Alex Tucker Podcast 004: On Digital Business With Angelo Sorbello

Four episodes, and going strong. On a completely self-centered note, I think this is my best episode yet in terms of editing. I’m really getting the hang of the software I’m using… but that’s not why you’re here!

Feast your ears on episode 004: On Digital Business With Angelo Sorbello.

Angelo is an entrepreneur who got started doing business online at age 13. You’ll learn more about that in the podcast, I don’t want to spoil his interesting story, so I’ll let you listen for yourself.

I first met Angelo when he reached out to me after reading an article I published on Medium. He asked me to guest post on his blog AstroGrowth, a website which he later sold on for a healthy price.

Recently I’ve noticed that Angelo and I have a couple of SEO communities in common, and he’s a really valuable member of those groups. Between his experience and passion, I expect his new SEO business LinkDelta to be a significant success.

Follow the link above if you want to get in touch with Angelo or learn more about his current projects!

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