Commission Hotshot Review 2022 With 3 Valuable Bonuses

Writing a 100% honest Commission Hotshot review took effort, because I didn’t want to give away any of Art Flair’s tricks while explaining what the course is all about. I’m not exactly a beginner when it comes to YouTube marketing, which is what Commission Hotshot focuses on, so I feel qualified to write a fair review about the course.

In the remainder of this post, I’ll explain everything you need to know about Commission Hotshot in order to make an informed decision around buying it. At the end of the review I’ll make a few suggestions for courses and products that can complement this class or take its place, depending on what’s best for you and your budget.

Note: This article contains affiliate links. If you follow them an then make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

My Commission Hotshot Review on YouTube

TL;DR: Overall I don’t really recommend this product. If you’re looking for a course to teach you how to start a business and make money online, I recommend the One Funnel Away Challenge. Follow this link to learn more and check out my One Funnel Away Bonuses.

This 7 minute video takes a quick look at the sales page and members area for this product.

commission hotshot downloads

Want to learn more affiliate marketing strategies? Follow that link to my full strategy guide.

What is Commission Hotshot

Commission Hotshot is an online course and software combination. It teaches how to make money with affiliate marketing on YouTube. It also includes several case studies as a bonus, and the creator Art Flair added a webinar bonus shortly following launch. There are a lot of Commission Hotshot reviews out there, but mine is honest and I actually bought and used the product.

If you’re thinking about trying to make money on YouTube, I strongly recommend getting a free VidIQ account. It’s a browser extension that makes optimizing your YouTube videos way easier.

Is Commission Hotshot a Scam

No, Commission Hotshot is not a scam. It’s a legitimate online course and software focused on YouTube affiliate marketing. The instructor is Art Flair, an experienced affiliate marketer and product creator. Quite aside from the fact that Art shows some of his earning figures as proof during the course, as someone with nearly a year of experience in YouTube marketing I feel comfortable saying he knows what he’s talking about.

What is being offered? Front End and Upsells / OTOs

Commission Hotshot’s main offering on the front end is a choice between Commission Hotshot Lite and Commission Hotshot Pro. The Lite version is just the video training, and does not include the software. There are then a number of upsells, downsells, and all-around sells. To be honest, looking at Art’s funnel for this product was a bit like navigating a spiderweb.

That said, there are probably some good done-for-you options or training upgrades in there somewhere. I was just confident I only wanted the front end product, so that’s what I got.

Commission Hotshot Pricing

Commission Hotshot Pro and Lite are both really reasonably priced on the front end. I’m not too sure about the prices of the upsells and downsells, you’ll have to navigate those to the best of your own judgment. Since I didn’t purchase them, I can’t speak to their effectiveness, but I do believe in Art Flair’s skill and talent as a marketer.

Commission Hotshot Lite

Front End Price: $9.97

This includes a multi-lesson course on video marketing specifically for YouTube affiliate marketing. Art also explains the basics of how to set up and use a blog and the Warrior Plus platform.

Commission Hotshot Pro

Front End Price: $12.77

The pro version is the light version with some extra bonuses as well as two unique pieces of software Art created to speed up and partially automate the YouTube marketing process. The first software analyzes a channel’s position in the rankings while the other generates descriptions for videos to save you precious typing time.

Commission Hotshot OTOs, Upsells and Downsells

There are a number of upsells/OTOs with attached downsells which you may be interested in. They include training and software upgrades which may be ideal for you depending on what you’re hoping to learn and accomplish. For more information refer to the sales page!

commission hotshot upsells

What to Consider Before Investing in Commission Hotshot

If you’re going to buy Commission Hotshot, you’re probably someone who is trying to get started with affiliate marketing, YouTube marketing, or both. That’s a perfect match! Commission Hotshot is an excellent beginner level YouTube marketing course, with some extra modules that will introduce you to the world of affiliate marketing and blogging.

However, I should warn you that not all of Art’s advice is perfect. He actually makes a few recommendations that I would personally advise against. It’s possible I’m wrong, it’s possible he’s wrong, but my advice would be this; if you buy the course, listen to everything he says but use your own judgment before following each piece of advice. This is generally good advice in internet marketing because no one knows everything, and the way things work is apt to change.

Commission Hotshot Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of Commission Hotshot are pretty easy to see once you get inside the dashboard, but I’ll outline them for you here without giving away too many of Team Blackbelt’s secrets.


  • Fairly thorough introduction to affiliate marketing and using YouTube for traffic and to make money
  • In depth case studies to explain the goal of the program and help motivate you
  • Software to help speed up and automate parts of the YouTube marketing process
  • Options to upgrade to receive other software and courses from Art and his team (Team Black Belt).


  • Design of the member’s area and user experience when working through the videos could use some improvement
  • No way to mark which videos have been watched/completed
  • The software must be downloaded and installed and may not work on all operating systems – a cloud based software would be preferable

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Commission Hotshot teach me to make money online?

A: That’s always a tricky question, but this course will teach you a set of skills which can be used to make money in affiliate marketing. However you should expect to need to continue learning on your own, and hard work is a part of the process.

Q:  How long does it take to get through the video training?

A: It depends on how much reviewing you do, but it only took me 3-6 hours over the course of several days to absorb all of the information Art presented, and even put some of it into practice.

Q: Is Commission Hotshot a good deal?

A: In all honesty, I don’t know of a cheaper YouTube marketing course that covers all of the basics this well. You could easily pay  $200+ for the information which Art is selling for less than $15.

Q: Is the software safe to download?

A: Yes, I downloaded the software and scanned it for viruses, and didn’t have any problems.

Q: Who created Commission Hotshot?

A: Art Flair, an experienced affiliate marketer and product vendor. He is a member of Team Black Belt.

Commission Hotshot Demo and Walkthrough

Commission Hotshot doesn’t require a whole lot of a demo, because the training is all on one page and the software comes with very clear instructions. However I wanted to show everyone that it does in fact work and give you a sneak peek at some of the functionality.

Without giving too much away, this is what you see when you initially login to the Commission Hotshot member’s area. This is actually my favorite part of the member’s area because it is well laid out and the welcome video is quite helpful. 

commission hotshot review

Above you can see images of the training and software links Art provides for his students. As I said, the top is the best part of the training area, because after this it just becomes a long scroll. That is not such an important feature though, what matters to me is that the training is solid.

Here is a quick look at some of the rest of the Commission Hotshot training area. Like I mentioned previously, there are plenty of the videos as well as case studies and some other supplementary materials including a PDF cheat sheet of Art’s own course notes. 

commission hotshot demo

Commission Hotshot Bonuses

Commission Hotshot comes with a number of case studies as bonuses, results from the workings of Art and the other members of Team Black Belt. For more information on these bonuses, visit the sales page.

But Art isn’t the only one offering a bonus! If you buy Commission Hotshot using my link, I’ll throw in the following bonuses myself. They’ll be available through your Warrior Plus dashboard immediately following the purchase.

Custom Bonuses For Readers of My Commission Hotshot Review

Commission Hotshot is a great course (and the software complements the training well), but it is missing a few things. I designed these bonuses specifically to benefit anyone who goes through Art’s training. If you purchase Commission Hotshot (any version, with or without OTOs) you’ll receive the following two PDFs from me as bonuses. They will be automatically available inside your Warrior Plus member’s area upon purchase!

Commission Hotshot Bonus #1: My YouTube SEO Checklist

This is the checklist that I personally follow every time I create and upload a video to YouTube. It saves me time and effort and ensures that almost every video I put on the internet gets at least some organic traffic (even for more competitive keywords). Having this checklist will really enhance your workflow and help you implement the Commission Hotshot training at scale.

Commission Hotshot Bonus #2: Guide to Scripting Effective Product Reviews

Although I’ve only written a few product reviews on this blog, I’ve been writing all kinds of copy and content professionally for the past six years. This document is my guide on how to write an effective product review. Although it is intended for creating YouTube scripts, you could just as easily use it as a starting point for blog/article reviews.

commission hotshot bonuses

Rounding Up My Commission Hotshot Review

Commission Hotshot was a great product for me to buy as my introduction to Warrior Plus. It actually teaches how to use Warrior Plus and YouTube to make money for free, which is something I’m just starting to do so the timing was perfect. If you want to learn to make money via affiliate marketing using free traffic from YouTube, buying Art’s course and software suite could be a great decision for you.

Products That Are Complementary and Similar to Commission Hotshot

VidIQ – VidIQ is the tool I personally use for optimizing my YouTube content, and it’s probably my highest recommendation for a YouTube marketing software. The free version is incredibly helpful, and the paid versions you can upgrade to optionally are even more powerful. You can sign up for VidIQ for free right now by clicking here

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