Rytr Review 2022 – Hack Growth With This AI Assistant

Rytr is an AI-powered content generator that can be used by copywriters, marketers, business owners or anyone who needs to create content fast. This Rytr review will help you discover whether this software is ideal for your specific purposes.

Content creation and even coming up with content ideas is time-consuming and expensive. You need to research relevant information to keep your readers engaged, and stay on the cutting edge of industry updates.

But content is the backbone of marketing, which is why if you don’t have the right content it can hurt your business.

Rytr solves a number of these problems by acting as an AI writing assistant, providing ideas and insights and writing most of the content for you. It also helps with SEO so more people will find you on Google!

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What is Rytr?

Rytr is an AI copywriting software that helps writers generate content ideas at scale, get rid of writer’s block and save time.

This product is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that uses artificial intelligence to enable people to write better and faster by contributing ideas and text. According to my comparison of Rytr and more than 6 similar platforms, Rytr is the fastest at writing long form content.

Rytr homepage

How Does Rytr Work?

Rytr is a streamlined and easy-to-use tool, whether you’re writing emails with strong language or video scripts with a friendly tone. To use Rytr you just need to input a bit of information such as a keyword or topic. Rytr does the rest with the click of a button!

What Does it Write?

This software is primarily focused on creating SEO optimized creative content, but it can also write interview questions, job descriptions, product descriptions, and much more.

WIth Rytr’s AI, you won’t need to spend hours attacking your keyboard to produce original content. Instead you can sip coffee while occasionally clicking your mouse.

This is a massive boon for creative writers who create different content types because it can free up more of their time and energy for brainstorming and personal projects.

Rytr’s Key Features that Make Competitors Envious

Rytr has a sleek interface that generates high-quality, long-form blog posts faster than any of its competitors.

Rytr makes it easy to keyword optimize content for SEO – it suggests keywords automatically when you generate a blog outline. With the click of your mouse, you can command Rytr to “ryte” an entire paragraph according to the sub headline and keywords you highlight.

This app also includes a number of short form writing tools including copywriting formulas such as AIDA and PAS. It even has an “append” feature for when you just need to add a few words to the end of a sentence.

rytr chrome extension

Rytr Use Cases and Tools

While the primary focus is on blog writing, Rytr has many use cases and can be used to write almost anything your business needs. You can even make your own custom use cases after a recent update!

Tone and Language Selection

You can improve your chances of being able to appeal to your target audience with the 18+ tones and 30+ languages Rytr features. There are simple drop-down menus in the dashboard sidebar for languages and tone, so you can use those that are most suitable.

Blog Idea & Outline

With a few clicks this tool can turn a primary keyword into a full blog outline including title, H2s, h3s, and recommended keywords.

Blog Section Writing

This tool allows you to input a topic and keyword(s). It then writes one or more blog post paragraphs for you.

rytr stats

Business Idea Pitch

All you need to do with this tool is enter a business idea, and it gives you a well rounded elevator pitch you can use to wow potential investors.

Copywriting Frameworks AIDA and PAS

“AIDA” and “PAS” are likely the two most popular copywriting formulas in the world, and Rytr will turn a brief or description into high-converting copy with these tools.


This tool asks only for whatever points you want to cover in your email and then does the rest of the heavy lifting for you.

Facebook, Google, Linkedin Ads

This use case is trained on high-converting ad copy and requires only a product title and description.

Interview Questions

This template needs more robust input, asking for an interviewee bio and the context of the interview. It then outputs a number of intelligent questions.

Job Description

This tool turns a job role or title into a thought-provoking description to entice potential employees.

And Much More

Rytr.me also includes dedicated tools for writing landing page and website copy, post and caption ideas, product descriptions, review replies, video ideas, taglines and headlines, and even story plot ideas and song lyrics!

While Rytr’s primary focus is on producing SEO friendly blog content for subscription holders, it is flexible enough to write anything that content creators may require.

rytr dashboard sidebar

Top Benefits of Ryting With Rytr

Rytr will save you time and energy whether you’re using it for long form blogs or just the occasional video description. It’s one of my favorite copywriting tools because of its sleek and powerful interface, and I use a lot of writing tools!

On the premium plan Rytr is ideal for most content writers and copywriters. Its output creates high quality content, and if you need multiple versions it’s easy to make “copies” that are actually completely unique articles.

Rytr can even suggest questions, keywords, and headings for your articles and includes a built-in plagiarism checker to save you the hassle of using copyscape or Grammarly.

Rytr Pricing – How Much Does It Cost?

Rather than having multiple pricing plans like most AI writers, Rytr provides unlimited access on a single tier. It costs $29 per month or $290 per year (you get two free months by buying annually).

But that’s not the only way to get access to Rytr’s powerful features. You can also buy the Rytr lifetime deal on AppSumo. For $39 one time you get lifetime access to this content generator! The lifetime deal is limited to 50,000 characters per month, which is enough credits for 2-3 solid blog posts.

If you think you need more than 2-3 blogs per month, I recommend signing up for a free trial to test it out and then upgrading to the $29/month plan when you’re ready for unlimited characters. On the other hand if 2-3 blog posts is all you need, the Rytr AppSumo deal is super valuable.

Rytr pricing

Conclusion: Rytr’s Unique Offer in a Competitive Market

Rytr is a remarkable and unique content writing assistant in today’s competitive landscape. It has a streamlined easy-to-follow process that the average marketer will love to use for any type of content.

As an artificial intelligence powered writing assistant, it is capable of generating long-form content for your company’s blog or social media posts. It also helps you find the best keywords for any given post by creating topic clusters that help you optimize your SEO as well as your readership.

rytr settings

Rytr Review – A Top Tool For Writing Blogs, Emails, Video Descriptions and Other Content

Rytr can help you generate top notch, engaging content for your blog and other projects. It is a powerful tool that helps you create high-quality content up to 5x faster than normal. You can use it for various purposes such as generating blog posts, product reviews and web content with the help of its easy to master interface.

The best thing about Rytr AI is that it is available at affordable prices and comes with a money back guarantee. Click here to sign up for free!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Rytr

Here are some common questions related to Rytr and AI copywriting.

What is the best AI writer?

The best AI writer depends on your unique needs and preferences. If your focus is on high blogging output quality, Rytr is a strong contender for the best option.

Rytr vs. Alternatives

If you want to see Rytr tested directly against other AI writers, follow this link to check out my comparison of top AI copywriting tools!

I’m a copywriter – will Rytr replace me?

Even though Rytr can write a mean product description, there are many reasons why AI content generators won’t replace humans any time soon. For one thing, they aren’t as good at editing.

Does Rytr check for plagiarism?

Yes, Rytr has built in tools for testing your output against massive selection of online content. It’s unlikely that it will ever be plagiarized, but if it does happen I recommend reaching out to their staff via priority email & chat or talking to your dedicated account manager.

Does Rytr have a Chrome extension?

Yes! Their browser extension allows us to “ryte”  just about anywhere, so we can save time on emails and other things we might not usually use AI to accomplish.

Is there a community?

Yes, Rytr offers a special premium community for all of their paying members. You can ask questions, offer support, and look for collaborators easily in their custom forum.

Is there a trial?

There is no Rytr trial because Rytr is free for life! The free plan has limited usage, but you can upgrade to unlimited at any time.

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