Work With Sebastian Review 2021 – Next Level Business Training

The Work With Sebastian program (previously known as Partner With Sebastian) is an online business and affiliate marketing training / bootcamp. Please note that I’m no longer able to promote this program because Sebastian decided to remove it from his available products.

I am an affiliate marketer and this review contains affiliate links to programs and resources I think you may find useful. If you follow them and then make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

What is the Work With Sebastian Gomez Program?

Work With Sebastian is Sebastian Gomez’s main online business training program. It currently only costs $9 per month, but in full disclosure it is also just the beginning of Sebastian’s funnel. Ultimately his goal is to give his students the training and experience they need to ultimately upgrade to his core mastermind group. The core group is only available to WWS members and is currently limited to 100 active members in total.

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Who is Sebastian Gomez?

He is a digital marketer who resides in Costa Rica. He’s an expert in the fields of affiliate marketing, ecommerce, sales funnels, and Facebook marketing. The course features advanced Facebook ads training, as well as organic marketing methods, both of which can be used to generate high ticket commissions. 

While the main focus of the course is on Sebastian’s own affiliate marketing programs and other lucrative ones such as ClickFunnels, the techniques he teaches can equally be used for e commerce marketing, local business marketing, or anything else you can sell or promote online.

Boot Camp Training

Unlike most online business classes that focus on the glamour of making money, this program is quite wholesome. It starts out with video training focused on mindset and business strategy, before getting into organic marketing, advertising, and more. The classes are released module by module, one unlocking each day. This makes it easy to consume with only 20-60 minutes dedicated daily for a few weeks.

The course is not about consumption though; Sebastian’s boot camp training encourages taking action starting with organic traffic campaigns and moving on to paid.

Facebook Strategies For All Types of People

If you have money to invest and prefer the automation of Facebook ads, you’ll learn everything you need to know. Likewise, if you prefer organic marketing, this program teaches some incredibly effective affiliate marketing strategies and tactics.

Unlike many “mentors” who will teach their “students” to send raw traffic to their offers, Sebastian actually cares about the success of his customers. His teachings always talk about gathering leads, interacting with potential clients FIRST before sending them to his high ticket offers. This way you build your own business, email list, and experience while still earning affiliate commissions from the program.

Basically, if you want to build an online business, this course can teach you how to get started and then how to grow.

Creating Opportunities For Entrepreneurs

Although the course does focus heavily on affiliate marketing, the instructor stresses the fact that the strategies can be used to market almost anything. For example, I know people with eCommerce stores who use very similar methods to sell their products. Facebook organic marketing is really just about being in the right place at the right time and supplying the answers people are looking for.

Another advantage of WWS is that it comes with free training you can give to your leads, making it much easier to turn them into customers.

Accessing the WWS Affiliate Dashboard

Once you are set up as a WWS student, you can register as an affiliate as well and get your links. Note that the affiliate area is on a separate subdomain which has a separate login. After you’ve started promoting your links you can come back to this dashboard in order to check how many clicks each link received and whether or not they resulted in conversions.

This educational business course is suitable for many different types of people. Whether you need more leads, clients, or sales, the instructors have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

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