Social Media Marketing Services for Growing Businesses

My social media marketing services include paid advertisements, organic outreach, customer interaction and lead generation. From Facebook ads to Pinterest boards, I can help your business find the right audience and grow at a manageable rate. Want to find more out-of-town clients, or re-target your current website visitors? Just shoot me an email.

Paid Online Advertising

If your business is new (or if you’re new to social media) the best way to kickstart your online presence will be through a combination of organic posts and paid online advertising. Facebook ads are a great place to find your audience because of the volume of users on Facebook and the advanced nature of its targeting system.

Google ads can be another great source of traffic and leads, especially if the product or service you provide has a lot of people searching for it online. Depending on your goals, we can also run ads on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and even potentially on more obscure platforms such as Snapchat or Yelp.

The bottom line about paid online advertising is that it’s usually more effective than traditional advertising because of the advanced targeting and tracking systems. It’s also possible to get started with a very small budget when you use Facebook ads, which is an important consideration for many when getting started online.

Organic Social Media Marketing Services

Without a proper plan and systems in place, organic outreach on social media can be time consuming and frustrating. That’s why my social media marketing packages include daily posts on your main platforms, weekly posts on your secondary platforms, and optional monthly advertisements. I can also assist you in finding the best ways to reach out and respond to your audience when they comment or message you.

Social Media Marketing: A Brief Definition

In so many words, social media marketing is the use of online networking platforms to communicate with a target audience. In keeping with this definition, you aren’t limited to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Platforms such as Quora, Reddit, and Snapchat can also be used effectively to communicate with different kinds of potential customers and clients.

There are four main mediums for social media marketing: audio, video, images, and written content. While most businesses will focus on 1-3 of these mediums, they all hold value and can be leveraged in different ways on different platforms. YouTube is obviously a major player when it comes to video, but video marketing also has its place on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In 2019 it’s important that your business has a strong online presence, and social media is one of the main pillars of an online presence. There is a lot to think about and wrap your head around, so feel free to contact me for your free no-obligation consultation! I’ll be happy to help you figure out a basic strategy and the best social platforms for your business.