7 Best SEO Affiliate Programs to Rank and Make Money 2024

If you’re looking to make money online with SEO, you’ve probably heard about affiliate marketing. But you may be wondering which SEO affiliate programs are the best.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the highest ROI activities for businesses of all sizes. But there are multiple ways to make money from SEO. One of the often-overlooked ones is affiliate blogging.

This article will share the best SEO affiliate programs that will help you rank better and make more money as a blogger.

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This article contains affiliate links. If you follow them and then make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional expense to you. Thanks for reading!

The Best SEO Affiliate Programs of 2022 as Selected by an SEO Expert

As an SEO affiliate marketer, I’ve got a lot of experience with both the top-ranked programs on this list and other SEO affiliate programs. SEO tools affiliate programs are some of my favorite to promote because they’re so “sticky”.

A sticky software is one which an online business is unlikely to stop using once they start.

When it comes to creating content optimized for search engines, most people that need it need it consistently. Whether you run an affiliate site or work with SEO agencies, the SEO niche is full of businesses that can bring you consistent affiliate sales.

One thing that’s unique about this article (and my blog) is the fact that I’m not dependent on affiliate income. While I do have affiliate links in this article and promote more than one affiliate program, I also provide a range of writing services to a variety of clients.

Now that that’s out of the way let’s dive into the best Search Engine Optimization affiliate programs.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO homepage

Surfer SEO is one of the most popular SEO tools right now, which is only one of the reasons it’s on this list. It’s an extremely sticky product, and some agencies have accounts that cost them hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month.

Since Surfer’s affiliate program pays out 30% of all referred payments in commissions, you can easily make a lot of money if you sign up the right people. The program also has a two-tier structure, meaning that if you sign up other affiliates, you get a percentage of whatever they earn too.

What does Surfer SEO do?

Surfer is primarily for on-page optimization. It will help you research topics and determine how competitive they are, write better outlines, and optimize your content on a keyword by keyword basis.

I’ve seen some prominent SEO influencers claim that Surfer is completely integral to their process and that making even a few changes based on its recommendations can result in rankings gains.

I haven’t used Surfer extensively enough to confirm that. Still, I will say it has definitely helped me bump up my rankings for a number of articles.

With everything from keyword recommendations to AI-written outlines, Surfer SEO is a powerful and sticky service that is 100% worth promoting as an affiliate.

If you’re new to Surfer, you can sign up for an account here.

Want to head straight for the affiliate program? You can create your free affiliate account by following this link.


Jasper (Formerly Jarvis)

Jasper.ai (formerly called Conversion.ai and Jarvis.ai) is arguably the best AI blog writing tool on the market, and it’s a competitive market.

Harnessing the power of GPT-3 natural language processing, Jasper can help you write content at breakneck speeds. Jasper even integrates with Surfer SEO so that you can optimize your text as you craft it.

Jasper is probably the stickiest of all the affiliate programs I promote. 30+ customers have signed up for Jasper using my link in the past six months, and I don’t think more than a few have canceled. This proves both the value the product provides and why it’s worth promoting.

What does Jasper AI do?

Jasper.ai is great for writing everything from ad copy to blog posts. For example, here are a few of the things it can help you with:

  • Write more compelling headlines
  • Write more persuasive body copy
  • Help you brainstorm topics to write about
  • Help you think of relevant subtopics
  • Answer questions for social media and blog sections

Jasper AI is a powerful tool that many SEOs swear by. I’d encourage you to sign up for a free trial of Jasper and see for yourself.

The Authority Site System by Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker homepage

The Authority Site System (fondly called TASS by its members) is one of the best SEO courses available today. It is specifically geared towards affiliate blogging. I know three people who are currently working through TASS for the first time, and all of them are loving it and finding massive value in its step-by-step process.

TASS is Authority Hacker’s beginner-level course. It teaches everything you need to know for affiliate blogging success in an easy-to-follow, over-the-shoulder manner. In fact, TASS features 100+ in-depth screen recording tutorials.

What does The Authority Site System do?

The Authority Site System teaches newer SEOs and bloggers how to get more traffic and make more money. They also have a more advanced course called Authority Hacker Pro that is designed to help people who are already making money with SEO take their blogs to the next level.

The best part about TASS is that it is aptly named. It is a repeatable SYSTEM that almost anyone can learn to follow if they study and implement the instructions. The Authority Site System Facebook group is frequently filled with posts from happy members sharing their success stories.

Want to join the ranks of bloggers making a living from behind their computers? Then follow this link to watch Authority Hacker’s free webinar.

Note: It may be challenging to get into Authority Hacker’s affiliate program if you’ve never taken the course and don’t have an existing audience with an interest in SEO. But if you buy the course and start implementing it, you’ll most likely have no problem joining up.


Writerzen homepage

WriterZen is a powerful hybrid tool that facilitates keyword research, topic research, and search-optimized writing. With WriterZen, you can find the most relevant keywords and load them into a word processor that will recommend the best uses for them, all from a single intuitive dashboard.

Unlike most other content optimization tools, WriterZen includes robust keyword research, which is the primary purpose I use it for. I have also used its word processor for keyword optimization a few times. Still, in general, I prefer Surfer SEO or Frase for those purposes.

WriterZen’s affiliate program is easy to join and manage because it’s all set up through ShareASale. Click here to learn more about WriterZen.


Frase AI copy generator

Frase.io is a popular tool for helping you write better content. You can use it to help you with content ideas, topic research, and even to automate drafting outlines.

Quite possibly the best all-in-one SEO tool on the market, Frase can help with everything from the initial topic and keyword research to writing and optimizing the content with AI.

Frase’s affiliate program is a solid choice because they don’t offer a free trial. This means that anyone who signs up to try the software has to take out their credit card, and you start receiving commissions.

What does Frase.io do?

While Frase serves many functions, I find it’s best for writing and optimizing blog posts FAST. I even have a video on my YouTube channel where I write 1200 words in less than 10 minutes with Frase using my own custom AI templates.

While most SEO professionals would argue that Surfer SEO and Jasper.ai are more powerful than Frase in combination, Frase is much more cost-effective than investing in both of those leading tools. If your budget is limited, but you still need to rank, Frase is usually my top recommendation.

Ready to take Frase for a spin? You can sign up for a $1 seven-day trial right here.


Semrush - Online Marketing Can Be Easy

SEMrush is one of the most prominent players in the search engine optimization and content marketing space. They provide tons of helpful information like backlink profiles, competitor analysis, rankings, traffic stats, and lots more.

SEMrush is great for finding new topics to write about and has an industry-leading keyword research tool. The platform is very user-friendly and offers many features.

 What does SEMrush do?

It would be easier to talk about what SEMrush doesn’t do, but here’s a list of some of their best features:

  • Backlink analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Content recommendations
  • Content marketplace
  • Social analysis

The list could go on for a very long time. If you’re interested in learning more, I recommend you check out SEMrush right now.

SEO Reseller

SEOReseller, the White Label SEO Company

Do you ever wish to make money selling SEO services without fulfilling them yourself? If that describes you, then look no further than SEO Reseller.

SEO Reseller is a one-stop shop that lets you resell other SEO and marketing services while keeping your markup. With fulfillment taken care of, you can focus on sales.

While this can be a great way to make money with drop servicing, SEO reseller also has an affiliate program that allows you to promote it to other resellers.

What does SEO Reseller do?

SEO Reseller has a solid list of services that you can buy from their custom dashboard and use to fulfill your clients’ needs. While the focus is on SEO, they also include web design and other marketing services.

You can sign up for a free SEO Reseller account here to see if it feels like a good fit for either your clients or your audience.

Why should you join an SEO affiliate program?

If you have an audience or a lot of connections that do SEO, generating passive income can be as simple as sharing an affiliate link with them. Most of the tools on this list have amazing conversion rates and pay a healthy affiliate commission. 

Most of them also include recurring monthly lifetime commission, which is pretty much the gold standard among affiliate marketers. And since they tend to use powerful affiliate software such as FirstPromoter, you don’t have to worry about short cookie life.

How to Make Money With SEO Tools and Their Affiliate Programs

There are many strategies you can use to get started with these programs. Some of them require you to build a website or blog first, others will work just fine with a Facebook page.

Regardless of how you decide to start, there are two things you should know:

First, most of these programs offer recurring commissions, so you’ll always earn money even when you aren’t actively promoting the product. This means that you won’t need to spend any upfront costs to generate passive income.

Second, you can quickly scale your business by signing up additional affiliates. You can find thousands of people who want to sell products online, so why not tap into that market?

I’ve listed several of my favorite SEO affiliate programs above, but there are hundreds of similar ones available. If you’d like to learn more about them, I hope you’ll use my affiliate links to access the affiliate programs.

The Best SEO Affiliate Programs For Making Money

SEO is an important part of every website, and it’s no secret that Google has made changes to its algorithm over the years. This means that it’s harder than ever to rank high in search results.

However, there are also more opportunities to make money online with SEO as the number of websites increases. The key is finding the right programs. If you sign up for the programs I recommend on this list, you’ll have taken a step closer to low-effort monthly revenue.

Ready to get started? Pick two or three of the programs that sound best and sign up for them. I would appreciate it if you use my affiliate links to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common affiliate marketing and SEO-related questions and my answers.

What is an SEO affiliate program?

SEO affiliate programs are designed to bring more customers to specific SEO software via affiliate marketing. Most SEO affiliate programs have fairly high commissions (20% or more), and many of them also have recurring monthly commissions, which means you keep getting paid as long as your referrals remain customers.

Which is the best affiliate program?

For me, the best SEO affiliate programs have been Surfer SEO and Jasper.ai. These easy-to-use software platforms provide a ton of value, even to beginners. That’s why they are what I consider “sticky services,” meaning that once someone starts paying for them, they’re unlikely to stop anytime soon.

Which is the highest-paying affiliate program?

The highest-paying program depends on what each customer that you refer signs up for. But all other things being equal, the three highest paying programs listed above are probably Surfer SEO, Jasper, and SEMrush. These can be especially lucrative if you sign up an agency that needs an enterprise account.

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