4 Reasons to Hire a Writer in 2022

Starting a business can be scary, but growing one is often even more intimidating because you have to hire people to work for you. If you’re not an especially strong writer yourself, then hiring a writer early on in your expansion can be extremely beneficial.

Why You Should Hire a Writer

In most cases, hiring some sort of assistant (whether virtual or otherwise) is a logical step for business owners who have more income than time. Of course, one of the most crucial skills that assistant will require is strong oral and written communication.

Even if you’re a writer yourself, you’ll probably want to hire someone who knows how to spot errors you might overlook.

If you decide to go the assistant route and need someone with strong writing skills, consider working backwards. Rather than looking for a virtual assistant with strong writing skills, look for a writer who also works as a VA or is open to doing that type of work.

Many writers have a variety of skills you can benefit from, and by focusing on the writing first you’ll ensure you get someone with a strong voice.

But even if you don’t decide to make a writer your first hire, you should consider making them your second.

Once you have an assistant who can help you manage your workload, the next logical step is to add someone to the team who can both take on some of your responsibilities AND enhance multiple aspects of what you do.

What Would a Writer Do For You? 

If you’ve never worked with a writer before, it can be difficult to imagine the many ways we can be useful to your business. Here are just some of the types of services we can provide:

  • Ghostwriting or proofreading important emails or newsletters
  • Writing website content, blog posts, and articles
  • Creating brand names, slogans, and copy for business cards or brochures
  • Writing posts for social media
  • Product descriptions
  • Ghostwriting memoirs or how-to’s based on your experience
  • Brainstorming and writing ad copy

And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Realistically, a professional writer can help you almost any time you’re communicating with your customers, clients, or anyone else.

best reasons to hire a writer in 2020

4 Reasons to Hire a Writer in 2020

We’re Great Brainstormers and Researchers

There are few jobs which involve as much creative thinking and varied research as writing. Both nonfiction and fiction writers have a tendency to go down a rabbit hole when researching a massive variety of topics.

I’m in a lot of writer communities, and I frequently see threads where we discuss the crazy things we have tangentially learned. The bottom line here is, if your business needs ideas or information, a writer can help.

We’ll Work With You and Your Budget

While this isn’t true of all writers, many can be flexible on price (at least at first) and willing to help out in a variety of ways to enhance your business. We’re also generally used to contract work and happy to opt for either fixed rates or hourly payment, depending on your preference.

This can be a huge advantage over hiring a part-time employee, who will require a lot more training and commitment on your part, not to mention the added complications of being an employer. 

We’ll Help You Understand and Connect With Your Audience

If there’s one thing writers know how to do, it’s speak to an audience. That’s how we make our money – you generally don’t get paid if no one wants to read your words.

If you find that you’re not getting the kind of results you want on social media, with advertisements or website copy, or in your other correspondence, a writer can make you more effective by ghostwriting content in your brand voice.

This may feel odd if you’re used to doing all your own writing, but think about it – do the CEOs of billion dollar corporations write their own copy? Of course not; they have more important things to do, and so do you.

When you have a writer working for you, you can give them a general idea of what you want something to say or how you want it to feel, and as long as they’re good they’ll come back with results you can be proud to publish.

We’ll Free Up Your Time For Doing What You Do Best

Everyone has a finite amount of time on this planet, and the only thing we know for sure is that it’s always getting shorter. Business owners tend to be especially aware of this, because we’re forced to wear so many different hats, learn so many different skills, and do so many different things.

For anyone who isn’t a professional writer, writing can be a difficult and time consuming task. That’s why it makes so much sense to hire a writer on a contract basis as soon as your business can afford it.

Once you have a good relationship established with your writer, creating effective documents, posts, and emails will be as simple as sending them instructions with an adequate time frame. 

Final Thoughts on Hiring a Writer

I was a professional freelance writer on and off for over five years, and the description of the services my business provides is “writing and marketing”. In other words, I’m pretty confident in my ability to write all of my own content. I’m even good enough at proofreading to do most of my own editing. 

Despite all that – I’m still probably going to make a writer my first hire in 2020.


For all the reasons I mentioned above. They’ll free up my time, they’ll reduce my workload and my stress, they’ll help me brainstorm and do research… in other words, they’ll be the ideal assistant/first hire, even if I don’t title them as an assistant. 

If you’re interested in hiring a writer in the new year, please contact me. Even if I don’t have the specific skill set you’re looking for, I can connect you with my personal network of high-level writers, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and cover almost every topic imaginable.

Whatever your business goals, I’ll see to it that you get the well-crafted words you need to help achieve them.  

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