On Affiliate Marketing with Millionaire Mum

I heard somewhere that a massive percentage of podcasts don’t make it past their 2nd episode. This is episode 2 of my podcast, and I promise there will be more.

Up until the past week I was absolutely swamped with client work, and I wanted to save my conversation with Millionaire Mum until I could give it the focus it deserves. Sophie Byde aka “Millionaire Mum” joined me from her home in Switzerland to discuss our mutual passion for online business, specifically affiliate marketing.

Who is Millionaire Mum?

Sophie Byde, the Millionaire Mum

Sophie Byde is a dedicated mother, affiliate marketer and content creator. Without giving away too much of the episode, I can tell you she focuses on Facebook and YouTube marketing and gets great results from her live and pre-recorded videos.

What We Chatted About

This ended up being a much less tactical episode than the first. When I met electronically with Charles Tumiotto Jackson we got into a lot of our experiences and opinions about what works on social media and Medium.com. In this episode with Sophie, we focused more on the “why” of affiliate marketing than the “how”.

It turns out that Sophie and I got into marketing for similar reasons. We both needed a work-from-home solution that would allow us to maintain or increase our income to better support our families and achieve our goals. We also both see content creation as our main vehicle for helping our audiences evolve.

Where to Find Millionaire Mum

You can check out Millionaire Mum on YouTube by following that link! If you want to get in touch with her you can find her contact information via her channel. Sophie is incredibly kind, friendly, and helpful, so give her videos a look! If you want to get started making money online, there’s bound to be something relevant for you on her channel.

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