3 Modern Marketing Quotations From Casual Interviews

This past week I was fortunate enough to catch some of Rich Schefren’s epic marketing event, the Coalition to Save Internet Business. I only managed to watch about the first three hours after the kickoff, but I recognized a bunch of big names and faces from the internet marketing community, and got to listen to some really amazing conversations.

What Was The Coalition to Save Internet Business?

From what I gathered this was a mastermind and mixer combined with a live event. When I initially tuned in Rich (the host) was casually conversing with expert social media marketer and Facebook advertiser Curt Maly. I recognized Curt immediately from his free training, and also recognized the advice he was giving away, which mostly had to do with using videos to create initial engagement in ad funnels.

After the conversation with Maly, the camera followed Rich through a crowd of happily chatting (and drinking) folks to a glass-walled room where they were set up for the interviews.

The Guests

I really regret not being able to watch the entire 24-hour event, because I know I missed a lot of amazing insight from the likes of Neil Patel, but the content I did catch was well worth my time.

The first interviewee was serial entrepreneur and author of “Ready, Fire, Aim” Michael Masterson. Unless I’m remembering wrong, I believe Rich said the two have known each other for some time and that he looks to Masterson as a mentor. He certainly isn’t the only one – I’ve heard many well known marketers reference Masterson’s teachings from his famous book.

Schefren and Masterson discussed key strategies such as targeting results, telling stories, and providing new experiences to one’s audience. Sadly I didn’t get any quotations down from Masterson, but Rich did say something that stuck with me so strongly I had to write it down.

rich schefren quote

“We walk around thinking consciousness is the oval office when it’s really the press office.” 

-Rich Schefren

I can’t recall the exact context, but they were discussing something related to understanding the unconscious mind’s role in buyer decisions.

The next guest was Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels, a high level marketer with massive energy and creativity. They talked about the importance of authenticity in marketing, which I believe was a topic carried over from Masterson’s interview. Brunson dropped a number of potent quotables, including at one point stating that he needed to “kill some babies” (don’t worry! He was talking about his endless supply of funnel ideas). He also pointed out that the most successful marketers today aren’t promoting products so much as they are creating movements.

But the Brunson quotation that stuck with me the most linked back to the authenticity discussion. I think this is incredibly true, and the anecdote Brunson shared to accompany it drove the point home.

russell brunson quote pin

“Your customers are on your side, so long as you’re not trying to hide stuff from them.” 

-Russell Brunson

The final guest whose interview I watched in entirety was Dean Graziosi. I recognized Dean from some of his Facebook and YouTube ads, but didn’t know as much about him as the previous two guests. He was quick to command authority by explaining how important a strong mindset is in marketing, elaborating to include the fact that he thinks stamina will be one of the most important traits for marketers in 2020 and beyond.

The quote I caught from Graziosi was one of my favorites of the night. If memory serves he was talking about copywriting and how he gets to know his audience intimately when he concluded with the following:

dean graziosi quote

“I live inside people’s fears and desires.”

-Dean Graziosi

What I Missed

I missed out on a ton at this event – the next guests up were Neil Patel and Todd Herman, and I know there were many, many more skilled individuals and teams lined up for the rest of the night and the next day.

Sadly, stamina is not my strong suit, and I went to sleep. But I think I can boil the three quotes I listed above into solid principles for marketers in 2020:

Get to know your audience intimately.

Be honest with them.

Speak to their needs, desires, passions, and pains.

This might seem a little basic, but I think that’s kind of the point. These marketers didn’t reach their respective levels of success by doing things entirely different from their peers… in most cases, they likely achieved their ends by doing the same types of things, but showing up with more determination and consistency.

That’s the main lesson I’m going to take away from the wisdom they shared. I’m going to focus on staying true to the sound strategies I know will work, and contributing more value, rather than chasing the latest trends. This is difficult for me, because I have a crow’s passion for shiny objects. But somehow seeing folks at the top of my field articulate these facts in a more casual setting really hit home.

Final Thoughts

I really love the internet. Obviously it has its evil side… but just yesterday I was able to set a friend up with everything she needed to get started as a graphic designer FOR FREE because the internet is awesome. And a couple nights before that, I got to watch this amazing event put together by Rich Shefren, and I think I learned more from those few hours of viewing than I would from most hundred-dollar courses.

With consistency and stamina being so important, choosing where I dedicate my energy is necessary… but I’m glad I took the time to write this out and share these thoughts with you. If you want to learn more, I suggest looking up the marketers I named on social media! They all have an active active presence SOMEWHERE on the web, and you’ll learn lots from your investigation.

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