benefits of ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy’s benefits are easy to see once you get comfortable working with it. It does have a strong learning curve, but it is well worth investing the time required to become proficient. Once you know how to use ClosersCopy properly, you can achieve great feats of writing faster than ever before.

Massive Community Framework Library

Most AI writing tools brag about having anywhere from 20-60 AI writing templates. ClosersCopy currently features hundreds of templates, which are called frameworks inside ClosersCopy. Most of these custom AI frameworks are created and maintained by skilled community members.

Constant Updates Headed “to the moon!”

ClosersCopy creator Nico Engler is well-known for teasing new powerful features and releasing them while his competitors are far behind.

ClosersCopy was the first tool to introduce custom frameworks/templates and community template sharing. It’s also one of the only tools available that offers templates and a proper long-form writing tool.

Writes About Anything (No Content Restrictions)

Almost all of the AI content creation tools you’ll hear about run on the GPT-3 neural network created by OpenAI. While GPT-3 is extremely powerful, it has several limitations:

  • It only has knowledge up until the end of 2019 (for example, it doesn’t know what COVID is)
  • It cannot write about anything deemed “unsafe” for the community, which includes most adult related topics
  • It means that the company providing the software is entirely dependent on OpenAI for their technology

While you could debate whether using GPT-3 or other artificial intelligence is best, the limitations listed above are deal breakers for many writers.


My Experience Using ClosersCopy

I purchased the ClosersCopy unlimited lifetime deal over a year ago before it included any AI tools. Back then, it was just an online word processor with a bunch of copy templates and swipe files built into it. Even then, the LTD was well worth the price.

But with all of the advancements, improvements, and new features, it’s easy for me to consider ClosersCopy the best software investment I ever made. I have earned many times the current LTD price via my own content creation and writing for clients, and I’m just getting started.

Please note that this is my completely honest opinion. Most bloggers promote other tools before ClosersCopy because they stand to earn better commissions. But I would prefer to connect you with the best tool possible, so I recommend ClosersCopy.

Why Should You Listen to Me? I’m an AI Writing Expert

I am a ClosersCopy expert and a well-known content creator who regularly uses this software. But I’m not just an expert in ClosersCopy – I also hold certifications on two other popular AI writing platforms. 

Unlike most affiliate marketers who promote these tools, I’ve put in the time required to get to know more than one of them. Based on that, I believe ClosersCopy is the best.

ClosersCopy Alternatives – Direct Comparison to the Competition

Out of all the 12+ AI writing software platforms I’ve tested, there are only two that are worth referring to as ClosersCopy alternatives. They are known as and

Jasper AI – Best For Beginners and Scaling Content Production

Jasper (formerly is the best-known AI writing tool for a reason. It uses GPT-3, but it has many advantages over other GPT-3 tools because it was one of the first to market. It is also one of the only tools that includes inline commands, a very popular feature.

Because of their free trial and excellent onboarding, Jasper AI is usually the first tool I recommend to beginner writers and those uncertain if AI tools are for them. But for more advanced writers and software users, I think ClosersCopy is the more versatile option.

If you’re looking to test the waters of AI copywriting, you can sign up for a free trial here. – Best For SEO Content Writing, Research, and Optimization

Choosing between Frase and ClosersCopy is extremely difficult. They both use their own in-house AI, they both have template builders and longform tools, and they both include a range of other features.

But when I directly compare their features and benefits, I’m left with a clear conclusion: Frase is better for SEO research and optimization. On the other hand, ClosersCopy has an edge in the actual writing process. This is why I often use the two tools simultaneously.

All Major ClosersCopy Features Explained

ClosersCopy homepage

This will be a brief overview of all current ClosersCopy features. For a more detailed explanation, check the official website.


Compete allows you to quickly read, assess, and analyze articles currently ranking for a given search term. You can also analyze and pull data from a specific URL. This is one of the most underutilized parts of ClosersCopy.


Longform is the most straightforward writing tool on ClosersCopy’s belt. With a mouse click or simple keyword command, the AI will write additional content based on the existing text currently in the document. Longform can be used to write anything and is great for expanding on existing ideas.


ClosersCopy’s custom frameworks are AI templates that allow you to “train” the artificial intelligence to write in your voice and style. In my opinion, this is the most powerful feature any AI writing tool can offer. It just so happens that ClosersCopy does it better than the few others that offer similar features.


Workflows are groupings of frameworks that can be used together, often in a specific sequence. For example, my most popular group of frameworks is my blog post workflow. Many users have reported that it helps them write high-level blog posts in half the time or less.


The insights tool can delve into everything from the structure of your writing to its emotional content, keyword density, and likelihood of being seen as spam by modern email filters.


ClosersCopy’s libraries give you access to your account backups, saved writing templates, a thesaurus, and lists of power words. This is almost like an extra service built into the dashboard and handy for certain tasks.


The downloads tab allows users to download their documents in three formats; Docx, PDF, and HTML. 


ClosersCopy is integrated with Google’s translation API and works in 120+ languages as a result.

Conclusion: What Makes ClosersCopy the Best Copywriting Software?

ClosersCopy‘s many features and benefits make it look impressive. Even so, the best thing about this product is its creator’s commitment to excellence and its caring community. And remember:

  • You can get lifetime access to the unlimited plan (until the LTD ends)
  • There are custom frameworks for writing sales letters, Facebook ads, email campaigns, and more
  • You can get expert advice from the community any time you need it
  • You don’t need to be a professional copywriter to benefit from this tool (but copywriters love it)

In my opinion, this LTD would still be worth its cost if all you got access to was the AI template library. With everything else that ClosersCopy brings to the table, this LTD is a no-brainer for anyone who needs to produce copy regularly.

Grab ClosersCopy today – either a month-to-month plan or the LTD – and you’ll benefit from the 30-day money-back guarantee. There are a variety of payment options, and step one is following this link.

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