Digital Marketing Services

Web Design, Development, and Care

A fast, responsive website should be the hub of any business’ online activities. But what does that even mean?

Your website will be designed to load quickly and properly on all device types from smartphones to desktop computers. With Google Analytics installed, I’ll be able to keep track of traffic and make monthly reports to you regarding best practices and recommended improvements.

Once the website is live, you have the option of maintaining it yourself, but I recommend a monthly care plan. This will provide peace of mind that your site is always active, up to date, secure, and converting visitors into customers or clients.

WordPress is a user-friendly Content Management System that will make adding new posts to your blog or updating your website information easy and intuitive.

The best thing about digital marketing is that everything can be tracked, so you’ll always know where to dedicate your focus and resources.

Online Marketing

In this digital age, marketing online has become more efficient and cost-effective than more traditional methods. 

I’ll work with you to develop an overall marketing strategy, and find the best ways to help you accomplish your goals within your timeframe. 

The many tools on my belt include social media marketing and advertising, search engine optimization and marketing, email copywriting, and content creation. Once we determine the methods that will best support your business, I’ll assist you with making sure your message reaches the right audience.


One of the biggest mistakes in business is trying to handle everything yourself; it’s important to outsource work you’re less comfortable completing so that you can focus on the skills you’re best known for.

At an initial consultation I’ll ask a number of questions about your plans, goals, and ideas for your business. I’ll also answer any questions you may have about web development and digital marketing. 

If we seem like a good fit, we’ll schedule another consultation and I’ll draw up a proposal and contract unique to your needs and situation. My contracts are easy to understand, and we can make any necessary changes before signing off and telling the world about your wonderful business.

I’m offering a free initial consultation to all Quinte-area business owners up until the end of June 2019!

Contact me any time!