Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Guide and Best Programs 2024

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest-growing methods for making money online. It doesn’t take long to learn how to use this platform, and there are many different ways that you can make a living from the traffic you generate.

The last few years have seen an explosion in affiliate marketing opportunities, with sites like Amazon providing thousands of options for affiliates to promote. This can be an excellent opportunity to generate income if you find a reliable way to generate high-quality traffic.

That’s where Pinterest comes in.

The number of people using affiliate marketing continues to grow each year, and the opportunities continue to come up in different industries such as fashion, health & beauty, finance, and education.

This article provides you with a guide on how Pinterest works for beginners to earn money online quickly without having any previous experience or knowledge about the platform.

This article contains affiliate links. If you follow them and then make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional expense to you. Thanks for reading!

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets users create collections of images and videos called pins. Pins are made by members of the website and can be saved or clicked on by other users. The more followers a user has, the higher their visibility on Pinterest becomes.

Wondering if Pinterest is worth it? For most affiliate marketing niches, Pinterest is a great choice. In fact, there are over 200 billion pins saved on Pinterest!

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work On Pinterest?

As of 2018, Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms. Since 2017, approximately 62 million people in the United States alone use this website. It is a platform where users can share and discover content that matters to them.

One of the best ways to make money on Pinterest is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting someone else’s products or services and then getting a commission for each sale that comes through your affiliate links.

When you create a pin on Pinterest, you can add a link to it. The link can go directly to the affiliate offer, or you can send it to a page on your website or a blog post such as a squeeze page, review page, or bonus page.

Best Pinterest marketing tools for affiliates

If you want to make money doing anything online, using the right tools can make a huge difference. You don’t need a lot when it comes to Pinterest, but here are some options that can make the process faster and easier.

  • SocialBee: SocialBee is a social media management software that integrates directly with Pinterest and most other social platforms. It can be used to quickly schedule unlimited pins in advance, making your life much easier.
  • GetResponse: GetResponse is an affiliate-friendly email marketing platform that you can use to build a list of contacts so you can reach out to them all at the same time with additional offers.
  • Rebrandly: Rebrandly is a link shortening and management platform that makes it easy to track your links and keep them all in one place.
  • Jasper is an AI writing software that makes writing engaging pin descriptions and headlines as easy as clicking a button.
  • Simplified is another AI writing tool that also includes its own design editor for making visuals.
  • WriterZen: Part of Pinterest marketing is keyword research (discussed in detail later), and WriterZen is my tool of choice for finding keywords.

Even using one or two of the tools listed above will be enough to seriously supercharge your Pinterest marketing efforts.

pinterest marketing for beginners

What are the best practices for Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

Pinterest is a social media platform where people share ideas and inspiration. From fashion to food to DIY projects – you can find examples of content in most niches on this platform.

Becoming a successful affiliate marketer is not easy, but here are some best practices that will help you get started:

  • If you send traffic to your blog or website, make sure it has a good conversion rate. Otherwise, you might be better off linking directly to the offer.
  • Re-pin content that has high engagement with your audience so you can increase the chances of it being seen by others who share your interests
  • Publish fresh, original pins every day so that your followers and viewers will always have something interesting to look at and a reason to follow your links

You should always link to a high-quality offer relevant to the pin. If possible, provide some value, such as an article, free ebook, or video.

What are the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Pinterest?

If you don’t pick the right affiliate program, you’ll be unlikely to make much money. There are many affiliate programs you can join, including entire affiliate platforms dedicated to connecting vendors and brands with marketers and promoters. These include:

And many more. The best affiliate programs will depend on what you want to promote. For example, Share-A-Sale offers a range of different products and services you can promote as an affiliate. WarriorPlus on the other hand is mainly focused on internet marketing / make money online products.

The last few years have seen an explosion in affiliate marketing opportunities. This includes sites like Amazon, which provide thousands of brands from which affiliates can generate income.

how to make money on pinterest

How to Use Pinterest Successfully

Pinterest offers an excellent opportunity for affiliate marketers. You can find many people interested in your products or services with the right strategies. Let’s break down some of the key activities you need to know how to do on Pinterest.

How to optimize your profile

To optimize your Pinterest profile, make sure to add a profile picture, your bio, and a link to your best online property. If you’re using a website, make sure to verify it with Pinterest so that you can set up proper click tracking.

Enable rich pins

If you want to maximize your pin’s potential, enable rich pins. To activate rich pins, click on the “Pins” tab in your account settings and select “enable rich pins.”

Keywords on your profile

The keywords that you use for your profile are critical on Pinterest. These words will help people find your account, and they’ll also show up in the search engine results when someone searches for a topic related to your account.

Do not delete your boards

As you might have guessed, the boards are central to Pinterest. They’re what shows up on your home screen, and they’re where all of your content lives. If you delete a board, you’ll lose everything on it.

What is the best way to research keywords for your affiliate pins?

To find relevant keywords for your pins, you can use a tool like WriterZen, or a free resource such as AnswerSocrates. These tools will help you find relevant keywords based on the topics you input and (in the case of WriterZen) will even tell you how much each keyword is worth on a per-click basis.

How to find keywords for your product or service

When it comes to choosing keywords for your affiliate pins, there are a few different factors you should consider. The first is the number of searches that come up in Google each month. The more searches that come up for a particular keyword, the better.

Another thing to consider is search intent. Transactional keywords will be the most likely to bring you buyer traffic, so focusing on them is often wise.

How to target the best suggested keywords

One thing you will notice as you start doing keyword research is that there are a lot of keywords out there! It’s easy to suffer from paralysis by analysis, so the best plan is to focus on the highest value informational and transactional keywords.

An informational keyword usually explains how to do something (for example, “how to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest”). A transactional keyword usually has a clear buying intent (for example, “best Pinterest marketing software”).

The first example I provided is clearly about how to do something. In contrast, the second is a search that would only be used by people thinking about buying Pinterest marketing software.

How to write an effective SEO pin description

Once you have your keywords researched, it’s time to use them in your pins. Designing click-worthy visuals is the most significant factor, but writing engaging and search-optimized captions is also critical.

An effective pin description should get the reader’s attention, tell them exactly what to expect if they click your link, and then provide a CTA (call to action) to get them to click.

how to use pinterest for business

Conclusion: My Final Thoughts on Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Pinterest is an excellent platform for acquiring traffic and exposing your brand or offers to a broader audience. It takes some learning (like anything), but the time is well spent. If you follow the steps outlined in this guide, you should be able to find success on Pinterest!

One of the factors I failed to mention above is consistency. If you publish fresh pins every day, you will be more likely to succeed than someone who only posts once a week.

I hope this post has helped you learn about the best ways to leverage Pinterest for affiliate marketing success. To recap, make sure your pins are engaging and optimized with keywords that people will be looking for. If you want more information on how to grow your blog’s SEO or market it online, check out my other articles!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

How much do Pinterest influencers make?

Influencer earnings always vary wildly depending on the niche they’re in and how engaged their audience is. You can have 10,000+ followers and still not get any clicks, so focus on engagement!

How do beginners make money on Pinterest?

Beginners can make money from Pinterest in a couple of ways. If you don’t have your own product or service, you can still promote affiliate offers on Pinterest. If you do have your own product or service to sell, then you can also drive traffic to those offers.

How do I start affiliate marketing with Pinterest?

Sign up for a business account and optimize it based on the instructions in this post. Then, publish beautiful pins on a consistent basis with search-optimized captions.

Can you do Amazon affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

One good way to promote Amazon products on Pinterest is by showing videos or images of someone using the products. This way, your audience will witness the benefits and be more likely to buy using your link.

How can I make money on Pinterest without a blog?

You can link directly to affiliate offers or use a free landing page builder such as to create bridge pages or opt-in pages where you can drive traffic.

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