How to Go Full-Time as a Musician With JeanetteMusic

Who hasn’t wanted to earn a living by creating art at some point? Whether you want or wanted to be a rock star, a painter, or a Hollywood actor, many creative people long to chase their dreams of making money through content creation.

JeanetteMusic (you can call her Jeanette) is one individual who decided to go full-time as a musician on Twitch. Less than six months ago, Jeanette said goodbye to her previous career so she could focus entirely on streaming music live on Twitch.

I invited Jeanette onto my podcast so she could share her story, experience, and advice for newer streamers and content creators.

In this short interview we go over Jeanette’s recent transition from part-time to full-time musician. We also discuss the following:

  • How to grow on Twitch as a musician
  • How to create an engaged community
  • Monetization opportunities outside of just streaming

And more. Jeanette is the second Twitch streamer I’ve had on my podcast to talk about making money as a streamer.

I previously interviewed The Mess Express but Jeanette is the first professional musician I’ve ever interviewed, and it was an absolute pleasure.

Jeanette streams Monday-Friday from 1pm EST onward – usually for at least five hours! I don’t know where she gets all of her energy, and it’s contagious – the chat in her streams is always racing.

If you love music and hanging out in a fun social environment, I highly recommend following JeanetteMusic on Twitch. You can also find her other links on that page, she is on most major social platforms.

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