3 Marketing Tips for Facebook to Bring Your Blog Traffic

You probably already have a Facebook business page for marketing your blog, but here are three tips for getting more traffic which you may not know.

Despite its massive popularity, Facebook remains one of the most underutilized free tools on the average blogger’s belt. That’s because even the best Facebook marketing trainings often leave out basic tips and tricks that people simply won’t know about if they don’t stumble across them by accident.

This post is not meant to be a comprehensive training by any means. It assumes you already know how to create and optimize a Facebook business page, and will be providing additional tips to enhance your marketing efforts.

Facebook Tip #1: Use Image Carousels to Link to Blog Posts

One of Facebook’s features which can be both handy and annoying is the fact that it always grabs the website/blog posts’s default image when you post a link. This is fine if you have a great featured image, but if you want to change it up for any reason, Facebook can be limiting.

One option, depending on the platform your blog is built on, is simply to change the image that gets pulled. If you have a WordPress website, Rank Math SEO is a plugin which makes customizing post and page images easy. 

However, if you’re not using WordPresss or don’t want to keep changing images, there’s another option.

Facebook carousel posts (posts featuring multiple images with scroll buttons) provide you with the option to embed a link, which makes it so anyone who clicks on an image gets redirected to your website. With normal Facebook image posts, clicking on the image just opens a bigger version of the image.

create a facebook carousel post
link to blog post with photo carousel

The obvious way to take advantage of this is just to include an extra image or two if you want to customize the image of an embedded link. Carousels can be extremely engaging, which is likely why Facebook gives them the special privilege of containing outbound links.

Note: Another way to use any image you want with a link post is to create it as an ad in the ad manager. You can create ads with minimal budgets in order to take advantage of the this option, but I figured most people would prefer the free version.

Facebook Tip #2: Join Groups and Answer Questions with Links

Depending on what you blog about, joining Facebook groups can be one of the most productive ways of marketing your work. While many Facebook groups either prohibit outright self promotion or restrict it to certain times and threads, there are some loopholes in the rules of many groups.

For example, even if it’s not explicitly written in the rules, some group admins will allow you to respond to another users question with a link to your blog. If you watch an active group’s feed or regularly search it for relevant terms, you may be surprised how often these opportunities turn up.

As an extra bonus tip, using the search function in Facebook groups is also a great way to find ideas for blog posts. Try searching words like “problem”, “trouble”, “help”, and “question,” to see what issues are consistently arising. Then, create a piece of content that answers the questions and be prepared next time they come up!

This same strategy can be applied on some question and answer platforms and forums, but it’s important to check the rules of each platform to make sure you won’t be in violation of self promotion policies.

Invite People Who like Your Posts to Like the Page

I thought by now this would be old news, but many people who have been marketing on Facebook for years still don’t know one of its handiest marketing tricks.

When you post something as your business page, you will get the option to invite anyone who likes/reacts to it to like your page as well. This can translate into hundreds or even thousands of cheap follows if you are running engagement ads.

To make the invitation, first click on the post the person liked, and then click on the like/reaction symbol. A second dialog will open with a scrollable menu which allows you to invite anyone who reacted to like and follow your page.

facebook likes tip
facebook likes trick

In the above image, if the person hasn’t already liked your page the button will say “Invite to Like Page”. Click it!

This trick makes it much easier to gain new followers, and to get more for your money’s worth when you start running paid ads. 


At the end of the day, the number of optimizations, tips, and tricks available to Facebook marketers is almost infinite. But these three are bound to help you get more likes and follows to your page, which in turn will mean more eyes on your posts and more traffic to your blog. If you found anything in this post confusing, be sure to check out my previous post on How to Create a Facebook Business Page. It goes over all the basics you should need in order for these tactics to make sense.

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