SocialBee Review – Best Social Media Marketing Tool 2022

I’ve been looking forward to writing my SocialBee review ever since I started using this awesome social media marketing tool. SocialBee helped me grow my Twitter following from 16 to almost 200 in less than two months, and it keeps me active and enjoying myself across the various social media platforms I use as a digital marketer.

The truth is I had high standards when I first started using this social media marketing software. I had used Hootsuite previously, which is basically the big daddy of social media integrations. However SocialBee impressed me on all levels, delivering everything it promised alongside excellent user experience and fantastic customer service.

Table of Contents

What is Socialbee?
Why Use SocialBee?
Social Media Integrations
RSS, Analytics, and Audiences
SocialBee Roadmap, Support, and My Story
Known Issues
SocialBee Pricing
Affiliate Program
SocialBee Review Conclusion

socialbee review 2020

What is SocialBee?

Socialbee is a web-based social media marketing company. They offer a social media automation app as well as a variety of done-for-you services to their clients and customers. Socialbee is known for their dedication to their art and their excepionally high level of skill and service.

Want to take the Socialbee app for a spin risk free? Click on the button below and sign up for a 14 day no-obligation free trial!

Why Use SocialBee?

It makes social media marketing easier, more organized, and more fun. You can schedule posts, import links directly or via RSS or Pocket, and save your best posts as “evergreen” so you can re-post them later.

One of my favourite functions of SocialBee is simply using it as an RSS reader. Reading through the recent posts from the best blogs on the internet has become a regular part of my morning routine, and SocialBee allows me to easily share them on social media. I get a lot of inspiration for my work and for my own blogs this way, and really enjoy the freedom to cross-post content with customized messages and hashtags.

The bottom line is, if you feel like you have too many social media accounts to manage, SocialBee would make a solid investment. It even connects to LinkedIn profiles (both personal and business) and can post directly to your Google My Business page.

socialbee integrations

Social Media Integrations

SocialBee can integrate with the following social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook (personal accounts, groups, and pages), Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn (personal and company), and even Google My Business. It’s easy to schedule the bulk of your social posts for your day or even week ahead of time, and you can either create unique posts for each account or crosspost the same content with different customizations and variations.

For example, if I recently made a blog post with a nice featured image, I can post it to ALL of my social accounts simultaneously if I so choose. I’d start by creating a post attributed to all of the accounts, keeping it short enough to work as a tweet.

I would then expand the written content for the variations posted to other platforms, adding more description for Facebook, more hashtags for Instagram and Pinterest, and removing the embedded link for Instagram and Google My Business, converting it to an image post instead. All of this would take a couple minutes at most, and then I’d have a post ready to schedule for a peak time of the day that would hit each platform simultaneously. It would be almost equally as easy to stagger the posting times so that I could hit the peak hours unique to each platform.

Saving time on manually making your organic social posts will allow you to invest yourself more in outreach, content creation, and other business activities. But that’s not all that SocialBee offers; the software also offers several advanced tools to help you build your following.

RSS, Analytics, and Audiences

As I mentioned earlier, the RSS reader capability built into SocialBee makes it easy and interactive to plan your content curation. It also serves your own blog posts up a single click away from sharing, and you can even automatically attach text (such as hashtags) to imported posts automatically. 

I currently have RSS feeds from each of my own blogs pulling my posts for sharing, as well as a number of feeds from my favorite marketing websites such as SocialBee gives me a convenient place to read through them, comment where appropriate, and share the ones I find most helpful with my followers.

The analytics tab provides some decent insights with easy to navigate charts for each of your connected accounts. The audiences tab is specific to Twitter and breaks down your Twitter following into a number of sub-groups you can use to easily curate your list. 

SocialBee also recently added a great feature that has been on their roadmap for awhile: they integrated a number of URL shorteners.

socialbee roadmap

SocialBee Roadmap, Support, and My Story

 So far I’ve been incredibly impressed with SocialBee’s adherence to their roadmap, as well as the support they provide. And I’m not talking about the high level social media marketing and concierge services they offer as add-ons to their plans. 

I grabbed my SocialBee account early from the lifetime AppSumo deal, back when they were still ironing out a few bugs. As I connected my social media profiles, several of them ended up getting locked. This resulted in me needing to re-authenticate one of my Twitter accounts by phone, which grinded my nerves a bit.

To be perfectly honest, I was a little rude with the support staff in reporting the issue. They handled me with grace, however, and within 24 HOURS the issue had been completely resolved. I haven’t had any issues connecting accounts since then, and any time I have a question the support staff is right there to help me.

Socialbee Known Issues 

Although these aren’t exactly “issues”, I feel it’s worth mentioning that at this time SocialBee does not integrate directly with Pinterest. Instead it’s necessary to connect  through Hootsuite. Fortunately you can get a basic Hootsuite account free of charge in order to link this profile.

This issue will probably be ironed out soon though; up until recently SocialBee did not integrate directly with Instagram either, but the team recently created their own app to facilitate that connection. Whenever they come acrosss problems, the SocialBee staff are quick to sort them out.

SocialBee Pricing

SocialBee Bootstrap currently starts at $19 a month, and it includes all the functinoality one might need for running a small business’ social media (with up to 5 profiles connected).

SocialBee Accelerate starts at $39 per month and includes 10 social profiels, and SocialBee Pro starts at $79/month. You can also choose to pay for their concierge onboarding, which will help you get started on the right foot. They even offer social media management services, if you’re after a more done-for-you option.

SocialBee Affiliate Program

I’ll be honest; one of the reasons I’m writing this review is SocialBee’s handsome affiliate program. If you use my link to set up an account, I stand to receive a 20% commission. That kind of partnership marketing tells me that the company really cares about their customers, and trusts them to truthfully communicate the benefits of the product.

SocialBee Review Conclusion: Should You Buy It?

If my review of SocialBee has shown you anything, it’s that this software is definitely worth a try. You can get a 14 day risk-free trial today without needing to enter any payment information. Not everyone is going to have the budget for this software, but if you spend a lot of time on social media and value your time highly enough, this tool is more than worth the financial investment.

Got questions? Is there anything you wish this review had covered? Let me know in the comments below! I plan to keep this review up to date, so I’m happy to edit in any missing information. Thanks for reading, and be well.

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