On Digital Marketing With The Mess Express

Mess aka The Mess Express is a digital marketer and content creator I met via a common community on Twitch. In episode 3 of the Alex Tucker Podcast she shared a ton of insight with me around the world of digital marketing and what the future holds for our industry.

When Mess isn’t at work she’s often streaming on Twitch or creating content for her growing YouTube channel. A day in Mess’s professional life involves different activities depending on which cycle or “event period” her team is in. Some of these include:

  • Assembling and customizing ads and ad creatives
  • Observing and analyzing ad progress over time
  • Tracking billing and ad platform/partner relationships
  • Mess enjoys working with different partners and learning from their tactics

The Mess Express Marketing Tactics For Twitch

Mess has not been streaming for very long but she got affiliated on Twitch almost immediately and already has a significant and growing following. She recognizes the following tactics as helping create her early success:

  • Prior to starting to stream she became a prominent member of an active Twitch community in a friend’s stream
  • Before starting to stream she learned best practices from other streamers and built many relationships, creating a “mini following” before doing regular livestreams herself
  • When setting up her first stream, she told all her friends and created interest in her “launch” 
  • Mess realized early on that her early viewers would start to drop off, but she managed to maintain a greater rate of acquiring new viewers to continue growing
  • Early on she focused on picking games that have large communities but few streamers/creators playing them. This gave her a higher chance of attracting new viewers, allowing her to continue growing over time
  • Whenever she is playing a game for the first time or doing something special, Mess makes it clear in her title and stream tags, attracting viewers who seek vicarious experiences

A lot of this advice can be transferred to YouTube and other platforms for creators like myself and Millionaire Mum.

Other Passions / What’s Next For The Mess Express

Mess is planning to start social coaching, possibly on YouTube and privately online. She enjoys analyzing human behavior and helping others interpret and deal with social awkwardness, and looks forward to using her existing skills and experiences to build this new venture.

Digital Marketing Trends For 2021 and Beyond

One of the last things I discussed with Miss Messy Expressy is the future of digital marketing and what marketers like ourselves can do to prepare for it. Here’s what we covered:

  • Mess noted that due to quarantine people are no longer experiencing as much outdoor advertising/marketing such as signs, billboards, and so on
  • Video consumption has skyrocketed, as has co-viewing, Mess expects these trends to continue in coming years
  • Advertisers like co-viewing because people talk about ads and get involved in the conversation the marketers start
  • Live streaming and e-sports will continue to grow, as will companies providing the necessary technology
  • Conclusion: marketers (especially anyone new to digital marketing) should invest in video based skills

This is not exactly new information as many marketers have been talking about the importance of video for some time now, but The Mess Express went deep into the topic even in the brief time I allowed her. One thing we didn’t touch on which I think is an important advancement is the use of interactive images and videos, especially for ads and ecommerce.

I feel really fortunate to have stolen some of Mess’ time and am really hopeful she’ll return for future episodes. Check her out on her channels (links below) and let her know you heard her speak on Alex Tucker’s podcast!

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