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These days it’s necessary to find ways to make money online, whether you’re using your current plan or a new one. Need a website designed for your business or brand? You’re on the right path.

Small Business Website Design Facts

Did you know?


  • Most Canadians spend at least 3-4 hours of their time each day online

Hours per day online


  • Close to 60% of consumers turn to Google for reviews when they’re considering buying goods or services


Go to Google for reviews


  • Over 60% of shopping experiences start online!


of shopping starts online

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Design

wordpress web design for small business

Q: How do you build a website?

A: There are many ways to build websites, but I use WordPress because it’s the most popular (and one of the most powerful) solutions in the world. With a WordPress website you can feel confident you’ll always have access to the look, feel, and functions you want.

small business web design pricing

Q: How much does a website cost?

A: That also depends on the specifics we discuss. I typically start small websites at around $200, but the price can rise quickly as custom functions and design elements are added. Budget is one of the things we’ll need to discuss at your free consultation.

small business web design responsibilities

Q: What are my responsibilities if I hire you to build a website?

A: It depends entirely on the terms of our agreement. If you need a complete done-for-you solution, I’m happy to provide it. If you’d rather roll up your sleeves and learn to manage the site yourself, I can facilitate that as well!

small business websites for blogging

Q: What is the best website for a small business?

A: There are many methods and platforms you can use to build a website. I recommend WordPress because it has more power and versatility than any other option, but if you want to build it yourself something like Wix will work well.

don't overthink your small business web design

Q: How do I create a small business website?

A: You don’t have to worry about the how – I’ll do that for you! Your responsibilities can be as limited as signing the cheque, or you can be fully integrated with the process, helping to create and source content for your brand’s home on the web.

small business web design gets results

Q: How effective is a website for small businesses?

A: Websites can create a lot of revenue for small businesses. It depends on how they’re built and managed, but with the proper investment they can bring you new customers and clients and help connect you with your audience.

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Why is Having a Website Important in 2020?

website design for modern small businesses

A Website Makes You More Discoverable

As more and more business moves online being digitally discoverable becomes more important. After all, it doesn’t matter how many times someone Googles your brand name if there’s nothing for them to find!

website automation

Websites Help Automate Your Business

If you’re looking to get more clients or customers, you’ll want a system of automations working full time for you. A WordPress website is the perfect place to integrate those automations in one place.

now is the time to get a website for your business

Now is the Time to Get Invested Online

Soon business owners won’t have a choice but to move their products and services online, where consumers are most comfortable finding and paying for them. Don’t be last to adapt!

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