On Freelance Writing With Paul Maplesden

Paul Maplesden is a freelance writer with a lot of great experience and tips to share. Originally from the UK but now situated in the USA, he’s been a freelance content writer for years. 

Paul specializes in B2B writing in business, finance, and technology niches and has worked with an impressive array of clients.

In this interview, we discuss how Paul got started freelancing, his favorite tools for doing business, and what he recommends for beginners. We also talk about Paul’s journey and what it took for him to reach his current level of success.

We also talk about what he enjoys about being a freelancer, how he manages his workload, and what he’s most excited about for the new year and beyond. Both of us are excited for what the new year will bring, including future developments of our favorite AI copywriting tools.

Paul writes in-depth, freelance guides to help freelancers start and run a successful business and create trust with clients. Paul is also an expert contributor (paul_caspian) at the Freelance Writers subreddit. Come along, ask questions, and join the discussion.

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