Learn Copywriting 

Copywriting is one of the most valuable skills a marketer (or a writer) can wield…

Whether you’re prospecting for clients out in the cold or applying for gigs on a platform like Upwork, writing copy that converts is one of the easiest ways to make money as a writer or marketer.

Copywriting is…

simple at its core and easy to learn

a skill you can actively hone through practice

important in every phase of doing business online

As a digital marketer who got started as a writer, the importance of strong copy has never been lost on me. Whether I’m sending out cold emails or promoting affiliate links, I tend to have startlingly high conversion rates.

I think my many years of creative writing are responsible for that. If you want to improve your copywriting skills, I recommend hitting the button below and getting Clickbank’s official copywriting guide. It’s a great resource for any kind of conversion-focused content.

My Favorite Copywriting Tools


Want to hone your copywriting skills? Hit the button below to get Clickbank’s official copywriting guide. It’s one of my favorite tools for helping me craft killer content for myself and clients. If you hop on my email list first, I’ll send you the PDF of my favorite copywriting tools!

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