Writing Battle – The Online Writing Contest With Max Bjork

There are many different ways to make money online, whether you’re a creative or analytical thinker. This podcast is all about how Max Bjork used both creative and analytical thinking to launch a unique flash fiction contest called Writing Battle.

Max found inspiration for this writing competition by combining his love for fiction and community with his understanding of computer science. Writing Battle started with few participants, but has quickly become an enjoyable community event that generates consistent growth of income and interest.

I found Writing Battle via their Facebook ads. After reading the rules and realizing how fun and different it would be, I decided to sign up for the next event and reach out to Max for an interview.

Here’s the episode, where Max reveals the process he used for creating, improving, and ultimately popularizing Writing Battle over the past couple years.

In this 30-minute interview we discuss online writing contests and what makes Writing Battle different. We also cover some of the struggles Max faced to make the business profitable, and the strategies that helped him overcome them.

To learn more visit WritingBattle.com. You can explore the rules and read stories and profiles of past winners.

Writing Battle currently rewards winners with $5000+ in prizes and ensures that every participant gets tons of helpful feedback. You’ll also be able to participate in community events and meet other writers in a variety of genres.

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