How to Improve Focus – Embrace these 8 Healthy Habits

After suffering a traumatic brain injury in my mid-twenties I learned how to improve focus out of necessity. I can still remember (if vaguely) how easy it was for me to concentrate for long periods of time before my brain injury. I could sit down at my computer and “zone out” on a project, emerging […]

SocialBee Review – Best Social Media Marketing Tool 2020

I’ve been looking forward to writing my SocialBee review ever since I started using this awesome social media marketing tool. SocialBee helped me grow my Twitter following from 16 to almost 200 in less than two months, and it keeps me active and enjoying myself across the various social media platforms I use as a digital marketer. […]

5 Tips to Marketing for Health and Wellness Businesses

You might think marketing for health and wellness related businesses would be easy; after all, most people make their wellness a priority, right? Hmm… Although the health and wellness industry has grown significantly in the past couple years, that growth means that there is more competition and that potential customers and clients will be better educated with […]

Managing Mental Health as a Marketer

Whether you’re an employee or a business owner/freelancer such as myself, managing mental health in the workplace is gravely important. Whether you’re keeping it together at your desk or worrying your way through a client meeting, working as a marketer/writer makes you somewhat reliant on your emotions. They drive empathy and creativity, at least when […]

How to Boost a Post on Facebook 2020

Wondering how to boost a post on Facebook, or whether boosting posts is worth it at all? This post discusses those questions and provides a quick tutorial on how to boost your Facebook posts. Boost Post vs Facebook Ads As anyone campaigning against boosted posts will be quick to tell you, Facebook ads are definitely […]

How to Write Faster: 3 Techniques for Speed Writing

Whether you’re a business owner, a blogger, or a freelance writer, understanding how to write faster without sacrificing quality will free up more of your time for other important activities such as marketing.  Many aspiring and professional writers struggle with the challenge of creating enough output. It can be hard to find time to set aside for writing, […]

5 Questions to Consider About Your Small Business Web Design

Wondering where to begin with your small business web design? Here are five questions you can ask yourself that will help you get started! Let me preface this post by saying that I dislike the term “small business”. I don’t think any entrepreneur should think of themself as a “small business owner”, because that almost […]

Get to Sleep: A Reformed Insomniac’s Guide to a Good Night’s Rest

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, everyone needs a good night’s rest. What follows is this reformed insomniac’s best tips, tricks, and hacks for attacking your days feeling as well rested as possible. The Importance of Sleep By this point in time, the fact that getting a good night’s rest is critical for overall […]